Recliner Laptop Table / Chair

Enjoy surfing the web or working sitting comfortably in an armchair? If your answer is 'yes' consider buying a recliner laptop table. It's an easy and useful option that allows working comfortably in any position, from sitting to reclining. It can also be used as bed tray, breakfast table or e-reader holder. Have a look at the collection below.

Andrea Coupe Interior Design Expert
Recliner laptop table
Long Lindsay

Chair Table

A laptop stand that will help you to working at your favorite recliner or arm chair. Now your workstation will be much comfortable. The stand is elegant, modern and has an adjustable height.

Laptop desk for recliner chair
Elizabeth Nels

Laptop Chair

Practical innovative table e.g. for laptops. It is built of a rectangularish dark brown tilted top attached to a swivel adjustable arm of metal. It can be attached to an armrest thanks to a screwed mount. The table ensures optimal working position.

Laptop table stand

Side Table for Recliner

This zero gravity recliner is characterized by the properly balanced design that offers several different positions. It's very easy in use - all you need to do is to give a gentle push or pull on the arm rests to change positions.

Recliner laptop table 1
Alexis Hallify

Laptop Stand for Couch

A beautiful end table with side storage slot that will elevate the visual appeal of your living room and provide you with a boost of surface space for your table lamp or glass of wine, making a nice addition to anyone's functionality.

`Table (EZ) for Lift Chair Right Side

Reclining Computer Desk

The right side table for lift chair has a rotate 360 degree table top, which is made of wood grain. It is a great option, that fits perfectly to classic recliners, sofas and lift chairs. It's great for watching TV and eating at the same time.

Recliner laptop table

Laptop table with tilt and height adjustment function. It is made of metal and plastic. Handy gadget for each home. It folds flat for easy storage. Received positive recommendations from customers.

Recliner tables

Expanding tray tables are very practical additions to any living room. These here have wooden tops and metal bases, to combine stability with aesthetical values. Now you won't have to wonder where to put your laptop!

Laptop table for recliner
Anderson Meghan

If you want to transform your favorite chair into a handy office desk, you should try this functional table tray. After easy installation, you can use it for writing letters, reading books, or placing on it your laptop. It's lightweight, and features grips for carrying, and 2 large elastic bands to secure papers.

Adjustable Laptop Stand
Sara Garcia

Adjustable Laptop Stand
Fully adjustable laptop stand in glossy black. Apart from standard work surface, it offers additional side panel - very handy. V-shaped stainless steel base is scratch-resistant thanks to laminate coating.

Portable laptop desk
Carmen Milani

Adjustable-height laptop desk on rolling casters. It's highly mobile and allows to switch between standing or sitting work position. Can be moved close to a couch or armchair. Its arm position is fully adustable.

Chair table
Sanders Patricia

When you spend a lot of time sitting, your legs are more exposed to phlebitis and other blood circulation illneses. The higher legs' position could protect you and provide also the higher comfort for your spine.

Armchair with desk
Coupe Andrea

Covered with leather-like upholstery, based on solid woodwork, the recliner is the perfect solution for work and rest. Scandinavian design and functionality, as well as beautiful color schemes, delight and bring some freshness into your home.

Reclining computer desk
Samantha Camp

Practical and supportive laptop stand for bedside use. It features a solid and supportive base that assures stability. The stand is paired with a small tray suitable for a mobile phone, etc. The whole frame is resistant to wear and damage.

Laptop table

This element of furniture ptovides comfort and ergonomy for anyone who works with a laptop. The chair includes a small laptop desk and a comfortable sitting space with padded arms and with a padded backrest.

Couch desk

Contemporary design for a comfortable and cozy office reclining armchair, made with a dark oak wood frame with aluminium elements and a leather upholstery. The armchair comes with a matching footstool for additional comfort.

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Wesson Jessica


Bed laptop table
Craven Zoe

Recliner and laptop table for work organization at home. It is mounted on wooden frame and upholstered with nice touch fabric.

Portable computer desk
Andrea San

This large recliner allows you not only to relax your exhausted body, but also do your work while sitting in a comfy chair. It has a convenient desk installed on the right side, thanks to which you can use your laptop, tablet, or notebook, without getting up and moving yourself towards the traditional desk.

AmFab Right Hand Ez Table
Renee Robinson

Laptop tables are great both for working and leisure. This one here was designed for right handed people. The wooden top is warm and pleasant to the hands, while metal leg provides stability and reliability.

Laptop table for bed
Sara Turn

Modern design for a contemporary laptop stand table with an adjustable frame made out of brushed steel with a grey coat of paint, which allows to personalize the piece and nicely fits in with the dark oak wooden pieces.

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Bryant Veronica

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Folding couch table

This creative combo is a great mix of a bookcase and a comfy chair, designed especially for those, who love to read. The set features 3 open shelves, a foam-padded seat and back, and a white screen mounted on the left side, to keep your eyes free of the sunlight.

Laptop tray table

A foldable laptop table, ideal if you are i.e. relaxing in the recliner. Its solid, wooden construction is based on four, metal legs in a form of a cross, providing stability and durability.

Recliner table
Jenna Daviesful

Laptop table. With a chair attached to it.

