Set Of 4 Decorative Plates

If you care for eye-catching dinnerware and porcelain accessories - check out my collection of decorative plates. They brim with colour and patterns which can enliven any table. Browse below to take a closer look at the sets of 4 decorative plates I've collected.

Set of 4 decorative plates

Add your dining area bit of an inimitable character with this set of 4 decorative plates. Coming from the collection "Nightmare Before Christmas", this set comprises porcelain white plates covered with some spooky black patterning.

Set of 4 decorative plates 1

Charming traditional decorative plates crafted of earthenware. They are round and feature beautiful flowers and simplified elephants designs in vibrant colours against white, bluish or greenish backgrounds.

Set of 4 decorative plates 2

Cheyenne Ranch Dinner Plates - Set of 4

Set of 4 decorative plates 4

Love these Tartan plates and Deer in Snow salad plates .

Decorative plate sets of 4

The set of four decorated colorful plates covered with the Moroccan pattern. The delicate ceramics is characteristic for Mediterranean area. The edges has been covered with black pigment what emphasis the geometrical pattern.

Nightmare before christmas dinnerware set

Set of 4 decorative plates decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. It is made of pottery and finished with pastel colors. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Elegant accessory for each home.

Decorative plates set of 4

the beauty of natural perfect imperfection for the table; white; plates and bowls; set

Nightmare before christmas plates

I don't really want these, but color me impressed Potterybarn! Day of the Dead Porcelain Salad Plate, Set of 4 - #dayofthedead #plates

Tuscan Old World Fleur De Lis 10" Decorative Plates Set of 4 New

Add a historical accent here and there in your eclectic kitchen and have a look at a quality set of 4 decorative round plates. Large Fleur de Lis motif makes them unique and eye-drawing. Each plate has different colour.

Set of 4 decorative plates

Ceramic Plates Set of 4 Decorative Porcelain Plates - Image 3

4 Piece Decorative Birds Dessert Plate Set

4 Piece Decorative Birds Dessert Plate Set
Lovely novelty plates made of quality glossy white glazed ceramic and featuring hand-painted charming birds and floral designs. They're intended for display mainly but are food safe. They're stackable and refrigerator safe but must be hand-washed.

Whitetail deer in autumn series decorative miniature plates set of

Whitetail Deer In Autumn Series Decorative Miniature Plates Set of 4

Set of 4 decorative plates 20

Disney Mickey Grid Dinner Plates - Porcelain, Set of 4 in Mickey Grid

Set of 4 decorative plates 7

French Countryside Salad Plates - Indigo Blue and Floral Pattern

Set of 4 decorative plates 23

Make your own place settings using thrift shop mismatched plates (or dollar store if you're one of those peeps that need new and matching) and Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Paint Markers. Dry for 24 hours and then bake. Non-toxic and you can eat off of the plates!

4" Collector's Edition Special Appetizer Plates (Set of 4)

4" Collector's Edition Special Appetizer Plates (Set of 4)
Charming round contemporary plates intended for display mainly but food safe. They're manufactured of quality ceramic and feature colourful designs connected with love and St Valentine's Day. They're dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator safe.

Set of 4 decorative plates 17

Disney Allover Mickey and Minnie Porcelain Cereal/Soup Bowls - Set of 4 in Mickey

Decorative ceramic wall plates 1

I want plates and bowls just like this!! I will hunt for them when I register for gifts!

Set of 4 decorative plates 15

great way to set up plates for a small buffet. Good table dessert table

Set of 4 decorative plates 26

Fabric Coaster Set of 4 Sunflower Dresden Plate Fabric Mug Mats Candle Mat Quilt Coaster Country Decor Kitchen Housewares

Set of 4 decorative plates 13

or something with both colors and place candy on them. Thinking the centerpiece doesn't have to be ornate, many only look once and move on. Then you could use the dishes at home, or have people take with them if they like. Better than having a bunch of va

Black and white charger plates 23

Pewter plates and black velvet ribbon. The black velvet ribbon would work with all kinds of plates -- plain white would be beautiful, too.

Set of 4 decorative plates 3

Charlotte Plates, Set of 4

Nightmare before christmas dinnerware

Kitchen / Dining room... art... Watercolor Herb art Set of 8 5x7 Kitchen art by colorZen

Set of 4 decorative plates 25

Sea Critter Outdoor Salad Plate, Set of 4 Or I can frame this guys for a 3D art look behind glass.

Tiered plate rack

This gorgeous 3-tiered plate holder is a DIY construction, which actually can be used also to store or display your jewellry. Small brass candlesticks, some vintage dishes or bowls and super glue and voila!

Tiered plate holder 6

This tiered plate holder constitutes a gorgeous-looking jewellery display for all, who like DIY crafting. Organizing and inspiring, it will help you keep maintain the right order.

