Saddle Style Bar Stools

How about having one of these saddle style bar stools? We can assure you that even the most demanding customers have found appropriate models for their houses or wherever else they wanted to put these stools. Maybe you didn’t realize that but such bar stools can be a good choice even if you are not a fan of bars.

How to make a saddle stool

Saddle bar stool mounted on wooden legs and reinforced with solid supports. Carefully profiled seat is covered with high quality leather and finished with interesting pattern. Tasteful addition to the kitchen island, bar, restaurant and more.

Diy saddle stool

Very attractive outdoor bar stools with saddle style. Their durable frames are resistant to wear and damage caused by weather conditions. These saddles look very original in any outdoor design. Frames of these stools are strong and stable.

Western saddle stool unique cowboy furniture choose saddles 110 lbs

Western Saddle Stool Unique Cowboy Furniture Choose Saddles 110 Lbs Set Of 2
Saddle up to your favorite snack bar, kitchen island or entertainment bar with this amazing stool that offers some great uniqueness to your interior, thanks to its sublime looks and utmost comfort of the strong structure.

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Saddle style bar stools 3

Saddle style bar stools 18

Saddle stools 3

Saddle seat stools

Saddle style bar stools

How to make saddle bar stools

These bar stools aren't very comfortable, but they look incredible and original! They have seats made of old, worn-out saddles. This type of chair will play it role the best in pub or restaurant, especially near horse stud.

Western furniture set country western furniture rustic bar stools saddle

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Saddle style bar stools 1

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A saddle bar stool takes on a new meaning here, huh? Well, it's literally a saddle. 100% fitting for a Wild West theme. Multiple stylish details include leather seat, cowhide cover, carved wooden base and metal footrest.

Saddle type bar stools

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Saddle style bar stools 9

Saddle style bar stools 15

Saddle style bar stools 2

Adjustable bar stool with a durable tube steel frame for enhanced support. This frame is made of metal with a polished chrome finish. Saddle seat provides good comfort and its black leather finish matches any bar design.

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Saddle style bar stools 17

Saddle style bar stools

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Rustic wood ultimate entertaining bar small

Rustic Wood Ultimate Entertaining Bar Small
This bar is a piece of furniture that represents a rustic style. It looks very attractive and features a durable construction based on solid wood and veeners. It has also got an iron foot bar designed for bar guests.

Slim black stools for the kitchen for my new bar

Saddle bar stools 1

Eye-catching rustic style barstools featuring seats modelled on saddles with stirrups. They're made of wood and covered in light brown leather. Bases are of thin metal rods finished in gold and are built of 4 curved legs and 4 simple stretchers.

Saddle bar stools 3

This truly unique and beautifully detailed saddle bar stool offers a look of sheer elegance and rustic appeal and will work smoothly in your cabin log or country styled home with its real saddle design.

Saddle bar stools 18

A saddle bar stool is the flawless pick for Wild West themed bars. You just can't get a better option to complete a rustic bar decor. Such stools are usually made to order and you have to wait for the delivery; some brave cowboys construct such stools on their own!

Saddle bar stools

Bar stool in Wild West style. Base is made of metal and fitted with footrest. Seat saddle is covered with high quality leather. Great addition for the kitchen island, bar or restaurant.

Horse saddle bar stools 1

Very comfortable bar stools with an original saddle seat theme. They include solid metal frames in black color. Round bases assure good stability and support on the floor. These stools are practical, comfortable, strong and decorative.

Kelsey 24" Bar Stool

Kelsey 24" Bar Stool
Saddle Seat Bar Stool

Saddle 28" Bar Stool

Saddle 28" Bar Stool
Instantly helping you to create a welcoming and casual atmosphere in your household, this bar stool is not only stylish with the elegant and dark finished construction but provides a secure and comfortable seating option.

Tms 24 belfast saddle bar stool 1

Tms 24 Belfast Saddle Bar Stool
Wooden bar stool with carefully profiled seat. Legs are arranged conically and reinforced with solid supports. Suitable for residential and commercial use. Neutral design for kitchen, bar and more.

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International concepts saddleseat 29 bar stool 1

International Concepts Saddleseat 29 Bar Stool
A great idea for additional sitting space in the house. This stool is also good for use in bars. It offers a saddle seat construction. The whole stool offers an attractive and wear-resistant wooden construction.

Tms 24 belfast saddle bar stool

Tms 24 Belfast Saddle Bar Stool
Bar stool for residential and commercial premises. It is completely made of wood. Legs are arranged conically and reinforced with solid supports. Neutral design for kitchen, dining room, bar and more.

Powell furniture saddle bar stool

Powell Furniture Saddle Bar Stool
Bar stool in the neutral form. Construction is made of wood. Ideal as additional seating in the kitchen, bar, restaurant and more.

Torrens bar cabinet no leaf

Torrens Bar Cabinet No Leaf
Create your own home bar for many bottles of wines and glasses. The Torrens Bar Cabinet will help you to storing everything you want. Two cabinets and two drawers have enough space.

Saddle bar stools 12

Nailheads accent, distressed dark gray stained base finish, gray linen blend padding, saddled seat: these are features of this backless counter stool. I particularly like the convenient width of its seat.

Saddle style bar stools 2

American heritage wood saddle bar stool 1

American Heritage Wood Saddle Bar Stool
A simple bar stool that features a durable wooden construction and a nice saddle seat stylization. Its dark neutral color looks good in commercial and home indoors. This stable chair doesn't have problems with holding an adult person.

Tms 24 belfast saddle bar stool 6

Tms 24 Belfast Saddle Bar Stool
This bar stool is a solid and comfortable construction with a nice saddle-seat stylization. The stool offers a rustic wooden construction with an attractive oak finish. Durability is a very important advantage of this chair.

Saddle bar counter stool slate 2

Saddle Bar Counter Stool Slate
A very attractive stylization of a bar stool with a black and white pattern on its sitting space. Its comfortable padded seat with a back support provides comfort and relaxation. This stool is based on a durable wooden frame with a round footrest.

Saddle barstool now theres an idea for those saddles in

Black 30 inch bicast leather counter height saddle bar stools

Tired of exaggerated contemporary design? Your kitchen area needs a dependable seating in classic style? These saddle bar stools, characterized by counter height, can serve the purpose. They're padded with bicast black leather.

Saddle leather bar counter stools westelm

A high quality stool created for use in home bars and kitchen islands. It offers a solid wooden frame and a comfortable, supportive footrest ring. The product has got a soft seat and a curved backrest.

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Bunny williams a pair of blue grey pendant lights above

Black saddle bar stool western decor leather w hardwood base