Retro Electric Fan

If you are a fan of retro style, maybe it will be a good decision to check out these shapes, sizes and designs. Thanks to this collection, all potential customers will stand before a rare chance to pick from among so many possibilities. What do you think about all this?

Retro electric fan

With the cool style that looks and feel vintage putting a new spin on the traditional design this pink fan is a dream come true, adding not only ample amounts of visual appeal but also true functionality and a breeze of fresh air to your home.

Pink floor fan

Retro electric fan 1

Retro stylization in the house. This pink electric fan features four blades and offers two working speeds. Its solid metal construction is resistant to excessive wear, mechanical damage and other negative factors.

Vintage art deco gec electric table desk fan brass blades

Vintage Art Deco Gec Electric Table Desk Fan Brass Blades 2 Speed Oscillating
Super charming, very old fashioned, art deco GEC electric table desk fan, made from solid brass blades with 2 speed oscillating functions. Looking super retro, I would love to see it in some wide open loft space.

Refurished vintage retro general

Refurished Vintage Retro General
A functional piece of equipment that looks good in retro-styled indoors. This electric fan is designed for table or stool placement. Its solid and stable base features an orange color, just like the rotor surface.

Vintage style table fan

Retro electric fan 21

Vintage electric fans

Small yet packed with practicality - this vintage atomic electric fan will not take up too much of your space but thanks to its charming looks and the great combination of pale blue and gold it will make for a nice accent piece.

Industrial decor farmhouse decor metal

Industrial Decor Farmhouse Decor Metal
Summer is considered as the most pleasurable of seasons, but most of people, for once in theirs lives, complain, that summer's weather is too too hot. This ventilator will be very helpful in course of heats.

Retro electric fan 5

Fanimation FP7958SR Urbanjet, Spicy Red

Retro electric fan 3

Retro style fan

1918 fan 6 blades vintage fan industrial beautiful retro ventilator

Retro electric fan 17

Retro electric fan 6

Retro 7" Table Fan

Retro 7" Table Fan
With this table fan you are able to effortlessly introduce a vintage accent to a decor. The fan features a classic metal construction, eye-catching burgundy red finish and practical handle on its top.

Retro electric fan 19

Deco 79 Decorative Vintage-Style Fan

Retro electric fan

Retro electric fan 8

Vintage mid century general electric table fan oscillating

13" Oscillating Table Fan

13" Oscillating Table Fan

9" Table Fan

9" Table Fan

Retro electric fan 16

12.5" Colorful Deep Maroon Red Vintage Style Metal Table Fan

Retro electric fan 20

Pink oscillating fan

Photo 273

Retro electric fan 2

13.77" Floor Fan

13.77" Floor Fan

Vintage galaxy hassock fan three speed electric fan footstool retro

9" Table Fan

9" Table Fan

16" Oscillating Pedestal Fan

16" Oscillating Pedestal Fan
Featuring elegant metal frame with retro appeal, this 16" oscillating pedestal fan is not only functional, but also stylish. It features three speeds, oscillating and 45W motor. You can adjust its height . High speed is 1280 RPM, low - 900 RPM.

Hunter 90400 12" Metal Fan, Brushed Nickel Finish (Table Fan, Portable Fan)

Retro electric fan 14

Vintage electric fan yellow

Vintage Electric Fan Yellow
Hot summer?No air to breath? Why don't you get yourself a retro eletric fan - in great vintage style and yellow color. It was finished and refreshed manually. The canary color is unique - but it also has a very strong fan.

High Velocity Floor Fan

High Velocity Floor Fan
Large floor fan with three speeds, aerodynamic molded blades and protective grilles in polished chrome finish. Thanks to its high velocity capacity it will be able to efficiently cool the room during scorching summer days.

Discounted vintage oscillating brass

Discounted Vintage Oscillating Brass
Retro-styled electric fan that provides additional air circulation during warm days. The whole brass construction features a shiny finish, so this fan is not only practical, but it also decorates indoors.

Vintage electric fan 2

Vintage turquoise aqua fan 1950s

Vintage Turquoise Aqua Fan 1950s
A stunning electric fan that sports the charming industrial decor and offers the simply sublime vintage turquiouse aqua finish with the slightly distressed look to it. It is also truly durable and functional, adding a breeze of fresh air to your home.

Current obsession vintage electric fans

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Vintage fan inspiration for a steampunk stylist

Retro electric fan

Ceiling fan mounted on metal frame. Functional design for each place. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Fargo 8" Table Fan

Fargo 8" Table Fan

Vintage 1940s emerson electric desk fan

Collectables vintage retro 1950s

479 luminaire vintage electric filagree floor fan

Retro electric fan 24