Screw On Lamp Shades

Screw on lamp shades can be pieces of decoration in the interior, too. Depending on the style, colour and pattern you can enliven the space with an interesting object that not only has a functional use but can also be an accent feature. Get inspired below.

Screw on lamp shades 1

Beautiful burlap lamp shade is a perfect combination of attractive styling and coziness. The lamp shade is very stylish in every interior, bringing a bit of coastal or rural climate. Ideal for any interior.

Screw on lamp shade

An elegant traditional lampshade intended for lamps with an (usually adjustable) arm. It's crafted of quality plain white silk. It has white inner lining and white edge trims. It's threaded fitter can be screwed into a socket.

Lamp shade screw

Spectacular bridge arm floor stand with scultupral fairy figurine and romantic swirls supports a simple white drum lamp shade meant to be screwed on the socket for a stylish Victorian inspired interior accent.

Screw on lamp shades 2

Handcrafted in North Carolina foothills, this genuine mica lamp shade with metal frame emits a very warm dramatic light which creates a beautiful subtle romantic atmosphere reminiscent of fireplace light.

Screw on lamp shades 6

Lamp shade screw cap

A classic bell shade for replacing your worn-out one. This 12'' off-white fabric shade is suitable for floor lamps, and it has a threaded Uno fitter, so you could easily screw it onto the bottom end of a socket.

Glass shade with screw in 3 11 64 inch fitter

Screw on lamp shades 1

This unique Uno Fitter is designed to attach a lampshade to a hanging metal socket, normally on a bridge floor lamp. Once you have a lamp with any form of a Bakelite socket, the Uno fitter won't work.

Lamp top screw

A quality lamp shade 1.25" fitter that screws onto the electrical socket of bridge arm floor lamp. It's made of satin black paper and gold foil hardback liner, making the whole very durable and perfect for any type of decor.

18" Classic Paper Empire Lamp Shade

18" Classic Paper Empire Lamp Shade
A pretty round classic lampshade with a wide bottom part and a narrow top one. It's handmade of laminated real green cocoa leaves and hand-stitched to a frame of wrought iron. It fits all standard harps.

Screw on lamp shades 7

This angel carved in iron firmly holds in the hand the shaft of the screw on the lamp, which will be crowned with a simple and bright white lampshade. It does not need much since this graphite angel with spread wings is already so ornamented.

Excellent quality bridge lamp shade floor lamp shade screws on

Excellent Quality Bridge Lamp Shade Floor Lamp Shade Screws On Socket
A gorgeous lamp shade for making your living room or bedroom snazzier and embellished with floral pattern. It's suitable for floor lamps, and made of a quality fabric that surrounds its brass metal frame.

Screw on lamp shades 26

White pleated lamp shade crafted out of thick fabric. Probably the most classic look of a lampshade on Earth. Name a décor style it wouldn't blend into... Pretty common and easy to be replaced, too. My fav.

Upgradelights 12" Off White Linen Uno Lamp Shade for Down Bridge Lamp

Screw on lamp shade 1

Screw On Lamp Shade
Screw on emerald green mica lamp shade , here mounted on a bridge floor lamp with fancy scrolls and swirls design wrought in metal. Decorous floor lamps like these are not so common in today's households. Too bad!

Lamp shades that screw on

Beautifully crafted shade lamps allow you to change the interior of the unrecognizable. The combination of a simple wood construction on a neutral white lampshade is unique and very spectacular.

Vtg white painted frosted diamond geometric screw top glass tube

Vtg White Painted Frosted Diamond Geometric Screw Top Glass Tube Globe Shade
Presented here screw on lampshade was made of frosted glass, that is produced by the sandblasting or acid etching of clear sheet glass. Another interesting part is the diamond geometric texture of tube, globe lampshade.

Excellent quality bridge lamp shade floor lamp shade screws on

Excellent Quality Bridge Lamp Shade Floor Lamp Shade Screws On Socket
Add beauty and style into the home, with this amazing floor lamp shade. It features the floral pattern on the cover, with beige color and pastel finish. Great addition to the bedroom and cozy nook.

12" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade

12" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade
Bell lampshade mounted on metal base and covered with fabric. Suitable for table lamp or floor lamp. Neutral design for any interior as needed. It is very well appreciated by the customers.

Screw in lamp shade

Lampshades in Moroccan style. It is made of colorful glass with and finished with gold ornamentation. Traditional form and elegant design for each room.

