Shelves Above Toilet

In case you thought about saving space in your toilet or just want to have a nice shelf there, you should check this collection. It includes many different solutions, all in different shapes, sizes and designs so nobody should complain about the choice. And which one would you decide on?

Morgan Johnson Interior Design Expert
Shelves above toilet 2
Allison Howard

These shelves are an awesome and functional solution for small toilet space. Mount them above the toilet, and enjoy the solidity and functionality. The wooden structure brings a rustic touch.

Bathroom shelves above toilet 3
Hilton Emily

The beautiful and solid piece to grace any toilet or bathroom, these shelves above the toilet offers the simple design and classic look. The dark brown color fits to any style and decor.

Bathroom floating shelves above toilet
Yulia Thompson

If your bathroom is too small for larger furniture, you can always decide on those floating shelves, and mount them over your toilet. They are stylishly designed of espresso-finished wood, offering a long-lasting and practical decoration.

Shelves above toilet
Hughes Cynthia

Being an example of practical space organization, this set of DIY bathroom shelves creates new storage space for your stuff and accessories. White finish embodies the simplistic, contemporary design.

Shelves above toilet

Made in the climate of seaside shelves above the toilet is a perfect combination of functionality and superb design. The place above the toilet becomes a well-developed space, which additionally brings a cozy seaside touch to the decor.

Shelf above toilet
Laetitia Anderson

Bathed in white, this contemporary toilet looks larger in spite of restricted space. Shelving above the toilet centers the design, creating a focal point with a bevy of artwork, candle holders and collectibles.

Floating shelves above toilet

With those beautiful shelves, your bathroom will be better organized, and sparkling with elegant charm. Each shelf is made of sturdy wood in a cherry finish, and is embedded between two metal fastenings.

Floating shelves over toilet
Laetitia Kloss

Well-considered design can easily provide user-friendly storage of all bathroom tools. White color combined with glass gives cleanness and freshness sensation. The reasonable arrangement of the shelves makes room convenient and attractive.

Above toilet shelf
Christine Wood

Set of 2 shelves designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of wood and reinforced with metal supports. Tasteful accent for the bathroom to store towels, toiletries and more.

Shelves above toilet 1

A set of stylish, floating shelves that will save space in your smaller bathroom and help you to organize your necessities. The shelves are crafted of hardwood and covered in a white finish. Easy to mount.

Shelf behind toilet
Wesson Jessica

Simple but practical and aesthetic wall-mounted shelves intended to mount above a toilet. Quite thick rectangular shelves are handmade of wood finished in blue. They match well interiors in creamy tones.

Shelf that goes over toilet
Patterson Gracie

These functional items are suitable for bathroom use. Each shelf of this type features a wall-mounting design. These shelves are durable, wooden and finished in neutral white color that suits any bathroom.

Shelves above toilet
Crystal Moore

This set of shelves above the toilet constitutes a smooth, practical idea of how to subtly add some storage space into your bathroom. It can be used to store linens, toilet paper rolls or some accessories.

Shelves above toilet 1
Gina Rivera

Refreshing a boring toilet very small space - is always a good idea. When it is a refreshing with floating simple wooden shelves above a toilet, all in white - this is also a very good conception. You can get the additional space for towels or toilet paper.

Shelves above toilet 7
Peyton Marthy

These small shelves will go perfectly above your toilet and will let you either add some decorative objects around your bathroom or simply organize your accessories a bit better to make it cleaner and more functional.

Shelves above toilet 12

This bathroom decor proves that shelving above the toilet can be not a practical, but also a stylish accent. Sleek, simplistic silhouettes match well the overall, contemporary appeal, providing a convenient storage spot for one's bath accessories.

Storage above toilet ideas
Holly Cox

Simple white shelves over the toilet are the perfect solution for adding functionality to any interior design. Neutral, simple white construction is perfect for storing cosmetics and other bathroom accessories.

Rustic over the toilet storage

Transform your home into a country cottage, using this sturdy set of 3 floating shelves that can be easily mounted on a kitchen / bathroom wall. They are made of thick pieces of wood and covered with a layer of protective lacquer.

Shelves above toilet 10
Rachel Miller

This is usually done in small guest toilets, where the toilet seat is located opposite the entrance. We try to make the wall in front of the door look attractive. Simple wooden shelves above toilet have a dark brown finish - and will be very practical.

Shelves above toilet 13

Pistachio green walls juxtaposed with dark brown wooden shelves not only provide a nice look, but most of all some functional spot, allowing to save precious floor space. Ideal for dispensers or toilet paper rolls.

Shelving for over toilet

A thick pair of sturdy floating shelves that works, especially, well with smaller kitchen or bathrooms. The shelves are designed of hardwood in a natural finish, giving you an easy to mount and easy to clean place for your necessities and decorations.

Shelves above toilet
Thompson Alyssa

Nothing simpler - to develop a narrow space above the toilet, which we really see at the entrance. Strong and thick floating shelves above toilet made of wood, finished with dark-brown varnish - they not only add functionality, but also fill the empty space.

