Round Game Table And Chairs

Do you enjoy gathering with friends around a table for a game of cards? Game rooms are increasingly becoming an integral part of many homes, so go turn your basement into an awesome entertainment space if you can. Or at least get a round game table and chairs that will let you enjoy a serious round of poker in your living room.

Round game table and chairs

A cool dining table featuring a round brown top with a grey apron nesting curved back rails of 4 chairs. Its 4 tapered legs have a grey finish. Grey wooden chairs have straight legs and stretchers, a quite low back, a seat covered in grey fabric.

Poker tables and chairs

The rubberized floor casters. If you are an enthusiast of chairs games ex. poker this table is for you. Could be use for 6 or 8 persons depends of th size. Each place has drink holder in round prepared. There is also the incrusted place for the chips.

Poker table with chairs

A truly amazing man cave or an entertainment room that features high ceilings and open space. The centre is an elegant round poker table with comfotable leather armchairs. The interior is dominated by earthy tones with a red accent on the ceiling.

Game set featuring round table and four chairs with oval backs. All furniture comes with rich cherry finish and the chairs have vinyl seats. Each chair can support up to 250 pounds and has seat height adjustment.

Round game table

Arc base pedestal table 2

Arc Base Pedestal Table
This round pedestal table has got a very solid construction. Its pedestal base is made of solid wood. Its round top is made of engineered wood. This table is able to seat up to 4 or 6 people (60" version is suitable for 6 people.).

Octagon dining table

Just look what you can accomplish with two identical, mid-century desks! A breathtaking, hexagonal dinner table that fits perfectly with the traditional chairs and the wooden floor. Simply amazing!

Hillsdale Kingston Game Table in Black

If you're looking for a game table this one will surely catch your attention with the easy conversion from a dining table, just with the quick flip of the solid oak top. It is covered in felt on one side and sports a solid oak in cherry finish on the other.

In the store harvey probber game table and chairs

Round game table and chairs

Round game table and chairs 1

Stunning poker table set including table and four complementary chairs. Each item is made of durable wood in elegant finish, while the table offers spacious round top, and the chairs have comfortable, vinyl upholstered seats.

Round game table and chairs

Round game table and chairs

It is a table designed to play poker. It is a round, wooden, very elegant, stylish and tasteful. It is the top of the coated cloth, which uniquely qualifies him to be the poker table. He looks very well and is very impressive.

Round games table

Round chess table

Dining room 155

Dining Room
Dining set in rustic style. Includes round table and 8 upholstered chairs. Base is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Great solution for the living room, dining room and more.

Round game table and chairs 4

Round game table and chairs 1

Round game table and chairs 13

Game table round

A consider worthy proposition for contemporary houses - this living room set comprises a round game table along with 4 white-grey armchairs. Their linen upholstery is gentled by the elegant grey stripe.

Round game tables

Round game table and chairs 16

Round game table and chairs 1

Polycarbonate Crystal Clear Chiavari Chair (Set of 4)

Set of 4 chairs in modern style. It is made of clear polycarbonate and reinforced with solid supports. Great addition to the dining room and others interiors according to taste and need.

Round game table and chairs 14

Max Chiavari Chair with Cushion

Max Chiavari Chair with Cushion
This aesthetic Side Chair in Gold Finish is a highly decorative piece for almost any décor. The chair features a tubular steel frame that holds a padded seat upholstered in white fabric. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Round game table and chairs 8

Wildflower Linen Isabella Chiavari Chair Cap, Blush

This unique Wildflower Linen chair delights with its inimitable, ingenuine design. Its lovely curly layers of chiffon on the backrest add a soft, warm touch. 100% Polyester, available also in different finishes.

Round game table and chairs

Round game table and chairs 11

Gold Chiavari Chair by VF

It is very beautiful, tasteful and extremely stylish chair that surprises by its appearance. Most points out the fact that this is a golden chair. It has adorned, decorative frame. It has a seat cushion, so it becomes very convenient. Perfect for lavish room.

Flash Elegance Crystal Stacking Chiavari Chair Pink

This is what an call an itriguing design: a range of features makes this ghost chair beam with a truly eclectic style. It is transparent, yet it has double horizontal stretchers on its backrest and base - complemented with vertical elements - that resemble bamboo.

Round game table and chairs

Advantage Gold Chiavari Chair [WDCHI-G]

It is a very beautiful golden chair. It is the perfect combination of simple, although decorative forms and very decorative material. The very gold makes the chair attracts attention, returns it causes interest. Decorations only argue that the chair is worth admiration.

Small game tables and chairs

Chiavari Chairs - Set of 4 (Dark Fruitwood)

It is a set of four wooden chairs. Kit is ideal for kitchen combined with dining area and separate dining room. It is very practical, yet elegant. It is in this simplicity hides all their charm. Perfect.

Bistro chairs

Flash Elegance Chiavari Chair

Flash Elegance Chiavari Chair
Bring a bit of transparency to your home décor, using this aesthetic Side Chair in Crimson Finish. The chair characterizes stackable design (up to 10 chairs), indoor and outdoor use, plastic floor glides, and lightweight, polycarbonate construction.

Mahogany Chiavari Chair by VF

It is very beautiful and extremely elegant wooden chair. They were made of mahogany, which makes it very stylish and for this tough. Chair ideally suited to a wide variety of interiors and arrangements.

Flash Elegance Crystal Stacking Chiavari Chair Brown

Classic Chiavari style chair made of half-transparent plastic in brown. It boasts elegant design that has been popular for decades; it is stackable and light in weight to be easily moved around. The design combines decorativeness and utility.

Advantage Silver Chiavari Chair [WDCHI-S]

This chair is a combination of elegance, decorative and simplicity. It is perfect for a lavish and luxurious interior. It is silver, which significantly adds to its advantages. On the other hand, in terms of arrangement and appearance it is very ordinary and normal, which in turn causes some relaxation of its image.

Advantage Mahogany Chiavari Chair [WDCHI-M]

It is a very beautiful mahogany chair. Mahogany is a special kind of wood. It is strong, stable, decent, yet elegant and refined. This makes it very exciting and interesting chair. Perfect for the upscale dining room.

Flash Elegance Crystal Stacking Chiavari Chair Smoke

Thanks to crystal accent and intriguing, transparent look with smoky gradient, this classicaly designed chiavari chair adds a glamorous vibe to any ambiance, wherever it is set. It is made of sturdy plastic.

Pangea Home Harry Dining Chair, Clear

Chic modern dining chair for outdoor. It's made of sturdy transparent purplish plastic. It's stylized to look like it was of bamboo. It has thin round legs, double-tier stretchers, a classic seat and a tall back with vertical and horizontal rods.

Elegance Chiavari Chair

Elegance Chiavari Chair
Beautiful Chiavari chair. This elegant chair is the ultimate solution for a person who enjoys class and comfort. The chair has a durable hardwood frame and reinforced stress points to provide maximum quality. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

Chiavari Chairs - Stackable, Elegant Non-folding Mahogany Color Hard Wood Banquet Chairs with Cushion

It is a beautiful and elegant chair for your dining room area or living room. It has got a wood construction, mahogany finish and white cushioned seat, which provides an excellent seating comfort.

Home furniture tables game tables 24

Wildflower Linen Ballerina Tutu Chiavari Chair Back, White

Beautiful attachable chair back intended for girlish chairs decoration. It's made of white stretchable polyester so is easy to put on a back. It features a rich flounced lower part. This cool product can be washed.