Shabby Chic Floor Lamps

Here's something for the enthusiasts of the shabby chic style like me. Just have a look below and get delighted with all the floor lamps I've presented. With their romantic designs, a sweet palette of colours and eleborate details the interior gains style and unique character. Look below and get delighted.

Shabby chic floor lamps

The stylish shabby chic lamp is an unusual but very charming way to light the interior. Robust construction on a steel base beautifully highlights the exquisite decoration of the lampshade. Perfect item for the living room.

Shabby chic floor lamps 1

Floor lamp mounted on pedestal base and finished with carefully carvings. Drum lampshade is covered with fabric. Received many very good reviews from customers. Ideal as additional source of light in any interior.

Shabby chic floor lamp 1

This shabby chic floor lamp will be great addition in classical room. Made from metal, very solid gives a lot of light. Classic white color and vintage look will give you a touch of past years in your home.

Pretty in pink floor lamp 179

A charming stylish floor lamp entirely finished in pinks. Its decorative grooved base with small feet and curved aprons, a tall round stem with collars, widenings and a finial are of metal. A bell lampshade is of quality plain pink fabric.

Shabby chic floor lamp

A gorgeous addition for contemporary homes; this adorable floor lamp is integrated with a side table, forming a functional and brightly shining masterpiece. Includes a white-finished wood tabletop, white base with fine scrollwork, a slender white rod, and a sheer bell shade with rose embroidery.

Shabby chic floor lamp 2

Original and unattainable very impressive shabby chic floor lamp captivates the phenomenal foundation of teapots and teacups. Beautiful lampshade adds all the extra wow effect. Beautiful pastel coloring delights.

White shabby chic table lamp

The standing lamp stylized like candelabra. The light bulbs in a flame shape and crystal pendants add some glamour into this lamp. Because it is high, it could lighten a big room without any other light source hanging from the ceiling.

Shabby chic bedroom lamps

Being an ideal way to complement your shabby chic decor, this beautiful floor lamp will not only illuminate the space, but also add a warm, charming appeal to any bedroom. It catches the attention with gently adorned floral shade.

Pretty floor lamps

Extremely romantic and lovely old style bedroom. In the middle of it, just next to the bed there is a beautiful, white shabby chic floor lamp. It looks great in such environment and it is a really lovely bedroom.

Shabby chic lighting fixtures

Cute set of furniture intended for the living room. Every element is white and decorated with pink additions with rose flowers. Set is composed of sofa, armchair, ottoman, rug, pictures, cushions and three lamps: table, floor and chandelier.

Shabby chic floor lamps 2

A shabby chic floor lamp, like this one, can successfully change the appearance of your bedroom, drowning the interior in feminine charm. The lamp features a shapely rod with exquisite metalwork, topped with a decorative pink shade with sheer valances and white embroidery.

Pretty in pink floor lamp

Floor lamp shabby chic

Arc Floor Lamp with Crystalline and Marble Base in Gold Finish

Lori Floor Lamp

Lori Floor Lamp

Shabby chic kitchen lighting

Chic floor lamps

Shabby chic floor lamps 11

Lamps shabby chic style

This lovely shabby chic bathroom distinguishes itself with its intricate details. Dominant pink rose color brings so much warmth and coziness. Bronze and brass accents in frames of furniture reveal that we are dealing also with some expensive materials.

Shabby chic floor lamps 3

Shabby chic floor lamps 13

Shabby chic floor lamps 2

Shabby chic lamp stand

Shabby chic floor lamps 9

Shabby chic standing lamp

These elegant lamp shades were made of remnants of some old clothing. They are beautifully ornamented with sparkling threads and each of them is one of a kind. They look a little shabby, but they will give your space a chic look.

Romantic floor lamps

A perfect solution to decorate the tailor's workshop. Using one of the tailor's dummies to create a dedicated lamp allows to save the place in the small room. It also guarantees a good lighting of the dress presented on the mannequin.

Exquisite french chic shabby vintage crystal floor lamp handbeaded silk

Exquisite French Chic Shabby Vintage Crystal Floor Lamp Handbeaded Silk Shades
Captivating shabby chic floor lamps are a perfect combination of charming accents in the form of crystals and interesting lampshade fabric and beautiful colors. The whole thing is happening in every decor.

Shabby chic floor lamps 8

Chic floor lamp

Shabby chic floor lamp 4

Whitney fluted glass task table lamp pottery barn

Shabby chic bedside lamps

I heart shabby chic sight for sore eyes shabby chic

Arc Floor Lamp with 4 Crystal-Like Shades in Black Finish

Antique white floor lamp

Shabby chic table lamps

These pictures show examples of practical and elegant lamps for table or floor use. They feature decorative bases and standard-shaped shades in pink or white color. All of these lamps provide light and decorate indoors.

Shabby chic floor

Floor Lamp in Espresso

Floor Lamp in Espresso
Stylish and elegant floor lamp made of durable metal, offering solid ans stable frame, protective shade for the lightbulb, and elegant design providing visually appealing and functional vintage style item.

White shabby chic floor lamp

This gorgeous shabby chic style standing lamp evokes connotations with Ann from Green Gables. Lovely powder rose finishing of the lampshade and ornamental stand will enchant everyone regardless their attitude to romanticism.

Torres Floor Lamp

Torres Floor Lamp
Floor lamp in classic form. Base is made of wood and finished with delicate carvings. Lampshade is covered with fabric. Received many positive recommendations from customers for neutral design and high quality.

My husband mounted one of my chandeliers onto a floor

Shabby chic lamp the british royal infant room style and

Revamped great room

Antique early 1900s floor lamp base with dramatic styling has

Chandelier lamp made to order free shipping in usa shabby

Romantic lampshade with french toile fabric by rosesofyesteryear 55 00

Floor lamps 89

Shabby chic floor lamps 3

Shabby chic laura ashley painted vintage floor standard lamp and

Shabby chic floor lamps 10