Shaggy Bath Rugs

I love the feeling of an ultra soft rug under my feet when I go out of the shower. I tried to make one from scraps of old T-shirts tied to a non-slip rug mat, but I wasn’t quite satisfied with the effect, so I guess I just have to buy one. Below you will find a selection of shaggy bath rugs, including DIY tutorials.

Alyssa Thompson Interior Design Expert
Shaggy bathroom rugs

Go for a nice, shaggy bath rug for your bathroom and always be comfortable and cozy. It sports the nice gray finish and comes with some pretty ruffles to make it stand out and catch your guests' attention.

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Fluffy bath rug that absorbs water and is soft in touch always makes a home spa far cozier. A shaggy bath rug, apart from functional advantages, suits the eco-friendly lifestyle when it's crafted using old towels.

Designer bath mats

An extraordinary bathroom rug which was made from fabric scraps in various colors that were simply sewn together. The overall impression is shabby, but cool. For sure, it will be an unusual accent of your bathroom.

Castle Hill 100% Cotton Chenille Shaggy Bath Rug with Spray Latex Backing 20x30 Medium Blue
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Shaggy bath rug in purple, blue and teal - a color scheme perfect for mermaid themed bathroom. The rug is crafted using recycled materials (sheets from the thrift store, self-dyed), so it's kinda eco-friendly.

Luxury bath rugs with creative motif decoration luxury bath rugs
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Shaggy bath rug. Unique shape. Coloured lilac purple, so its hue is rather bright. Thick material 'drinks' water. Helps avoid water pools on bathroom floor (hate them!). Looks in fact like designer piece. 8/10

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If you’re looking for a creative, vibrant piece to brighten up your bathroom with, take a look at this gorgeous, purple and grey rug with a matching set of bathroom utilities and towels – beautiful combination.

Shaggy bathroom rugs

The large shaggy carpet in the shades of grey. If you have any fur animal, having the carpet is a real nightmare. This one is better, because the melange colour could hide it - anyways, do you want to have such a furcatcher?

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Atmosphere Bath Mat

Atmosphere Bath Mat

Shaggy bath rugs 27
Shaggy bath rugs
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Savoy 2 Piece Shaggy Bath Mat Set

Savoy 2 Piece Shaggy Bath Mat Set
It is a 2-piece shaggy bath mat set that includes bath mats with two sizes. They have got five color options to choose: aqua, chocolate, linen, sage and white. It is a perfect addition to your bathroom.

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Shaggy bath rugs 26
Angelique Bath Rug

Angelique Bath Rug

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If you are looking for some bath rug, this shaggy beige one can appeal to you. This set includes 2 rugs, a bigger and smaller one. Made with 100% Nylon for superior softness and colorfastness.

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A high quality product that is designed especially for use in bathrooms. It is a rug that is made of high quality cotton. It is slip resistant and protected from moisture. It is available in very attractive colors and patterns.

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Spa Shaggy Memory Foam Bath Mat

Spa Shaggy Memory Foam Bath Mat
A shaggy bath mat, made of memory foam, in dark beige, rectangular in shape. Machine washable. Soft and comfortable to step outside your bath or shower. A must-have for your bathroom!

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Bath Mat

Bath Mat

Target room essentials hexagon bath rug in blue in store
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Stalks Bath Rug

Stalks Bath Rug

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Chenille Plush Bath Mat

Chenille Plush Bath Mat
Fluffy batch mat or area rug, absorbing moisture particularly well thanks to fuzzy plush surface. Best of all, it dries very quickly. Its shug appearance provides comfort and decent welcome for your feet when you leave shower.

Interdesign mezzo bath rug
Ruia home 2 piece chenille shaggy bath rug set plum
Medallion Bath Mat

Medallion Bath Mat

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Garland rug serendipity 2 pc shaggy bath rug
Repurposed t shirt shag mat tutorial i might already have
Reva bath rug
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Jazz shaggy bath rug size runner 22 x 60 color
Love texture this ottoman has texture i saw a shaggy
Looks so soft standard flokati area rug rugs wool rugs
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