Round Glass Coffee Table Metal Base

Upgrade the living-room with the addition of a stylish glass coffee table. It's an elegant option for both minimalist and elaborate interiors which is not only functional but also enhances the space with a touch of elegance. See the collection of round glass coffee tables with a metal base below.

Olivia Jackson Interior Design Expert
Round glass coffee table metal base

Desginer's coffee table with thick transparent glass round top supported by sculptural metal base recreating a sheaf of golden wheat tied with a rope. Definitely something more than a flat surface to put your cocktail on!

Round glass top coffee table with wood base
Olivia Smithist

This stylish and exceptionally beautiful coffee table is a captivating, wood-based design with a round glass top. Spatial structure of the base delights and makes the furniture an attractive point of interior decoration.

Coffee table base for glass top
Jillian Gon

This round glass coffee table with metal base constitutes a fantastic combination of the mid-century design and contemporary finish. Aluminium finish guarantees solidness for years.

Round glass coffee table metal base 4
Abigail Wrightful

This beautiful and very original coffee table made of metal with round glass top is a charming motif for every interior design. Beautiful design impresses with details and catches the eye, and interior gains amazing climate.

Round glass coffee table metal base
Brittany Brow

Simple and just utterly elegant - this coffee table sports the durable metal base and thanks to its pure looks it will do a stunning job at complimenting your contemporary styled interior instantly.

Glass Coffee Table
Alexis Millerism

Glass Coffee Table
Round coffee table featuring glass top and metal base. Additionally, it features very appealing modern design. It's a great addition to all interiors which require style and usefulness at the same time.

Round glass coffee table metal base 1
Wilson Gabrielle

Set of 2 coffee tables in various sizes. Metal base is fitted with marble top. Elegant design for every living room according to taste. Received a lot of positive recommendations from customers.

Round glass and metal coffee table

This stunning coffee table will prove to be a greatly fitting choice for your sunroom or den, allowing for an eye-catching boost of style and ensure a boost of convenience and practical use with its round structure.

Coffee table bases

Take a look a this beautiful coffee table. Glass top, black base and silver middle section make it a very modern, elegant addition to any living room. The glass is durable, so don't worry – it won't break.

Coffee tables glass and metal
Patterson Gracie

Fabulous round coffee table with shelf. It has metal base stylised on bronze. Desktop and shelf are covered with glass. Due to its simplicity, this modern piece of furniture will be fit to every type of interior.

Glass top round coffee table
Jacqueline Mitchell

This set of two nesting tables combines metal and glass to create a magnificent, contemporary living room decor. It features a scratch resistant glass top with polished bullnose edge

Glass and metal coffee tables
Mega Leahbrown

Suitable for improving modern interiors, this coffee table will, definitely, be standing out from the rest of decor. It has an intricate, wood frame bathed in a black finish, and a round, clear glass tabletop.

Round glass coffee table metal base 1
Jaclyn Wil

An interesting modern coffee table featuring a unique base constructed of 3 inclined circles joined with 3 full ringlets at the bottom. The base is of chromed metal. A round top of clear tempered glass rests on 3 above-mentioned circular supports.

Coffee table bases for glass tops

For those, who want to have a little bit more of originality in their homes, this contemporary coffee table should do the trick. It uses a bell-shaped pedestal, made of thick glass, which holds a round black top, embedded in a golden frame.

Metal coffee table base
Jennifer Will

Set of 3 coffee tables in various sizes. Wooden base is reinforced with crossed supports. Round top is made of glass. Application in the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste.

Round coffee table base
Green Jamie

Vitya Glass Coffee Table - a beautiful combination of glass and metal, constituting a glamorous modern proposition for contemporary interiors. It has the size of 40 W x 20 H inches.

Round glass coffee table metal base 2

A cute coffee table for brighten up your home or office. Thanks to this beauty, you are gaining a round clear glass top that rests on an intricate, quality metal base with lovely curvature and floral emblems.

Metal glass coffee table
Weber Lily

A fine coffee table to go with contemporary living rooms. Along with its quality metal frame with tapered legs, the table also offers 1 round glass top and 1 round glass bottom shelf.

Round glass coffee table metal base 2

Your modern interior will be enhanced in no time, if you decide to get this beautiful coffee table with a clear glass, thick, round top. The base is made of aluminum, with a nice polish and intricate legs design.

Round metal coffee table base
Kelly Sanchez

The turquoise color is a symbol of safety and care. Ideally, even in a slightly greenish shade, it played a stylized paint with abrasions on a round glass wooden coffee table. Polished to flash, it is the most characteristic object in the living room.

Glass top coffee table with metal base
Danielle Clark

Presented here round glass coffee table has a table top made of tempered glass, and also high polished aluminum base. Perfect for private and public rooms. The glass top and streamlined shapes of the base give the impression of lightness.

Round glass top coffee table with wood base 1
Kathryn Nel

Why not go for a truly functional coffee table like this one, that will prove to be just the perfect accent piece for your living room? It sports the oval shape and the perfect blend of metal and glass on its structure.

Base for round glass table
Robinson Layla

Made from natural rattan with a glass top, this fantastic round coffee table will add a smooth appeal to your interiors. Based on crossed, metal legs, it brings in a contemporary refinement.

Coffee table bases only

Round glass coffee table looks best in the company of a comfortable sofa or soft armchairs, thus creating a place to rest over coffee. This has a glass round top made of tempered glass, stably supported from the inverted base with a mahogany finish.

Coffee table metal base
Rachel Massonable

This round glass coffee table with a bronze powder-coated base constitutes a good option for your indoors, as well as outdoors. Available also in other shapes and sizes.

Base for coffee table

Crafted with a rustic, industrial style, it seamlessly blends cool, strong steel and modern top made of thick glass. Presented here round glass coffee table has a dark metal base with curved legs and rustic smaller round shelf.

Coffee table base only
Sarah Ashleyist

A great cocktail table with octagon pedestal base and round glass top. Its sophisticated design allows you to spice up your living room, sun room, den, or office with a touch of modern elegance.

Metal and glass coffee table
Angela Coll

Those three fashionable coffee tables can really make a difference in your home decor. Each table has a round, clear glass top resting on a robust, metal base with 1 open shelf at the bottom and 4 arched legs.

Coffee table base
Andrea Powell

A splendid mix of modern style and vintage flare, this 42'' coffee table brings retro accents wherever it's placed. Its legs are made of durable wood, holding a clear glass, round top, just splendid for family gatherings.

Glass top coffee table with metal base
Ashley Cla

This sleek coffee table that is neither round nor square. Its table top is made from glass, beautifully finished with silver metal legs. It suits big, wide spaces and can be used as coffe table or just a nice deco in your living room.

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Christine Alex
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Peyton Marthy
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