Shaker Bookcases

Bookcases might prove to be a really nice thing to have. Thanks to this collection, all those who are interested by the ideas presented below, will stand before a great chance to find something for themselves. What will be your final decision after having a careful look at all the offers?

Eliza Bush Interior Design Expert
Shaker style shelving

Classic bookcase consisting of 5 shelves arranged vertically. It is completely made of wood. Perfect for storing books, display decorations and more. Provides space saving in all kinds of interiors.

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Shaker bookcase 3

Suitable for large rooms with high ceiling, this bookcase set offers enough space to organize your entire book collection. In total, the set consists of 9 open shelves, 4 storage drawers, 2 one-door cabinets and 1 two-door cabinet.

Green Mountain Underwindow Bookshelf

Small and low bookcase, a perfectly useful in your bookcase. With it you can organize your books, put them and classify. Bookshelf is small and low, so certainly not satisfy all needs. But it will be very useful.

Shaker bookcases 1

High bookcase for living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste. Construction is made of wood. It consists of a lot of square shelves. Provides saving space in any interior.

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Shaker bookcase

The simple design of this stylish bookcase is an attractive combination of an impressive form and storage space. Made of wood, it is reliable and durable, and the warm shade allows for a comfortable interior design of the living room or kitchen.

Shaker style bookcases

Beautiful Shaker Bookcase is a perfect combination of solid construction and superb functionality. Lots of cabinets, shelves, drawers make the whole thing super sensational. Bright colors add to the subtlety of lightness and delicacy.

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Shaker bookcases 2

A classic bookcase with wood construction and an off-white finish, suitable for contemporary homes. Includes 3 open shelves for displaying books and knick-knacks, 1 two-door cabinet with 1 shelf inside, and 1 sturdy top for your flat screen TV.

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Shaker bookcases
Shaker bookcases
Shaker bookshelf

Entertainment center for the living room and others interiors according to taste and need. Construction is made of wood. It is fitted with a lot of cabinets and open shelves for storing books, TV components or display decorations.

Alder village shaker bookcase 72 high
Green Mountain Underwindow Bookshelf

Beauty of this bookcase is in its modern simplicity. Its compact size makes it perfect for smaller spaces and unassuming design provides great versatility. Crafted from sustainable hardwood it is sturdy and durable. Features adjustable shelf.

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Mission Style Solid Wood Book Shelf Unfinished 48"

For simply furnished interiors, especially in mission style, this piece is perfect. Light finish, solid wood construction, simple design, no back, and lots of shelves - a nice, unexaggerated option for storage.

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Mission Style Solid Wood Book Shelf Unfinished 36"

Wide, four-shelved bookcase in mission style; comes unfinished. Constructed of solid wood with natural wood grain exposed. The top can serve as an additional display space. Simple, but beautiful, and extra sturdy.

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Green Mountain Bookcase

Excellent and practical bookcase, which will bring order and bring harmony in your books. With tion can classify books and nicely expose them. This bookshelf help you keep order. Just check it by yourself.

Shaker style bookcase

A fine bookcase that will work especially well in case of smaller interiors. Beautifully crafted using sturdy wood, the bookcase is splashed with oak finish and equipped with 3 adjustable shelves concealed behind a clear glass panel door.

20" Slant Book Rack, Honey

A very simple, but solid and functional element. It is a book rack designed for mounting on the wall. The size of this product is 6"D x 20"L x 6-3/4"H. It saves a lot of space and allows for the storage of many books.

Redford white corner bookcase price 209 99 list 279 99
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Riverside Furniture Crossings Small Bookcase in Espresso

Two of the four shelves featured by this bookcase are fixed and the other two are adjustable, so feel free to compose your own arrangement that meets best your storage needs. The piece is made of poplar hardwood solids and finished with cherry and birch veneers.

Mission Style Solid Wood Book Shelf Unfinished 72"

A perfect choice for home office or library. This is a book shelf that features a solid wood construction. Its shelves offer plenty of space for different books, decorations and other items. This practical element looks very aesthetic.

Shaker bookcases
14" Slant Book Rack, Mahogany

A very simple, small, space-saving item that assures some space for books. This wall-mounted book rack is handcrafted from select northern hardwoods. It holds books, CDs, DVDs and other useful or decorative items.

Mission bookcases 3

Now you can display your knick-knacks without worrying about damaging them. This hardwood bookcase drowns in a cherry finish, featuring 1 smaller- and 1 larger cabinet - both enclosed by clear glass paneled doors.

Shaker bookcases 3

Create the book nook for reading and relaxing by choosing this Shaker Hill bookcase. It features four shelves for books and accent pieces, and the oak finish.\, which fits to any style and decor.

Green Mountain Bookcase

A bookcase, which is a combination of elegance, style and practicality and usability. Through its arrangement can successfully organize and arrange all of your books. The shelf is stable and secure. It allows for spectacular display of books.

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Shaker bookcase plans

The unique design of this Shaker bookcase and impressive vintage finish make it an exceptionally stylish living room furniture. The whole has a large shelves ideal for storing books. Stylish item for the livingroom.

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Antique Shaker Bookcase 36w x 72h x 13d

Simplicity has a great power, which is why this is such a unique bookcase. Its shape and appearance is very simple, almost minimalist. That's why the whole is so practical and unique. Bookshelf is perfect for many interiors.

Riverside Urban Crossing Bookcase

Transitional style bookcase, flaunting loads of unpretentious elegance that can inspire the decor around it to a high level. The piece is very durable, being crafted of premium hardwood solids and birch veneers.

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Amish hesston shaker bookcase
Fireplace bookshelves

A great modern TV storage unit with a built-in electric fireplace with beige framing. Both a large central panel for hanging a TV-set and identical side units with open shelves and full door cabinets feature crown tops and pillar corners.

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404 wide shaker bookcase with 2 doors
Shaker 4
Found it at wayfair shaker cottage 30

A decorative and functional piece of furniture in the house. This is a durable bookcase that offers some space for books or other items. It has got very solid construction and white color that looks nice in any decor.

Bolton alaterre shaker cottage bookcase color too red
Mission bookshelf

A practical solution for larger interiors that are accommodated with vintage pieces of hardwood furniture. This mission bookcase has a pair of clear glass panel doors with metal pulls, and 4 wood shelves inside for storing your knick-knacks.