Rustic Bathroom Sinks

Looking to give a fresh look to your bathroom? Rustic bathroom sinks are all the rage now. Stone, copper and stainless steel models that sit atop a counter more and more often replace those dated white, pedestal sinks with shiny, polished taps. Just add brushed nickel or blackened brass fixtures and you’ve got an impeccable farmhouse look in an instant. These designs below are just mind-blowing!

Julia Lambert Interior Design Expert
Rustic bathroom sinks
Margaret Ram

The design of this double table / sink is very simplistic, constructed of thick plants for good durability. However, instead of the sinks, there is only a smooth top, and 2 metal buckets placed under the faucets.

Ranch style sink
Evans Liliana

Furnish your bathroom or toilet with the rustic bathroom sink for the cabin themed home. Everyone will tell you how cool it looks in your apartment.

Galvanized sink
Meghan Bell

A functional bathroom sink with a durable wooden frame. Its galvanized metal construction looks very attractive and provides protection from the water and other negative factors. This functional sink also decorates bathrooms.

Galvanized wash tub sink
Jaclyn Jen

A bathroom sink stylization that meets requirements of people who prefer rustic elements. This sink with two metal vessels is based on a solid metal frame with four legs. Wooden towel rack and wooden shelf look very nice.

Rustic bathroom sinks 2
Mendes Natasha

If you are a fan of rustic design, you have to choose the beautiful rustic bathroom sink. Try it wooden bathroom and enjoy nicely finished product. You will be impressed how fab this sink is.

Galvanized bathroom sink
Jasmine Clar

If you looking for an extraordinary bathroom sink, you have to choose this rustic one! The log pedestal sink is homemade by the reader in Log Home Living magazine.

Rustic bathroom sinks 1
Turner Catherine

This country bathroom is drowning in the sea of wooden planks. The thing that sticks out the most is the simple table / sink, constructed of thick plants for good durability. However, instead of the sink, there is only a smooth top with a metal bucket under the faucet.

Rustic sinks
Vanessa Hen

This bathroom sink is a functional and decorative element for anyone who wants to have an original product in a bathroom. Its solid wooden top is based on a durable frame with wheels and train tracks.

Western bathroom sinks
Harris Jenna

If you dream about unique, old-fashioned adornment in your kitchen you should buy this hand-made wall decoration. It is composed of worn out wooden board, little sink taps made of brass and three old, glazed jars.

Vintage Gloucester Basin Bathroom Sink
Patterson Gracie

Vintage Gloucester Basin Bathroom Sink
Oval bathroom sink in vintage style. It is made of durable wood. Designed for residential and commercial use. It is very well evaluated by satisfied customers.

Galvanized bucket sink
Stephanie Flo

This sink is a functional and decorative stylization that matches rustic bathroom indoors in a barn style. This sink includes a storage compartment and two drawers with metal handles. Its old bathtub stylization is very aesthetic.

Rustic bathroom sink
Holly Mit

This bathroom sink looks like a piece of wood, so it features a natural design. It perfectly suits rustic bathrooms. Of course this sink is durable and also includes metal elements that are resistant to water.

Galvanized tub sink

A nice bathroom sink for rustic decor lovers. Old-styled decor with an attractive vessel provides not only functionality, but also attractive appearance. Unfinished top provides additional aesthetic effect.

Bucket sinks
Laetitia Anderson

Bathroom sink with a durable wooden construction and rustic stylization. It features two metal sinks and a practical construction with six shelves and lower compartments with double wooden doors and decorative handles.

Galvanized sinks

Country setup for a vintage and rustic bathroom with a tiny console vanity table with two drawers and a ceramic sink bowl on it. The console table is fitted with a large wicker bucket underneath for additional storage.

Ponderosa country barn gallery tpe1207 sand creek post beam
Lauren Martinezify

Ponderosa Country Barn Gallery TPE1207 | Sand Creek Post & Beam

Metal bucket sink
Nicole Pri

58 Wooden Cabin Decorating Ideas | Home Design Ideas, DIY, Interior Design And More!

Rustic sink ideas
Isabella Martinable

This hard-finished sink made of galvanized bucket is an exceptionally original solution that will bring the raw, minimalist character to a stylish bathroom. The beautiful design is also stable and durable, thanks to the flooring of an old wooden table.

Miner's Vessel Round Hand Bathroom Sink

Miner's Vessel Round Hand Bathroom Sink

Rustic master bathroom with large white floor vase built in
Bianca Weberable

Rustic Master Bathroom with Large white floor vase, Built-in bookshelf, Raised ceiling, Exposed beam ceiling

Stickett inn bathroom with galvanized bathtub from instagram account dwellmagazine
Tara Gosselin

Stickett Inn bathroom with galvanized bathtub from Instagram account @dwellmagazine

Rustic farmhouse bathroom
Laetitia Zernike

Bathroom cabinet in rustic style. Frame is made of wood. Ideal for storing towels, cosmetics, toiletries and others bathroom accessories. Neutral form and functional design.

