Seashell Table Lamp

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Seashell lamps

Unique table lamp with seashell base. Lampshade is covered with fabric and gives warm tone of light. Ideal as night lamp or additional source of light in any interior as needed.

Seashell table lamp 9

This lamp, at first glance, makes you wonder what it really is, since it's design is a truly original and creative one. It is made of sea shells and is one of the prettiest choices for your decor you could ever make.

Shell lamp 1

Wow! This is exactly the lamp I was dreaming about! French mum seashell table lamp with beautiful seashell white finish looks super adorable. I love this soft, subtle lamp shade. Do you think it may suit my bathroom?

Seashell table lamp 10

An eye-catching contemporary electric table lamp featuring a unique base of a cylindrical clear glass tube filled with seashells and starfish in whites and creams. A drum lampshade is of plain white fabric.

Atrium glass table lamp 1

Atrium Glass Table Lamp
This wonderful lamp will always remind you about wonderful time by the sea. The glass base with sea shelves catches your eye and help you relax. The glass is very thick, so it is good decoration when you have little children.

Seashell table lamp 11

Seashell table lamp, perfect for bedrooms, to stand on your night table. It gives very soft and warm light. Made from clear glass, filled with seashells and stones looks adorable. I trully adore this designers item!

Seashell lamp

A magnificent table lamp in a tropical style. It feature a wooden base with the motif of a seashell in a magnetic, blue color with a weathered finish. It features a linen shade in a standard shape and neutral color.

Seashell lamps 4

Seashell Lamps
An ingenuine decor idea, which will easily help you create an inimitable nautical character in your interiors. This beautiful table lamp uses a glass vase filled with seashells as a base for the shade.

Closhe Fillable Glass Table Lamp

This fillable glass table lamp allows you to fill the base with your favourite collectables. Incorporate shells, colored glass and more. This smooth lighting fixture comes with a white tapered drum shade.

Sanctuary Fillable Table Lamp

Seashell lamp 1

Seashell table lamp 6

Glass shell lamp

White Embossed Seashell Orb Lamp

Seashell table lamp 13

Seashell table lamp 19

Nautical seashell table lamp

Seashell table lamp 4

Shell lamp base

Sea shell lamp

Seashell lantern table lamp

Seashell lamp base

Sea shell lamps

DEI Scallop Ocean Beach Seashell Table Lamp

Seashell table lamp 5

Seashell table lamp 11

French mum seashell table lamp shell ocean beach chic coastal

Mario Lamps 06M821 Oyster Table Lamp

Seashell table lamp 9

KOUBOO Brownlip Seashell Table Lamp

Seashell table lamp 18

Shell lamps

A nice set of table lamps with decorative and original glass bases. Each lamp of this type includes a traditional-shaped shade finished in neutral white color. These simple items match any interior design.

Seashell table lamp 16

Seashell table lamp 2

Seashell table lamps

Shell filled lamps

Seashell lamps to fill

Glass lamps that can be filled

Glass lamps to fill

Linden Table Lamp

Linden Table Lamp
Exquisite in is original design, this glass table lamp features a silver and gold crackled, metallic finish that makes it look simply stunning and add great deal of class to the interior style, while the chrome metal base provides extra reliability.

Sapelo seashell table lamp 2

Seashell table lamp

Seashell table lamp 3

Coastal seashell table lamp beach style by gonecoastaldesigns 145 00

Seashell cylinder table lamp 1

Sue gotta do

Floral seashell table lamp base

Nautilus shell lamp

Seashell table lamp perfect for beach decor bedroom

Coastal seashell table lamp