Safari Lamp Shade

You know that lamps are very important and such lamp shades can be a nice addition to your interior design. The main thing you should do now is check all these photos, like many before you already have. Thanks to such a variety, everybody will find something for themselves.

Kaylee Green Interior Design Expert
Safari lamp shade 41

A charming contemporary table lamp featuring a unique stem in the form of an elephant head atop a rock made of brown resin with white accents. A conical lampshade of fabric in beiges feature black elephants silhouettes against a savanna landscape.

Safari lamp shade 8
Jungle themed nursery lamps

A cute contemporary lampshade for table lamps for kids. It has a conical shape, is made of beige synthetic material and has dark edges. It's adorned with funny simplified colourful figurines of exotic African animals.

17 brown elephant base safari design table lamp w black
Safari lamp shade 29
Safari lamp shade 11
Safari lamp shade 4

Original lamp with safari theme. Wooden base is finished with carefully made carvings. Fabric lampshade gives warm tone of light. Adds freshness and modernity to each place.

Safari lamp shade 10
Safari lamp shade 19
Safari lamp shade 33
Safari lamp shade

An elegant approach to a classy table lamp with a sophisticated look. The lamp has a ceramic stand with a dark-brown color and a unique shape, which is nicely complemented by the safari shade with a giraffe print.

Safari lamp shade 18
Safari lamp shade 20
Safari lamp shade 3
Jungle themed lamp
Safari lamp shade 30
Safari lamps
Safari lamp

This table lamp connected simplicity with art. It has base made of dark oak wood and kickstand is decorated of monkey's brass figurine. Simple, black lampshade make it more minimalistic and stylish. It will be good night light.

Safari lampshade

Strongly representing safari motives, this JB Hirsch table lamp enchants with its high-quality finishing. Brass elephant base enchants with considerable attention to details.

Safari lamp shade 26
Safari lamp shade 13
Safari lamp shade 32
Safari lamp shade 37
Safari lamp shade 31
Safari lamp shade 1
Safari lamp shade 2
5" On Safari Wire Empire Lamp Shade

5" On Safari Wire Empire Lamp Shade
This beautiful lamp shade is designed of multicolored cotton, with rhino-themed embroidery. The empire shade is durable and stylish, perfectly suitable for kids' rooms, play rooms, and nurseries.

10" Animal Safari Empire Lamp Shade

10" Animal Safari Empire Lamp Shade
This classical and intriguing lamp shade is gonna bring a huge dose of design to every kind of living room or bedroom. Check it out now and enjoy an incredible look together with an extraordinary functionality.

6" Bell Lamp Shade

6" Bell Lamp Shade

Safari lamp shade 23
Safari lamp shade 24
`Safari Light` Elephant Head Table Lamp w/ Silhouette Shade
Safari giraffe lamp base shade 1
Safari lamp shade 25
Safari lamp shade 27
Safari express lamp w shade
Lamp Shade for African Safari Baby Bedding Set By Sisi
Safari lamp shade 28
12" Fabric Drum Lamp Shade

12" Fabric Drum Lamp Shade

Safari lamp shade 34
Lovely unique designer embellished safari by chrysanthemumcottage 35 00
Safari lamp shade 35
Safari lamp shade 36
Milano Drum Lamp Shade

Milano Drum Lamp Shade

Drum Lamp Shade

Drum Lamp Shade
A drum lamp shade in light finish, ideal for your home decor and a stunning way of brightening up your interior style, while adding character to any space. It needs to be attached to a base with a harp and finial.

Safari lamp shade 38
Safari jungle giraffe elephant lion nursery lamp light shade
Safari lamp shade 39
Orange shade in table lamps
Lambs ivy r peek a boo jungle lamp