Shaker Stools

Shaker furniture pieces grew on the principles of honesty, utility and moderation, so they are characterized by good craftsmanship, functionality and simplicity. Do you need a stool to be anything more than that? Shaker stools will make a very convenient addition to your home, but also one that is unlikely to go out of style.

Chloe Hughes Interior Design Expert
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Simple and utterly elegant - this shaker stool will work smoothly in your kitchen or dining area and sports a classy, traditional look with its dark finish of the wooden structure and high quality of the design.

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Presented here rustic shaker stool may be ideal for your growing young pianist or growing old kitchen's interior which needs some refreshing. Black iron frame features a seat, locked in place by tightening the nut on the swivel bar under the chair seat.

Shaker stools

Rustic design for a do-it-yourself, handmade shaker stool with a minimalistic structure, crafted out of light oak wood with a rough, unpainted and unvarnished surface, making for a perfect piece for a home workshop.

Shaker stools

A nice neutral kitchen stylization based on island and cabinets finished in white. This decor includes plenty of storage space in cabinets and it also includes three stools with wooden round tops and solid metal frames.

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This set of characteristic shaker stools will embellish any contemporary kitchen, reflecting the typical American style. Smooth, wooden tapered legs create a cosy, alluring ambiance.

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A pretty traditional vintage swivel stool of solid wood finished in light browns. It has 4 turned slanted legs joined by spindle stretchers, a roundish seat with bolt adjustable height, a low flared back of vertical rods topped with a wide rail.

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Three examples of stools in high and small size. They offer square and rectangular seats with squares in universal colors. Each stool stands on four legs with additional horizontal supports. These comfortable elements of furniture are space-saving.

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An aesthetic idea for increasing the number of sitting spaces in the room. This stool features a small, square, backless top. Its solid wooden frame is responsible for providing stability and support.

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Mission 30" Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion

Mission 30" Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion

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