Retro Lava Lamp

What would you say about buying one of these lamps? If this is the style that you like, we encourage you to take a good look at these designs and try to find the most appropriate one for yourself. There should not be a lot of problems since there are really a lot of nice offers here.

Retro lava lamp 3

Retro lava lamp inspired by the stylization of 1960s and 1970s. It provides illumination and attractive colors indoors. This decorative element stands on a stable base and its glass construction is thick and damage resistant.

Retro lava lamp 2

Old styled lava lamp that provides illumination of small areas, but its main task is the improvement of interior aesthetics. This lamp stands on a durable base that assures stability and strength. Its attractive colors look very good in any indoors.

Vintage lava lamp

This is a kind of liquid and wax retro lava lamp, which, after warming up, produces various color effects. The lava lamp is composed of two parts. There is a bulb in the base. The second part is shaped like a bottle, filled with two immiscible red substances.

Original vintage lava lamp 1960s 1970s

Original Vintage Lava Lamp 1960s 1970s
Who said you can't combine the modern appeal of a lava lamp with some vintage style? This lamp offers it all with its structure from 1960s and the brass coach carriage as well as the sublime red strawberry filling of the liquid substance.

Retro lava lamp 25

Antique lava lamps

Early vintage simplex lava lamps from the 60s and 70s

Vintage lava lite

Retro lava lamp 5

Original lava lamp value

This retro lava lamp was crafted in 1963, being an epitome of cool decor in the late 60s and early 70s. Originally called the Astro light, now can be a great gift for a children's bedroom i.e.

Retro lava lamp 13

Lava Lite 6824-1002 Grande 250-Ounce 27-Inch Lava Lamp, Yellow Wax/Blue Liquid

Lava lamp orange was very popular in the 1970s

60s lava lamp

Cool retro style lava table lamps of silvery and clear plastic. Lampshades are filled with water and moving and changing shapes portions of dense colourful oil. A round tapered upwards base has a licensed Google logo, a conical shade - a flat top.

Lava lamp vintage

Retro lava lamps for sale

70s lava lamp

Retro lava lamp blauw

Retro lava lamp 31

Retro lava lamp 15

Antique lava lamp

Retro lava lamp 18

Retro lava lamp 6

Retro lava lamp 23

Retro lava lamp 21

Retro lava lamp 19

Retro lava lamp 32

Colormax Lava Rainbow 14.5" Table Lamp

Colormax Lava Rainbow 14.5" Table Lamp
Multicolored lava table lamp on cone base, with decorative glass shade. It is perfect not only to decorate a room but also to enjoy some time of dreamy relax while observing the slowly floating wax bubbles inside the shade.

Retro lava lamp 12

Lava lamp mounted on plastic frame. Modern design for the living room, bedroom, teenager's room and others interiors as additional source of light.

Aquarium Lava 14.5" H Table Lamp

Aquarium Lava 14.5" H Table Lamp
It is an aquarium lava table lamp that is perfect for kids room, family room and living room area. It is adorable and everyone will be impressed how amazing and funny this lamp is.

Test Tube Lava Lamp Contemporary Blue Glow Motion Party Mood Night Light


Retro lava lamp 27

Retro lava lamp 28

Classic Lava 14.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Classic Lava 14.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
Have a look at this table lamp: it's a refreshed version of a classic lava lamp. It sports cutting-edge look due to brushed silver base and black lava inside, floating in clear liquid, closed in a translucent glass shade.

Heritage 27" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Heritage 27" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Retro lava lamp 29

Retro lava lamp 30

Vintage retro red lava lamp lite starlite pierced base lava

That is a fun retro style green dress it kinda

Grande Lava 27" H Table Lamp

Grande Lava 27" H Table Lamp
This is a special, modern lamp on a table. A special mass that fills me, warmed up by the heat and flies within the lamp which is its decoration. It is like lava, which is mined from the volcano. Pretty and impressive.

Turquoise red orange century 60s

Retro lava lamp 33

Retro lava lamp 34

Retro red lava lamp

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Retro lava lamp

Ferrite is like a lava lamp but interactive except instead

Check out this premier lava lamp

Retro lava lamp 35