Shelves above toilet
Michelle Long

Smoothly built-in within the walls, this bathroom shelving above the toilet constitutes a great way to store things without the fear of losing precious floor space. Functionality and style in one.

Shelving above toilet
Nelson Kathleen

Transform your bathroom into a country cottage, thanks to those two massive shelves that can be mounted right above your toilet. Each shelf is made of thick wood, giving you a long-lasting piece for storing your necessities.

Shelves above toilet 9

Don't neglect the space above your toilet - it can be very useful. This is a great spot for a cabinet, some shelves, or maybe just a basket for toiletries or reading materials. It is made of black and white stripes.

Shelves above toilet 4
Julia Lambertify

A great option for your toilet - this sublime shelf will let you add some nice decorative objects to your interior or simply organize your towels without losing the needed space and overcluttering your space thanks to the dark finish and simple structure.

Shelves above toilet

Kinda what I'm thinking for either breadboard or chair rail in the bathroom with the shelves above toilet except I will have window where picture is

Shelf above bathroom door
Zernike Laetitia

Classic shelves made of wood. Designed for mounting on the wall. Provides space saving in all kinds of interiors. Received many very good opinions. Functionality and neutral design for each place as needed.

Shelves above toilet 6
Lisa Rivera

346 Living: Absolutely beautiful bathroom with gray walls framing white floating shelves filled with ...

Hill country homebody going backwards bedroom and bath before and
Melissa Reed

Hill Country Homebody: Going Backwards: Bedroom and Bath Before and After

Half bath love the mirror great way to bring more

Half the mirror. Great way to bring more light into a dark bathroom and/or make a small bathroom seem larger.

Shelves above toilet

So, this links out to another pin board, but, I really like the over the toilet storage idea shown in the above picture.

Kilim beige sherwin williams sw 6106 for the basement stairs
Clark Monica

Kilim Beige Sherwin Williams SW 6106 for the basement stairs, hallway and rec room.

Newport wall cabinet pottery barn bathroom storage above toilet
Jenna Delicata

Newport Wall Cabinet | Pottery Barn bathroom storage above toilet

Shelves above toilet 1
Carter Katherine

I like the shelves above the toilet- downstairs bathroom maybe? 320 * Sycamore: 10 storage solutions for small spaces

Shelves above toilet
Melissa Reed

Wall Color #730-C "Castle Path" by Behr This might be the color!!

Shelves above toilet

bathroom shelves - can also add a neatly stacked toilet paper tower.

Operation organization organizing small spaces maximize storage with shelving this
Diana Flor

Operation Organization: Organizing Small Spaces :: Maximize Storage With Shelving. This is exactly how small my bathroom is. I can put 4 shelves above my toilet and put a shelf above my door. The rest of this webpage also has great storage tips for almost

Shelves above toilet
Jenna Daviesful

Keep everything you need right at your fingertips — but off your countertops.

Shelves above toilet 5
Alison Walker

I need the shelves above the toilet in the master bath. You can buy the brackets at ikea online now.

Colorful wall mirrors 1
Patterson Kelly

A lovely wall mirror for your bathroom that will allow you to make those preparations in the mornings much easier and smooth, while the dark, chocolate finished frame ensures a classy look and an elegant addition to any setting.

The yellow cape cod powder room i absolutely love the
James Michele

The Yellow Cape Cod Powder Room I absolutely LOVE the color scheme in this room! The dark gray with white & red are beautiful & the red could easily be changed to other colors. Now where to use it, hmm.....

Splendid white wooden floating shelves over toilet and sweet simple
Alexis Milani

Splendid White Wooden Floating Shelves Over Toilet And Sweet Simple ...

Niches in wall above toilet wall hung toilet no shower
Adriana Andersson

Niches in wall above toilet, wall hung toilet; no shower curtain, simply glass. Small space but ideas for any size bath

I like the little white shelf in the bathroom acutally
Stone Caroline

I like the little white shelf in the bathroom. Acutally I think what I really like is the jar holding the q-tips. Wonder if I could add one to my bathroom without my husband banging his head into it.

Caraway 23.5" W x 68"H Over the Toilet Cabinet
Rachel Massonable

Caraway 23.5" W x 68"H Over the Toilet Cabinet

Rustic and industrial bathroom shelving
Elizabeth Coupe

Rustic and industrial bathroom shelving

Over the toilet shelving 1

Over the toilet shelving .

Above toilet i can hide all of hubbys shavers and
Tara Gosselin

Above toilet...I can hide all of hubby's shavers and razors in a basket, my lotions and cleansers in another and misc in the other baskets.

This Frosted Pane Space Saver Over Toilet Slim Cabinet Is Great for Smaller Bathrooms. Use It As an Auxiliary Medicine Cabinet or for Storage.
Craven Zoe

Case with cover on the toilet. It is made of blanched wood and has little shelf intended for flower or toilet paper. At the top there is cabinet, with doors made of opaque glass, intended to storage cosmetics or towels.