Ranch sink
Cynthia Pete

Mystical setup for a rustic, antique bathroom with a unique sink bowl made out of rough stone, providing a primitive detail. The bathroom is fitted with a Victorian-style mirror and finished with a set of old-fashioned candleholders on the walls.

Bucket sink basin
Julie Cooper

This rustic bathroom owes its character to the rough design of wooden bars, combined smoothly with granite tops. Each of the two tops is enhanced by two mirrors. The freestanding bathtub matches the surrounding decor perfectly.

Rustic bathroom sinks 1

Bathroom sink in rustic style. It is made of metal with antique finish. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Simple form and functional design for each place as needed.

Rustic bathroom sinks 9

WOW.....Wood Counter Top for the Cabin! The Juniper Kitchen - by

Rustic bathroom fixtures
Tara Lew

This stylized vintage farmhouse bathroom is a real treat for lovers of original interior design details. The use of salvaged wood beams as a sink base and effective lighting impresses. The warm interior makes the time spent on it.

Rustic sink
Sarah Ashleyist

This sink is a bathroom element that represents a rustic stylization. Its functional character is paired with its durability. The sink features an interesting brown color that looks very good in any bathroom.

Rustic bathroom sinks 8
Jenna Edward

So artistic and functional and warm and a terrific bathroom for the vacation home!

Galvanized kitchen sink
Alyssa Wilsonify

Rustic Bathroom Sink, hmmm jim said he wanted running water out there!! lol

Western style bathroom vanities
Martinez Marisa

Faucet. This is super similar to the sink that billy and I will be getting for our home. For all 3 bathrooms. Oh I love it!!

Rustic sinks bathroom
Shannon Ram

Blessed Oak Farm Groom's Room rustic bathroom

Bucket bathroom sink
Adriana Andersson

Rustic bathroom--love!

Rustic sinks and faucets
Mackenzie Milani

40 Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Old wash tub sinks
Richardson Stephanie

Rustic Bathroom Sink - Brasada Ranch Style Homes traditional by Western Design International - #WesternHome

Diy bucket sink
Christina Lopez

I love this Primitive Bathroom Sink...minus all the pics- this would be awesome.

Farm style bathroom sink
Kathleen Lopez

barrel... make out of buckets and posterboard?

Farmhouse style bathroom sink
Bianca Weberable

wow, the lamps, the sink and the floor, love it!

Vintage washtub sink ladder towel rack and window mirror vanity

Vintage washtub sink, ladder towel rack and window mirror/vanity.

30 inspiring rustic bathroom ideas for cozy home 6

30 Inspiring Rustic Bathroom Ideas for Cozy Home

Rustic bathroom sinks 6
Bianca Noorda

This decoration is fabulous, perfect ornamentation of the house.

Rustic vessel sinks
Perry Michelle

A high quality and functional bathroom sink that features a rustic character. Its barn stylization perfectly matches metal functional elements. This simple interior design also includes two lamps and a mirror.

Vanity rustic split log bathroom vanity with hammered copper sink

... Vanity: Rustic Split Log Bathroom Vanity With Hammered Copper Sink

Rustic bathroom vanity rustic split log vanity with copper vessel

... - Rustic Bathroom Vanity: Rustic Split Log Vanity with Copper Vessel

Builder greg lee used red reclaimed barn wood as wainscoting
Cassandra Kel

Builder Greg Lee used red reclaimed barn wood as wainscoting. He also built the vanity and corner cabinet out of reclaimed barn wood. For the sink, Mikki requested that Whitefish Pottery create an 18-inch vessel that matched the red reclaimed barn wood. A

Rustic bathroom sink
Jillian Wrig

rustic bathroom sink

Rustic bathroom vanities 2
Lopez Ashley

rustic bathroom vanities

Galvanized sink buckets
Young Jacqueline

Galvanized Bucket as Bathroom Sink. Cute, but not sure how well it would work for little hands. Maybe with a good step stool to reach?

Rustic bathroom sinks
Coupe Andrea

cabin with reclaimed everything ... unbelieveable how cheaply and efficiently it is possible to build a kitchen ... or a bathroom. All you have to do is ...use your imagination and go on a "hunt"

Vanities bath as well as double wall lights in small
Bianca Weberable

Vanities Bath As Well As Double Wall Lights In Small Rustic Bathroom ...