Santa Figurines Collectibles

Santa figures? Even if you have already seen such collections, it might still be worth to have a closer look at the ones that are presented here. We can assure you that many people have picked the perfect ones for themselves and what will be your choice, in the end?

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Collectible santas

The st. Nicholas figure is an excellent addition to your interiors. Christmas is coming! You have to try this decor. Very stylish, vintage and sophisticated. I would like to have it.

Resin santa figurines

This Santa Claus arrives in Scotland. Instead of traditional red trousers has a Scottish skirt and a characteristic red check. In addition, instead of a stag, Santa figurines collectibles arrives with a lamb and is precisely carved looking very realistically.

Santa figurines collectibles 5

Cool Christmas statue. Long-bearded Santa Claus with bag of presents, all carved in wood. Each figurine is unique due to the hand make and carefully applied painting finish. A collectible. A Christmas gift, perhaps.

Porcelain santa claus figurines

Fantastic decoration to underline the magical Christmas time. The small, 12,75 inch sculpture of Santa Claus with sculpted his journey around the town will be perfect addition for vintage style room decor.

Collectible santa claus
Antique santa claus figurines
Santa figurines collectibles 7
Santa figures

A figurine of Santa Claus for collectors and for anyone who is looking for attractive Christmas decorations. This figurine is a multi-color decoration with some floral accents. It looks nice on any Christmas table.

Santa clause figurines
Santa figurines collectibles 6
Santa figurines collectibles

A figurine of Santa Claus that is a nice Christmas decoration and a very attractive items for collectors. This item looks very interesting and it shows the Christmas atmosphere in a very positive way.

Santa collectables
Santa figurines collectibles 2
Santa Claus Looking at the Lamp Post Figurine

Santa Claus Looking at the Lamp Post Figurine

Santa figurines collectibles
Illuminated santa claus sleigh figurine 1500542001 hd pictures
Collectible santa figurines
Santa figurines collectibles 1
Fabriche Christmas Chef Santa

Fabriche Christmas Chef Santa
This charming and very impressive with resin figurine depicting a cheerful Santa Claus cook is a charming decorative detail each home during the holiday season. It is charming and improves mood.

Santa statues

A beautiful set of Christams decoration that will bring magic and Christmas spirit to any home. The set is consisted of various Santa Claus figurines - each made of quality porcelain with attention to details, and gorgeously hand-painted.

Collectible santa claus figurines

The charming Santa Claus is an excellent way of bringing a cozy Christmas atmosphere to the interior. The whole is made of ceramics and not only, and makes the interior is unique, and the collectors have a lot of fun.

Small santa figurines

Santa figure accompanied by several snowmen. It is a beautiful and funny figurine to have in your garden during the Christmas time. It gives a special atmosphere. It is hand carved and wooden so it will be resistant.

Santa claus figurines

The enchanting and very climatic statue of Santa Claus is a great way to bring a festive atmosphere to the interior. The beautifully finished Irish motifs of the herbaceous clover enchant. Perfect item for collectors.

Ceramic santa figurines
Herthen patience brewster santa figurine
Christmas santa figurines
Santa figurines collectibles 8
Santa figurines collectibles

Anyone who loves trinkets and unusual figurines will be delighted by this impressive set of Santa figurines collectibles. The whole made with attention to detail, is lovely pink and beautiful.

Santa collectibles

A lovely quite rich in details figurine of Father Christmas and animals of hand-painted ceramic. He's wearing a white skin jacket with light bluish ornaments, is girded with a sash, handling a twig and an owl. Other animals are sitting at his feet.

Collectible santa
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16" Moose Tracks Santa

16" Moose Tracks Santa

Ceramic santa claus figurine
Old world santa figurines

A charming figurine of a Japanese girl with Santa Clause in her hands. It was handmade from porcelain and painted with great precision and talent in warm, subtle colors. It will be a vintage decoration during the Christmas time.

Winter Santa

Winter Santa

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Scottish santa claus figurines
Santa figurines collectibles 4
Now dasher now dancer now prancer and vixen on comet
Christmas santa claus figures

This collection of vintage Santa Claus figurines, including carved Santas, chalk Santas, and German Belsnickels help one's bring a good climate for happy holidays. Try not to get enchanted with their mid century faces.

Polar bear journey santa claus figurines and hand carved wooden
Crakewood Peppermint Candy Santa

Crakewood Peppermint Candy Santa

Take a look at this gold overcoat santa figurine by
Vaillancourt chalkware figurine
Red green old world santa figurine
Santa with Fur Coat Figurine

Santa with Fur Coat Figurine

Santa figurines for christmas home decor and gifting
Hand carved wooden santa collectible
Santa folk art carving hand carved santas carved santas
Santa figurines collectibles 2