Set of 4 decorative plates 10

Turtle Outdoor Salad Plate & Snack Bowl, Set of 4 @Catie @ Catie's Corner Vogels

Jewelry plate stand

Now you can enjoy a tiered plate holder that can serve its purpose beautifully, letting you stack those perfect cupcakes and ensuring that the style of your kitchen or pantry is truly elevated.

Blue and white terra cotta dinner plates set of 4

Blue and White Terra Cotta Dinner Plates - Set of 4 #DotandBoDream

Tiered plate holder 10

Two three tiered plate holder. They are composed of three ceramic plates in various sizes and colors. Holders are made of glass stylised on crystals. These holders are must-have in every elegant dining-room.

Set of 4 decorative plates 24

if you are planning on registering for fine china? it doesn't get much cuter than this polka dot Kate Spade Collection #katespade #weddingchickspicks #macys

Tiered plate holder

Practical plate holder with three tiers. It includes solid and spacious plates supported by central parts made of glass. These elements are not only practical, but they also increase attractiveness of any table.

Diy jewelry holder plates

Now you can enjoy the birthday parties of your closest ones with this amazing cupcake stand that you can make yourself, adding a splash of humour and charm to any setting and keeping everything in order, while the cupcakes invite everyone to taste them.

Metal decorative plates

Decorative Solaris dinnerware set; style details include semi-transparent glass make and rich metallic perimeter detail creating an illusion of three dimensionality (options: gold or silver). Four piece collection: three plates and a bowl.

Easter graphic bunny plates

Easter Graphic Bunny Plates
Adorable set of colorful, ceramic Easter plates depicting a bunny surrounded by elaborate, traditional patterns. A beautiful way to spice up your Easter dinner, sure to bring a colorful, vibrant detail to the dining table.

Cake stand jewelry holder

A cool ingenious tiered plant stand created from size and shape-varied bowls of glazed white ceramic. They are glued to casual glasses of clear glass which are glued inside bowls and covered around with soil and pebbles.

Shabby chic style pink dessert tier

Shabby Chic Style Pink Dessert Tier
Imagine a place, the most beautiful of the party, where will be the small cupcakes presented, or delicious snacks with decorative forms. This place will be tiered plate holder. In beautiful pink shabby colors, with stunning hand-painted flowers.

Seville Classics SHE14049 2-Tier Corner Shelf Organizer, Silver

Corner organizer for dishes in silver color. It looks good and saves space. Organizer has 3 levels. It lets you store cups, plates, small towels and other kitchen odds and ends. It is used in every kitchen, and more.

Tripar 2 Tier Metal Plate Rack

Sculptural metal rack with two tier. It is intended to storage and transport plates. This rack is made of brass ant it is not only very useful, but beautiful too. It is dream of every elegant homemaker.

2 Tier Cake Stand

2 Tier Cake Stand
When not accommodating a cake or pastries you want to serve to your guests, this cake stand with two tiers is pretty decorative by itself. It pleases the eye with classic design and silvery finish. A handle on its top adds to functionality.

French country kitchen sets

The set of folk handpainted crockery. All of them are painted in brown, dark blue and white colors. Each of them is painted with the traditional motive of the cock and some flowers typical for this region.

Decorative plates for hanging

Original and attractive wall decorations. These porcelain decorative plates are suitable for wall hanging. They feature different shapes, sizes, decorative accents and all of them are finished in neutral white color.

Ocean Decorative Bowl

Ocean Decorative Bowl
Innovative design of this decorative bowl creates a refreshing mood that brings ocean to mind. Blue, wavy appearance looks just as good as you would expect it to look. Great to store and display varied items.

Istanbul Glass Decorative Bowl

Istanbul Glass Decorative Bowl
Amber and teal green combination of stained glass creates a harmonious whole that makes this bowl be a true mebellishment of any ambiance. You may use it to display fruits or just take benefit of its decorativeness to accessorize your console table.

Set of 3 large tuscan embossed iron decorative plates


Fishbowl Decorative Bowl

Fishbowl Decorative Bowl
Sleek, polished surface of this decorative bowl mirrors the sun rays and catches the eye when decently displayed. It is made of premium quality ceramic that resembles Chinese porcelain. It is glazed gray.

La med melamine dinner plates set of 4 these are

La Med Melamine Dinner Plates, Set of 4 These are so wonderful.

Ceramic Decorative Bowl

Ceramic Decorative Bowl
Enrich your kitchen with one-of-a-kind ancient palace accent! This can be easily done with this stylishly distressed decorative bowl. It looks just like a precious antique, but it is pretty affordable!

Set of 4 decorative plates 16

pretty, elegant, yet simple - linen table setting on wood (and rosemary) [ #weddinginspiration , #gardenwedding ]