Retractable Drying Rack

In case you need a retractable drying rack or just want to try out something new, it might be worth to look at the possibilities presented below. All these designs and colours differ from each other but they are all quite useful. Check the models that are shown on this site and feel free to get inspired.

Caroline Stone Interior Design Expert
Retractable drying rack 1

Constructed of stainless steel, this wall-mounted, retractable cloth hanger is going to keep your clothes in place, and save your space when not in use. Its steel bars are very sturdy, able to easily withstand the load.

Pull out clothes airer
Bush Eliza

Ceiling-mounted, retractable drying rack, to be used when needed. Metal, minimalistic design makes this rack appropriate for modern and contemporary houses. Stable construction ensures durability.

Retractable drying rack 5
Alexis Jam

An effective combination of a retractable hangup on clothes and coat hooks is an excellent way to a very functional hallway or laundry facility. Beautiful design allows to hang wet things, and the whole made of wood is durable.

Retractable drying rack 7
Lindsey Bail

A space-saving and functional, this retractable drying rack is great for indoor use, especially, in case of smaller interiors. You can easily mount it on a wall and quickly fold, when not in use. Works as a charm.

Accordion drying rack wall mount
Rachel Massonable

A cool space-saving wall-mounted drying rack for laundry. It's made of wood with a creamy finish. It has a rectangular frame. Two small lower racks and 2 large ladder-like ones up are retractable up. A white back has a vertically slatted design.

Retractable drying rack
Leah Smit

Save space in your laundry room or bathroom, thanks to this retractable drying rack with wood craftsmanship and white finish. Aside of capacious rack, the unit also has 5 double metal coat racks for drying even more clothes.

Laundry rack walmart
Wilson Gabrielle

Retractable drying rack made of metal. Includes screw holes for easy mounting on the wall. Functional design for the bathroom and others interiors as needed.

Ft x 7 bars retractable drying rack wall mounted cloth
Brown Katherine
Retractable drying rack 6
Amber Cart

The fold out drying rack is excellent for bedroom, laundry and chaining room. It brings the modern design, simplicity and solidity to any home. If you need functional products, you have to choose this one.

Wall accordion drying rack
Harris Kelly

Folded and fastened to the wall retractable drying rack is a great way to ease your daily duties. Elegant construction with telescopic folding is easy to use and very functional. Perfect for every home.

Wall mounted extendable clothes drying rack
Evans Liliana

An equipment, which will be recognized and appreciated by all laundry owners. This insanely amazing Drying Cabinet, which has lots of surface area for drying large items that are too delicate to tumble.

Fold Away Bamboo Clothes Rack
Natalie Long

Fold Away Bamboo Clothes Rack
This retractable drying rack for clothes constitutes not only a practical but also a stylish addition to one's interiors. Densely grained bamboo wood enchants with its natural character.

Pull out drying rack
Bianca Noorda

A retractable drying rack, perfect for people who don’t have enough space for a permanent rack. Just install it when you need it, and remove afterwards. Green colour keeps them from being boring.

Pull down drying rack
Joanna Long

A functional and durable drying rack for indoors, retractable and easy in use. You can mount it on two walls, and easily fold it if not in use. It's a perfect alternative for those, who do not have a backyard.

Drying rack ideas for laundry room
Lindsay Pat

A useful helper while hanging your laundry, this retractable drying rack gives you plenty space for wet clothes. Made of white-finished wood, it can be pressed against the wall, if not in use, for saving space.

Pull down laundry drying rack
Tara Gosselin

We keep washing, then we do not know where to hang it when the main dryer is already full of clothes. A wall-mounted, foldable laundry retractable drying rack hanger comes to help. Simple composed of white bars and white metal structure on both sides.

Retractable indoor clothesline for the laundry room
Carmen Milani

This retractable dying rack can be a good solution not only for the laundry but basically for any tight-spaced interiors. It will help you dry your clothes and quickly fold in, when you need your space back.

