Sculptures For Home Decor

All those who like such sculptures, should feel themselves at home here. If you are one of them, we advise you to take a careful look at all these photos and see if any of them suits your taste. In the end, do you know which one it will be?

Peyton Donaldson Interior Design Expert
Sculptures for home decor 8

A charming traditional home decor to mount on walls and door frames corners. It's sculptured of artificial stone in white and delicate beige tones. It has the form of a beautiful rich detailed angel having large wings and wearing a long robe.

Large sculptures home decor 1
Rachel Massonable

Woodworking,Celestial Sun, Sculpture, Driftwood Art ,Home Decor,Indoors or Outside

Sculptures for home decor
Weber Lily

What you can see in this project is: the inspiration of nature, the cerebral process of design,and the love for metals. That's why this 3 panels of sculpture for home decor are so intresting. Animal motifs, copper and gold colors and wavy carving of the metal.

Sculptures for home decor 6

Foam Sculptures | 31 Works Of Art We Can All Appreciate -- All of her sculptures are just so, so cool. By Ana Bidart.

Heart wall art
Jenna Edward

Rusty metal wall sculpture in the shape of outstretched wings with the heart in the middle. This wall sculpture will add a hint of lovely old style both — inside or outside your household. Looks a bit wooden like but it is pure rusty metal!

Sculptures for home decor 15
Tara Coll

I plan to take a piece of Washington with me when I leave for Oregon.

Sculptures for home decor 33
Jacqueline Edwards

Serotonin Molecule Wall Art....hang in your home to remind yourself to always strive for happiness.

Sculptures for home decor 29
Sanders Jenna

Wall sconce with dragon theme. Round lampshade is made of glass and gives warm tone of light. Sophisticated addition for all kinds of interiors according to taste.

Metal heart wall art 2
Rebecca Edw

For my Holy Teacher and Mentor. When your halo appeared before me, I knew you had earned your wings. Thank you for all you do to help the world. I love you HRVT. I am at your feet.

Large sculptures home decor

I really like these DIY, handmade angel wings with a very rustic, primitive design and an austere coating of paint. Great for a wall-mounted decoration for a more industrial, rough living room design. Very unique.

Ceramic Trio Elephant Home Decor Figurine
Bennett Melanie

Ceramic Trio Elephant Home Decor Figurine
Decorative figurine depicting a trio of happy elephants with their trunks elevated - that's for luck. The figurine features minimalist design and silver finish. It combines traditional oriental motif with modern looks.

Circle wall art
Lindsey Bail

This abstract moon wood sculpture is a masterpiece! It's great for exterior and interior. The rustic design, downed tress, birch plywood construction and natural finish create the unique wall hanging decor.

Home decor statue
Ramirez Mary

A wonderful large traditional patio planter manufactured of ceramic materials. It flares upwards, is encrusted with size-varied irregular colourful tiles on sides and with small beads along a top edge.

Sculptures for home decor 4
Stone Caroline

In bright colours hung from the trees? Ceiling Pendant Tutorial by H is for Handmade

Sculptures for home decor 5

Teddy bear prints! Melbourne based artist Geoffrey Ricardo "who specialises in sculpture and prints" in residence at the Art Vault in Mildura (country Australia).

Sculpture for home
Veronica Lop

Spirit Driftwood, Definitely would put that in home and put pair of bras on it. maybe a guy though...holding his shorts and well underneath it would been funny but If I got naked woman I would have her at entrance carrying a tray of candy...she have panti

Ceramic Decorative Figurine
Sara Peterson

Ceramic Decorative Figurine
Looking uniquely artistic, this decorative figurine will be a compelling accent in your interior. The two light brown ceramic figures are covered in wrapped twine from the waist down, their upper bodies are exposed as they embrace each other in a hug.

Sculptures for home decor 7
Elizabeth Russell

Love the thought of bringing nature into my home... wall design? Love it! I think I would spray paint this a bright, contrasting color and hang it in the bathroom or something. But it's only a beginning... let this be inspiration to more! Also decorate fo

Sculptures for home decor
Alexis Millerism

Looking for cute decorations for your dorm or apartment? Her Campus UFL has 3 easy DIY crafts that will make your home super cute. #hcxo #hcufl

Sculptures for home decor 9
Stacey Ram

These icons are becoming a rare when driving across the USA, so if they pull at your heartstrings too, better snap it up when you run across one for sale.  Their sculptural beauty can be used to set a new scene in your home or garden. Here are several e

Sculptures for home decor 10

Have a ton of acorns laying around outside and I thought I would do something with them. This would be perfect for the season and the Halloween spirit.

