Set Of Three Candle Holders

Candle light fills the interior with cosiness and ambience. No candle holder is thus a waste of money! You can use them placed separately here and there or keep them in clusters for more visual impact. Check out my collection of sets of three candle holders below. The styles are awesome!

Set of three candle holders 22

Set of three candle holders 12

Three candle holders

Set of three candle holders 19

Set of three candle holders

Set of three candle holders

Charming and one-of-a-kind, these three hanging candle holders will become an eye-catching addition to your decor and an ideal way of creating an aura of warmth and coziness around them, bringing elegance to your room.

Set of three candle holders 1

Solid and attractive candle holders with an aesthetic antique gold finish. Hand-blown mercury glass construction is not only very attractive, but also resistant to different factors that may cause damage or wear.

Set of three candle holders 2

Three beautiful height-varied antique candle holders manufactured of quality glass with a finish in golden and silvery shades. They have round bases, stems with necks, collars, vertically grooved widenings, wide bowls with raised edges.

Set of three candle holders 23

Set of three candle holders 7

Such an amazing set of modern, contemporary geometric candle holders in a variety of shapes! Combines a nice, ceramic base with a flameless wooden top, to make sure they never catch on fire.

Set of three candle holders 6

Wooden tealight holders with stencil painted black heart detailing - set of 3, each piece characterized by different height. For anyone who wishes to accentuate natural inclinations present in an interior. A gift idea.

Set of three candle holders

Set of three candle holders 24

Set of three candle holders 3

Set of three candle holders 4

Metal Candle Holder Set of Three Champagne

Metal Candle Holder Set of Three Champagne
This neat and very impressive set of metal candle holders are a great way to gain a remarkable climate throughout the interior. Modern design and interesting details captivate everyone.

Set of three candle holders 25

Set of three candle holders

This set of three size-differing candle holders constitutes a great addition to both your indoors and outdoors. Its raw, austere design embodies rustic, industrial vibe in every inch.

Candle holders set of three

This votive holder offers the contemporary, sculptural form that simply radiates luxury from the inside out. It offers the white, matte-finished structure made from resin with a golden interior to create a real stunner.

Set of three candle holders

A stunning set of three candle holders that will surely bring some glow to your interior and light it up beautifully. When put together they make for an impressive display with their metal frames with bronze finish for a rustic charm.

Set of three candle holders

Set of three candle holders

Create a romantic holiday table this christmas with the help

Set of three candle holders 18

Handmade ceramic candle holders

A splendid kitchen decoration that is entirely made of clay. The set is consisted of 3 lanterns and 1 tealight to spice up your contemporary home. Each piece is also neatly carved, presenting floral patterns all over the structure.

These candle holders are the perfect addition to any space

Candle holders set of 3 1

Lending a dash of elaborate feel wherever they're set in, these 3 candle holders can't be missed by anyone who likes to surround themselves with intricately ornamented items. Carved scroll work and distressed espresso brown finish are so baroque-ish!

Set of 3 carolyn kinder tuscany blown glass pillar candle

Snowman wine glass candle holders

A set of three charming candle holders that sport the barbed wire structure and are just one of the most original and at the same time visually appealing pieces to ever grace your household, adding ample amounts of originality to it.

Set of three candle holders 5

Candle holders set of 3 5

Set of 3 candle holders made of clear glass. Suitable for each standard tealight. Elegant accent for any interior. Great addition for residential and commercial premises.

Metal candlestick holders

In few steps you get yourself these metal candelsticks holders. Set of three candle holders has a intresting blue/mint trim.Thanks to shapes referring to columns from the Hellenistic period-and shaded color-beautifully decorate the interior or entrance home.

Votives candles candelabras pinecone candle holders set of 3

3 piece candle holder set

Set of 3 candle holders in the shape of crown. It is made of metal with antique finish. Sophisticated decoration for any indoor and outdoor places according to taste and need.

Set of three candle holders 28

Repurposed wine bottle votivetea light

Repurposed Wine Bottle Votivetea Light
Interesting and cool contemporary candle holders created from transparent glass wine bottles in a delicate greenish tone. They have ovalish bodies remaining after cutting aslant off top parts with necks.

Set of three mirrors 2

Decorative set of three round mirrors of different sizes arranged around each other. The frames of the mirrors are made to resemble dinnerware plates, which gives them a vintage, elegant look which matches nicely with the flowers.

Set of three candle holders

Now you can light your special event with these resplendent mercury glass candle holders that come in a set of three. They are made of blown glass and come with twisted pedestal stems to give off a golden glow.

Set of three mirrors 1

The set of three round mirrors with the washed wood frames. A good proposition is to mount on the wall in marine style interior and make them simulate the bull's eye, the same like it is on the real ship.

Set of three mirrors 3

Set of 3 mirrors in various sizes. Designed for mounting on the wall. Frame is made of metal and finished with floral theme. Sophisticated decoration for each place according to taste.

Set of three mirrors

Dining chair for residential and commercial premises. It is mounted on wooden frame and fitted with anti slip pads. Upholstery is made of leather and finished with solid stitching. Traditional form and contemporary design.

Gaylynn mirror with hanger set of 3

Gaylynn Mirror With Hanger Set Of 3
This set of 3 distressed mirrors will add a charming, retro vibe to any decor. Their antique shades and slim shapes conceal functionality, featuring a drawer pull inspired hangers for your favorite apron, utensils or key chains.

3 Piece Candle Holder Set

3 Piece Candle Holder Set
A candle holder set with place for three candles, made from solid wood to make sure it is really long-lasting and durable, while the weathered stone finish and curved silhouette offer an elegant and classy compliment to the decor.

Set of three mirrors

Sunburst mirrors always bring a sunny, positive atmosphere to the space. This easy-to-assemble, DIY project uses only round wood circle, round mirror and glue. This set of 3 mirrors makes the space brighter and more lively.

Reflection Wall Decor (Set of 3)

Reflection Wall Decor (Set of 3)
A set of three reflection wall decors which all feature a metal frame construction that makes them more durable and stronger. This set of three wall accents can fill out a gallery grouping or stand out on its own.

Fleur Mirror (Set of 3)

Fleur Mirror (Set of 3)
This set includes three fleur mirrors with contemporary design and sunburst frame shape. They are a great decoration for your bedroom and bathroom. Everyone will tell you how fantastic they looks on your wall.

Modular Frame Mirror

Modular Frame Mirror
Minimalistic wall mirror with rectangular frame. It effortlessly brings a sense of elegance to a decor without dominating in the ambiance. Wooden frame ensures long lasting performance. Suits to any room.



Patel Votive Holders with Mirrored Tray (Set of 6)

Patel Votive Holders with Mirrored Tray (Set of 6)

Custom made candle stick holder set of three light blue