Pull out laundry drying rack
Brittany Tho

Some people say that laundry room is one of the greatest interiors to arrange. That's kind of true - when you can place there simple wooden traditional cabinets in white, with so useful retractable drying rack above them, on the light-blue wall.

Laundry room wall drying rack
Sanders Krystle

With its 5-line system offering 170 feet of drying space, extending to 34 feet, this retractable dryer will smoothly dry your clothes and linens. It can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Accordion wall drying rack
Julia Lambertify

We do not like to wait until our clothes dry out, but if we have to wait for it even with such a comfortable folding retractable drying rack. It can take various forms, a small aluminum dryer, a retractable hanger made of wood and matte bars.

Retractable clothes hanger

Allowing to save space, this retractable drying rack is a cleverly designed, wall mounted item, allowing to quickly prepare a spot to dry your clothes. It is a DIY project, which shall inspire all fans of tinkering.

Folding clothes drying rack walmart
Jillian Hayes

Make your bathroom or laundry room more functional with this space-saving, retractable, drying rack. Crafted of sturdy wood in a natural finish, the rack offers enough place for hanging your laundry, with 1 top shelf and 4 coat hooks.

Laundry room clothes hanger ideas

Dry lingerie, swimwear, T-shirts or light sweaters with this drying rack. This rack is take-down, so you can used it to a lot of towels or clothes. Use it in conjunction with garment hangers or clothespins, or simply drape garments over the bars.

Lowes clothes drying rack
Lambert Abbey

If you perhaps don't have that much space for your laundry to dry and wouldn't want to overclutter your home then this hanging drying rack will surely help, letting you close it and fold it when not used and simply hang it over your washing machine.

Wall mount accordion drying rack
Martinez Marisa

Drying rack designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of wood and fitted with 7 sticks. Perfect solution for space saving in any home.

Laundry room hanging drying rack
Butler Natasha

Something to save some space in a laundry room: a retractable drying rack, wall mount foldable construction, painted white. If you guys don't have lots of spare room in your laundry, you should definitely take a closer look at this solution.

Laundry room drying rack ideas
Shannon Moore

Wall mounted retractable drying rack is an excellent solution for any home. Simple and easy to assemble, the design makes it easy to use and makes everyday chores easier. The whole can be used in many ways.

Pull out clothes drying rack
Shannon Gonz
Retractable Clothes Dryer
Carmen Kowalski

Retractable Clothes Dryer
This super practical retractable clothes dryer is a great solution for your home. Easy to install ideally suited to the bathroom or drying. Solidly constructed is the perfect solution for any home.

Wooden clothes drying rack wall mounted
Retractable clothes dryer rack
Sarah Turner
Retractable drying rack from home decorators 34
Jaclyn Smith
Wall hung clothes dryer
Wright Stacy

A functional piece for bathrooms and laundry rooms with less space to spare. This retractable drying rack is characterized by white-finished wood construction and wall-mounting design. It has sturdy rails and additional 4 metal hooks.

Master wtd296 jpg
Melissa Kelly
Wooden wall mounted laundry drying rack
Accordion wall mount drying rack
Liliana Gadjus
Wall mounted accordion drying rack
Clothes drying laundry drying racks retractable drying rack
Leifheit Leifheit Rollfix Wall Mount Clothes Dryer
Kathleen Ross
With steel mount wall drying rack including laundry room folding
Lindsey Jame
Pull out clothes dryer
Pull out drying rack laundry
Victoria Morg
Diy laundry drying rack folded flat
Mendes Natasha
How to dry clothes stylishly with a drying rack
Jenna Edward
Indoor laundry drying rack with drying area extended
Bell Erica
Retractable drying rack 5
Lambert Abbey
Wall mounted retractable drying rack
Laundry room makeover
Bianca Noorda
Retractable drying racks 2
Bush Eliza
Lowes drying rack
Thompson Alyssa