Sculptures for home decor 13
Alexis Milani

Beneficial Insect Habitat: If this could be done with old tires, it would be amazing.

Sculptures for home decor 14
Wesson Jessica

Knock on Wood || Gallery / DRIFTWOOD ART BY JEFF UITTO

Sculptures for home decor 17
Krystle Kelly

The sculptural tub repeats the theme of curved surfaces with an elegant ellipse. In keeping with efficient use of space and a clean, uncluttered look, a sliding privacy door separates the toilet from the rest of the room.

Sculptures for home decor

sculptures for home decor

Sculptures for home decor
Cynthia Phil

9 items all stylish people have in their homes

Sculptures for home decor 20
Peyton Marthy

Rusty Garden Art Gallery including orbs, kettles, bee skep, and decorative birds at

Sculptures for home decor 21
Sara Hill

Skull, Plant Holder, Pink Skull, Skull Sculpture, Skull Decor, Skulls, Skull Housewares, Gift for Her, Human Skull, Sculpture Skull

Sculptures for home decor 22

ships figurehead

Sculptures for home decor 23

Geometric Sculpture - Christmas Trees for a project to take home, add in measuring the lengths of the stems

Sculptures for home decor 24
Thomson Marisa

A home altar - a place for reflection, meditation, and just the occasional pause. #zenden

Sculptures for home decor 25
Coleman Cynthia

Gift for gardeners - Plant sculpture - One of a kind paper clay miniature - Quirky home decor ornament. £20.00,

Sculptures for home decor 1
Thompson Alyssa

Pink shabby chic wings wood wall sculpture

Sculptures for home decor 26
Michele Stewart

North Toronto Residence Gets Awarded for Symmetry and Innovation

Sculptures for home decor 27
Amanda Mart

Rachel Bilson displays a mermaid sculpture and framed artwork on top of her antique piano. Click through for her full home tour!

Sculptures for home decor 28

Looking for an out-of-the-ordinary water feature? If you don't have a slope for a waterfall and a fountain won't do, consider a 'rain shower' structure like this. This contemporary design would work well in a high-tech or zen garden.

Sculptures for home decor 30
Patricia Wil

I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this! Plus I have that Willow Tree sculpture!

Sculptures for home decor 31
Wright Dominique

This hand-carved #sculpture, which recalls elements of driftwood, is the perfect way to bring this magestic sea mammal into your home and liven up any wall. #whale #art

Sculptures for home decor 32
Evans Liliana

FlyingConcrete Art Nouveau House. This is my Icon for a perfect structure...flowing, organic.

Peacock Table Decor Figurine
Susan Mur

Peacock Table Decor Figurine

Diy geometric icosahedron copper pipe pendant light the gathered home
Esther Jackson

DIY Geometric Icosahedron Copper Pipe Pendant Light | The Gathered Home on

Blue metal wall art
Amanda Flor

Turquoise metal wall wings with heart deep by AnitaSperoDesign, $120.00 omg... For a little girls nursery with teal and coral?! Omg!!!

Sculptures for home decor 34
Rebecca Turn

amazing stairs

Driftwood angel fish what a find perfect for my living
Roberts Isabelle

driftwood angel fish, what a find...perfect for my living room!

Industrial sofa table 4
Ashley Russell

24 Living Room DIYs: Lowe's has the lowdown on making these industrial side tables.

Sculptures for home decor 1
Smith Courtney

sculptures for home decor

Vitra Design Museum Eames House Bird Figurine

Vitra Design Museum Eames House Bird Figurine

Home accessories hand sculpture
Martin Ashley

Home › Accessories › Hand Sculpture

Jack Sculpture
Elizabeth Coupe

Jack Sculpture

Inject a dab of grecian style into your decor with
Sarah Robe

Inject a dab of Grecian style into your décor with this fabulous bust. If you only opt for one accessory make it this one. Looks simply stunning next to a bunch of fresh flowers.