Rustic Trestle Dining Table

A trestle dining table makes a really strong feature of the interior. It's crude design introduces plenty of country style so if you fancy this theme, a rustic trestle dining table is a piece to opt for. Check out the best designs I've found on the web.

Rustic trestle dining table 2

Dining table in rustic style. Construction is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Rectangular top is finished with decorative nail heads. It has 8 seating capacity. Great solution for each home.

Reclaimed wood trestle dining table rustic dining tables other metro

Reclaimed Wood Trestle Dining Table Rustic Dining Tables Other Metro
This rustic dining table catches the attention with the trestle legs construction, constituting a firm base for the solid, wooden counter. Natural, dense graining of the wood emphasizes the rustic character of the item.

Rustic trestle dining table 26

Rustic trestle dining table 1

A sturdy piece of fine barnwood craftsmanship, excellent for enhancing country dining rooms and kitchens. The table sparkles with rustic flair, offering a large rectangle top, thick straight legs and durable stretchers - all reinforced with metal hardware.

Rustic trestle dining table 7

Made from reclaimed wood, this trestle dining table will be a great rustic accent wherever appearing. Its densely grained wood embodies well the natural character of the item.

Rustic trestle table plans

Made in rustic style dining table is solid wood construction. Vintage industrial design in a climate that makes the whole is universal and very effectively presented in some interior design.

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Rustic southwestern ranch table

Rustic Southwestern Ranch Table
A rustic trestle dining table with a simple construction is one of that furniture, which is often indifferent.But next to this garden item made of strong oak wood, it will be difficult to pass without interest. Austerity and size are its greatest advantages.

Rustic trestle table

A rustic trestle dining table is an item of furniture consisting of two or three trestle supports, in a rustical character. It is made of pine wood, in light shade. The table is very solid - and it has a heavily sculpted side of the legs.

Reclaimed wood trestle dining table rustic dining tables 1

Rustic trestle dining table

The rustic design of this exceptionally beautiful dining table makes the décor of your dining room, kitchen or living room delight. Robust wooden construction and spacious deck delight. Slim base and robust form are stunning.

Rustic trestle dining table 27

Ideal to create a warm farmhouse or cottage appeal, this rustic dining table catches the attention with its natural wood finish and characteristic trestle legs. It can accommodate up to 8 meal participants.

Distressed trestle dining table

Characterized by long-lasting, barnwood construction, this massive dining table boasts of country accents and distressed finish. It comes with a large rectangle top, very thick legs and sturdy stretchers.

Recycled timber trestle table

Are you searching for a dining table that would spruce up your ambiance? Well, you need to consider this one. It features the rustic design, distressed finish and very long rectangular top.

Rustic trestle dining table 12

Rustic trestle dining tables with their familiarity make dinner and every family meal taste better. Made of raw strong wood, long - for all guests. In this case, the bright pine top has a grayish abrasion to emphasize its antique look.

French country trestle dining table

Embodying well the French cottage style, this trestle dining table is a proposition for all, who love the rustic charm and cosiness. Designed for 4 to 6 people, it will smoothly accommodate a small family.

Farmhouse amish dining table with trestle base and by maybemaple

The emerson rustic trestle dining table 2000

Rustic trestle dining table 5

The beautiful rustic style of this trestle dining table makes the eel take on a unique dimension. Wonderful base with an attractive finish and a large table top will be perfect during family gatherings.

Rustic trestle dining table 17

This vintage, dining table will play its role perfectly in elegant, luxurious interior, so if you loves sophisticated style just buy it! Table is simple, but stylish - it is made of mahogany wood and has carved kickstands.

Rustic trestle tables

A pretty long rustic style dining table for 8 persons. It's crafted of solid wood with a 2-tone finish. Its rectangular top is of thick long light brown lacquered planks but 2 sturdy trestle (T-shaped) legs and a stretcher have a darker brown tone.

Rustic trestle dining table 31

With the rustic look of its design and the spacious size this amazing dining table will allow your household for a sure boost of visual appeal and will ensure that you can easily upgrade the style of your home.

Rustic trestle dining table rustic mesquite trestle console dining

Rustic dining room mango wood dining chairs salvaged wood trestle

Furniture dining room dining tables barnwood table trestle base 2

Rustic trestle dining table 3

Suitable for large dining rooms; this rustic table is crafted of salvaged wood in natural finish. The table includes a rectangle wood plank top, and a massive double pedestal base reinforced with a horizontal stretcher.

White trestle dining table 16

Such an elegant, classy dining room setup with a distinct, traditional look. The crystal chandelier is a very sophisticated addition, nicely complementing the bright wooden table with mismatched chairs.

White trestle dining table 8

Rustic dining table with green reclaimed heart pine and northern white cedar construction. All elements of this table are durable and thick, so they assure stability on the highest possible level. Thick rectangular top provides large dining space.

Rustic trestle dining table 25

Rustic trestle dining table 4

Dining table in rustic style. Base is made of metal and reinforced with solid supports. Rectangular top consists of wooden slats. Classic form and functional design. Great addition for each home.

White trestle dining table

Dining set with a dining table that features a thick, rectangular top based on decorative metal frame. The table is paired with dining chairs that feature comfortable, padded seats and X-shaped backrests.

Rustic trestle dining table 33

White wooden trestle table

A fabulous dining set that consists of a solid, wooden table in a natural color and six elegant chairs that feature ivory upholstery on the seats and backrests. The set creates a rustic atmosphere in the room.

White trestle dining table 1

We just love the way this rustic, traditional dining room is furnished and decorated. The vintage, primitive table made out of rough wood gives the room a very unique, austere feeling.

Rustic plank dining table

This is a rustic farmhouse trestle dining table - based on steel graphite triangle constructions. Beech wood was used to make the table top. Deck is thin - but durable and very long. Together with white chairs and walls - has a comzy look.

Rustic trestle dining table 11

Basics 3 Piece Dining Set

Basics 3 Piece Dining Set
An inviting dining set with two chairs and a round drop leaf table with four legs that are reinforced with a stretcher. Simple style is highlighted with a natural light finish of the manufactured wood construction.

Karlin 5 Piece Dining Set

Karlin 5 Piece Dining Set
Are you looking for original and very stylish solutions? Then, this awesome dining set may be a perfect option for you! Check it out and enjoy the unique design together with the highest comfort and quality.

Rustic trestle dining table 8

Dining room dining tables rustic live edge trestle dining table

Rustic trestle dining table 6

Santa barbara trestle dining table in reclaimed wood

Rustic trestle dining table 20

Rustic trestle dining table 32

Rustic trestle dining table 35

Rustic trestle dining table

Adjustable trestle table

Designed in the 17th century, this amazing dining table is beautifully sculpted using natural hardwood. It comes with a large rectangle top, and stylishly-shaped thick legs reinforced by a durable stretcher.

Trestle Dining Table

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