Shabby Chic Candle Chandelier

If you think that such style would be something for you, there is probably no better collection to choose from. Feel free to discover this rich variety of chandeliers, all of which have their own designs, shapes and sizes. You can feel free to pick the perfect model for yourself.

Shabby chic bedroom chandelier

Shabby chic candle chandelier

An attractive antique candle chandelier having a metal frame with an aged white finish. Its thin stem and bowed up arms feature scrolls. Arms are adorned with ball and diamond pendants. Upturned bell shades for pillar candles are of clear glass.

Candle chandelier with crystals

Belgian linen sheets 5 in ruffles as

Belgian Linen Sheets 5 In Ruffles As
This white linen set offers the Belgian linen structure of the highest quality and will prove to be the most lavish and sophisticated choice for your dining room table, making for a shabby chic accent.

Shabby chic candle chandelier 19

Shabby chic candles

Shabby chic candle chandelier 9

This beautiful, vintage chandelier will bring a romantic atmosphere and increase your relaxing mode with it's wonderful and delicate light. It'w ill be perfect to hang it in the bathroom as well as in the living room.

Shabby chandelier

Candle holder chandelier shabby chic

Shabby chic candle chandelier 8

If you like vintage treasures, then this unique chandelier shall appeal to you. It will add an inimitable charm to the interior, complementing greatly every traditional decor.

Shabby chic candle chandelier 21

Shabby chic crystal chandelier

Gifts & Decor Ivory Baroque Candle Chandelier, Iron and Acrylic

This classy baroque style candle chandelier features an Iron and Acrylic frame in a design that'll ensure stability and durability. This piece makes use of a ceiling fixture and includes four candle areas.

Ella 3 Light Mini Candle Chandelier

Ella 3 Light Mini Candle Chandelier

Cottage Chic Chandelier

Cottage Chic Chandelier

Shabby chic candle chandelier 23

Shabby chic candle chandelier 22

Shabby chic white chandelier

Shabby chic lavender candlestick

Shabby chic candle chandelier 7

Interesting chandelier finished in neutral white color that matches any interior design. This construction also includes crystals and decorative floral accents, so it also increases aesthetic value of indoors.

Shabby chic chandeliers

Cottage decoration. So many things to love here. Graceful bedside table with stylish legs, embroidered pillows, scalloped edge on bedspread, filmy bedskirt over white, exposed beams, mini crystal chandelier, arched window and lots of light.

Shabby chic candle chandelier 14

Shabby chic white chandelier 40

Stylish and modern at the same time - this antique bronze chandelier offers the painted finish to make it look more fitting in all those modern and sleek-looking interiors, while the crystals add an aura of charm and warmth to it.

Shabby chic candle

5 Light Candle Chandelier

5 Light Candle Chandelier
With this 5-light candle chandelier you get the most stunning accent for your decor, making it simply perfect for any living room, dining room or kitchen, while the glossy, silver finish is just ideal for any contemporary styled apartment.

Shabby chic white chandelier 28

This chandelier connected modern art design with classical vintage style. It has metal frame with bulbs stylised on candles. This lamp is decorated of old-fashioned hanging crystals and ceramic, brown elements inspired of autumn leaves.

Country chic chandelier

Shabby chic white chandelier 3

Finished in cream white, this crystal Chandelier represents a shabby chic, cottage-like character. Its intricate design enchants with its curvy, smooth silhouette, featuring 6 candle holders.

Shabby chic white chandelier 13

A chic stylish chandelier with a frame of gloss silvery finished metal. A long thin stem has a large ball and a finial at the bottom. Length-varied heavily bowed arms in 2 tiers have bulb sockets. The entirety is adorned with chains of glass beads.

Table candle chandelier

Shabby chic white chandelier 15

Elegant chandelier for the living room, dining room and others interiors according to taste. It is mounted on metal frame with antique finish and decorated with crystals. Traditional form and timeless style.

Shabby chic white chandelier 8

I like this practical and attractive bathroom design. It features a durable, classic and comfortable bathtub in neutral white color. Other elements of this design are also finished in neutral colors and patterns.

Chic 6 Light Chandelier

Chic 6 Light Chandelier
If you're a fan of modern, stylish and elegant decorations, this awesome and unique chandelier might be a perfect match for you! Check it out now and enjoy its amazing design and the highest functionality.

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Vintage shabby chic lantern white rusty metal by anitasperodesign 155

Shabby chic 62

Shabby chic candle chandelier 24

Glass vase chandelier this is for sale at dot bo

Shabby chic candle chandelier 25

Cottage Chic Chandelier

Cottage Chic Chandelier
It is a beautiful chandelier that has got a metal construction, cream finish and fantastic design. It is an attractive addition to any living room, dining room, bedroom and other.

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Shabby vintage chandelier

Shabby chic 63

Shabby chic candle chandelier 26

Koehler Indoor Home Decorative Shabby Chic Scroll Candelier

Shabby chic candle chandelier 27

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Outdoor chandeliers for patios

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Shabby chic candle chandelier 28