Screw on lamp shades 4

With this beautiful lamp shade your interior will instantly get a boost of warm, welcoming light, since it offers a stunning, honey finish of the cracked glass. It can be easily attached to fixtures or lamps.

Screw on lamp shades

For some, he is a screeching bird that repeats platitudes. For others, a paradise bird reflecting the colors of the Archangels of the Seven Divine Beams. Parrot today in the interior design comes to life in all its colors as a screw on a lampshade.

Creative Hobbies® ELY505 Solid Brass Finial for Lamp Shades 1 Inch Tall, Brass Plated -Pack of 2

Screw on lamp shades 16

Depending on how they are presented - they take on different characters. Flowers are a variable and the most natural motif in design. Here the drum screw on lampshade has been hand-painted and painted in retro colored flowers in rainbow colors.

Unique metallic black floor lamp

Unique Metallic Black Floor Lamp
The unique floor one-bulb lamp painted a black metallic. Except of the metal stillage, the bulb has been covered with the delicate silverish meshwork, what guarantees the perfect dispersion of the light.

Bell shaped lamp shade 17

Bell lamp shade mounted on metal frame and covered with fabric. It is compatible with any standard table lamp. Elegant accent for each place. Received a lot of top ratings from satisfied customers.

Screws on to a downbridge style of lamp just like

1940s lamp shades

This type of lampshade is dedicated for table lamps. It has narrow top and wide bottom. This lampshade is made of blanched canvas and has plastic frame. Due to its simplicity it will be fit to every type of interior.

Bell shaped lamp shade 1

A beautiful traditional bell-shaped lampshade manufactured of quality iridescent glass (i.e. changing colours depending on angle of view) in dark brown and amber yellow shades. It has flared wavy edges with a black rim.

14" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade

14" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade
A beautiful shade for your lamp in traditional style and yellow finish to allow adding some warmth and coziness to your interior, while the material provides strength and reliability with the silk and shantung combination.

Bell shaped lamp shade 3

This antique bell-shaped lamp can be a real bargain for vintage enthusiasts, especially those loving art deco. Deriving from around 1940, it enchants with its exceptional condition, thanks to the use of high-quality materials.

Screw on lamp shades 5

Bell shaped lamp shade 34

Bell lamp shades are ranked into timeless classics. For me, a bell shade gives a subtle nod to vintage styles. This particular yellow & white bell lamp shade is hand blown to recreate an authentic Victorian design.

Home lamp shades lighting accessories ceiling lamp shades non electric

Screw on lamp shades 10

Bell shaped lamp shade 29

A bell-shaped lampshades made out of gold-encrusted metal which gives them an elegant, sophisticated design. Good addition to a classy living room, bound to bring in a fresh and invigorating detail to the room.

Floor lamp shade silk our most popular classic style

Savoy House GL764 White or Cream Marble Bell Glass Shade for the Savoy House FLC418 and FLC419 Cei,

The cream marble glass shade for wall mounted lamp. A great solution for the hotel room to provide enough light to read a book in bed. The elements mounted on the wall had been chromed, what guarantees its durability.

Lamp shade screw top

A fabulous idea to have a table lamp drum shade mounted as a ceiling shade. Its constructed of lightweight but durable material, and covered with a black wallpaper, along with a round diffuser designed of a sheer white fabric.

Screw on lamp shades 3

Screw top lamp shade

An interesting vintage style inspired by the style of 1950's. This table lamp is made of solid materials and it features a simple looking shape. It includes a cord and a simple shade with a screw for mounting and dismounting.

Mid century lampshades turquoise lamp

Mid Century Lampshades Turquoise Lamp
It seems like they hit the stage with the ceramics in "Believe in the Ghost". But they are turquiose lamps to give you even more romantic lighting. than in that movie.Turquoise color of light, from this screw on lamp shades -will be a big surprise.

Vintage lamp shade finial screw on top of a lamp

Screw on lamp shades 3

Bowl lampshade dedicated for pendant lamp. It is made of ceramic and decorated with interesting pattern. Neutral design for each place according to taste and need.

Screw on lamp shades 4

Screw on lamp shades 7

Screw on lamp shades 2

12" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade

12" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade
With the traditional style this soft bell lamp shade offers a fine boost of class and elegance to your interior, while providing a charming way of lighting up your household. It will work in any possible decor.

Screw on lamp shades 21

Screw on lamp shades 23