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Are you currently on the lookout for wall clocks? There are various types of these and we make it possible for you to choose from among different models, designs, shapes and other details. Even the most demanding customers have already picked their favourites and what about you? You don’t have to rush.

Shaker wall clock plans

Impressive construction of this Shaker wall clock creates a sensational whole. Beautiful clock housing with a pendulum, bright dial with Arabic numerals and beautiful wooden construction will perfectly fit in any interior.

Shaker clock

Classic wall clock in shaker style. Simple yet effective. Light wood makes it cheerful and somewhat warm – an excellent addition for rustic and traditional interiors.

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If you would like to know better the construction of popular shaker wall clock - or your dream of doing it yourself here is a complete instruction step by step how to create it from wood and clock metal elements.

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Shaker Wall Clock
A majestic wall clock that will bring a bit of old-fashioned glamour to your living room, entryway, den, or hallway. Crafted of cherry-finished hardwood, the clock has a Roman dial with two black metal hands - secured with a clear glass paneled door.

Shaker wall clock 1

A large vintage wall clock with a pendulum having a rectilinear wooden frame with a warm brown finish outside nad a yellowish one inside. It has a moulding top, 2 glazed hinged doors, a square off-white dial with black Roman numerals and handles.

Shaker clock plans

Beautiful antique, having its origin in the nineteenth century-a long standing clock.Made in old, strong cherry wood.Door opens under a stylized shield.Imagine that the tradition of this clock goes back to Isaac Newton Youngs, that made first only 14 of them.

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Dignified and elegant, this grandfather's wall clock comes with fine solid wood craftsmanship and oak finish. The clock features a white dial with Roman numerals and two black metal hands, and a door cabinet with a pendulum hidden inside.

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Go back in time with a classic Shaker wall clock that nails the essence of Old World style. Gilded pendulum, heavy duty case, large square face - all these components of this time-teller make me think of past times...

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This Shaker wall clock will be a great way to add some classic character to your living spaces. Its small-sized surface features a wooden construction, which conceals pendulum and a set of Arabic numerals.

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Shaker Wall Clock

It is a very solid and attractive construction. This wall clock features a durable case made of cherry wood with lacquer finish. The size of the case is 13 1/2" x 20 1/2" x 4". The mechanism is very reliable.

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Hand-crafted of solid Oak wood and splashed in a natural finish, this amazing clock comes with a wall-mount design, and an accurate mechanism supported by a brass pendulum. The dial holds Roman numerals and a pair of decorative metal hands.

Square Shaker Clock - Standard Quartz Movement

Elegant, classic wall clock in solid cherry wood square frame - a new take on a classic Shaker wall clock. Black Roman numerals are printed on a white background. It can be hanged or placed ona flat surface.

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Shaker wall clocks

Stylish wall clock mounted on wooden frame. It is fitted with quartz movement and Roman numeral. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

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Shaker clocks

This Shaker wall clock has got the case from clear Pennsylvania cherry and pine wooden construction. The round white glass face has the classic Roman numerals with a pendulum movement.

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Celestial Wall Clock, Handcrafted Cherry and Maple Wood, 12"

Extraordinary wall clock (can be set on a flat surface too) crafted by hand from solid cherry and maple wood. I totally fell in love with this unique style. This clock looks just amazing and it grabs so many compliments!

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Shaker wall or mantel clock

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Shaker wall clock

Beautiful and very stylish shaker wall clock is a perfect combination of unique style and functionality. The warm shade of the building, the beautiful clock with Roman numerals on the dial and the spacious lockers inside guarantee the high functionality of this furniture.

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