Side table for recliner

Simply Awesome Couch Sofa Arm Rest Wrap Tray Table for Laptop Food & Drinks (Custom Adjustable Width)

The Ultimate Swivel Bedside Adjustable Hight Table Laptop Desk
Lisa Anderson

The Ultimate Swivel Bedside Adjustable Hight Table Laptop Desk

Series C Adjustable Laptop Stand
Jenna Edward

Series C Adjustable Laptop Stand
Adjustable laptop stand that provides a quite large working space and assures good ergonomy. It features adjustable legs that offer 8 height settings. Four casters assure good mobility and metal frame is resistant to impact damage.

Reclining desk

Use this Foldable Walnut Lap Desk at home to bring a loved one breakfast in bed or to work from home in your recliner or on the couch. This lap desk features a sturdy solid wood construction with a walnut finish. In addition This lap desk has a side drawe

Portable computer table
Meghan Wils

Great ergonomic desk for drafters,etc Envelop Desk by Herman Miller. Aimed at the individual who is constantly working in front of a computer screen, it addresses ergonomics in a clean and modern aesthetic. Designed by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber, it fea

Notebook Computer Desk for Lazy People
Coupe Andrea

Simple contemporary computer desk with a black metal base. It has a round column and a V-shaped foot. A rectangular swivel top of brown laminated fibreboard has rounded corners and a protective slat. Its height can be adjusted with a knob.

Lagute JX420 Adjustable Folding Ventilated Laptop Notebook Tablets PC iPad Table Desk up to 17" / Portable Bed Tray Book Stand, Mousepad Attached (Black)
Theresa Hall

This table desk is designed for max. 17'' laptops, notebooks, tablets, and iPads. Constructed of quality material, the desk offers several adjustable options, a ventilated base for your electronic devices, and 1 mouse pad.

Laptop chair
Jenna Daviesful

The adjustable laptop stand for bed use is great for a lazy day or just to work on your laptop at home in bed or in a comfy recliner. It can get...

Reclining computer chair

End Table TV Tray Home Theater Tables Man Cave Recliner Football Media Room Den | eBay

Adjustable Laptop Cart
Carmen Kowalski

Adjustable Laptop Cart
Cool modern laptop cart with a frame of black-coated metal. It has an H-shaped foot, 4 casters, a round column with adjustable height. Its rectangular swivel top has adjustable tilt, perforated cooling surface, safety lips, an inbuilt cup holder.

Adjustable Laptop Cart
Julie Rus

Adjustable Laptop Cart
Functional laptop cart. This laptop cart is the perfect choice for any laptop user. The cart can be used at work, home or school and offers a stable place to put your laptop. It features metal construction, wrist rest, adjustable height, and a side shelf for storage.

201 Workpad Standing Table

201 Workpad Standing Table
With this Adjustable Laptop Cart your work is going to flow like a river during rainy season. Designed of durable plastic, the table is fully-functional, water-resistant, and thanks to convenient caster wheel also easy to move.

Lap table tray

This kind of product is a side table designed for use in modern indoors. It features a durable wooden top with a solid metal base. Its overall size is 16"w x 16"d x 24"h, so it is a space saving piece of furniture.

Adjustable laptop table
Wilson Gabrielle

Top 10 DIY Laptop Stands

Thinking Gifts Hold-It
Jessica Zernike

With this practical bookholder you will be able to fully devote yourself to your favorite activity - reading books! The piece is 140 cm high, and able to hold up to 21 kg! It also can be adjusted in many different ways to make your reading time even more pleasurable.

Reclining computer desk

Oh my god, this gadget is the most incredible thing I have ever seen! If you often work with computer and you need comfortable position to your spine, this unique armchair is must-have in your home! Now, you can work recumbent!

Folding laptop table
Wilson Gabrielle

End Table TV Tray Home Theater Tables Man Cave Recliner Football Media Room Den | eBay

Portable laptop table
Mackenzie Poly

Durham Tray Table | European-Inspired Home Furnishings | Ballard Designs

Computer in leather recliner workspace
Alexis Milani

Computer In Leather Recliner Workspace

Laptop stand for couch
Alyssa Wilsonify

Lafer Recliner Laptop Table for Lafer Recliner Chairs

Desk wrap table tray sitting recliner reading work craft sofa
Cooper Jasmine

... -Desk-Wrap-Table-Tray-Sitting-Recliner-Reading-Work-Craft-Sofa-Laptop

Adjustable Laptop Cart
Bush Eliza

Adjustable Laptop Cart
An ideal laptop cart with the extra adjustable feature that lets you enjoy the maximum convenience it offers, while the compact design allows you to save plenty of space and lends the strong, durable construction.

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Laptop Desk
Watson Leah

Laptop Desk

Expanding tray table
Catherine Butl

Laptop Table - Designed for the Reclined | Laptop Laidback

Perfect chaira r laptop table 1
Dana Long

Perfect Chair® Laptop Table

What to consider before buying a recliner laptop table?
As it is with any practical furniture, space is an important aspect, so check the product for clearance requirements. Materials play a crucial part as well, so to ensure the long life of your table, pick something of proper quality. Finally, consider your budget – recliner laptop tables aren’t expensive at all, but there are also luxury, high-end gaming chairs out there!

My laptop constantly overheats. Will a recliner laptop table help me with this?
While many people just keep their laptops on their laps, not only does it dust the laptop, but can also lead to unpleasant burn marks on your skin. Laptop tables get rid of that problem, and they allow for easier suction of air, which your device needs for cooling.

The safety of my device is a big issue for me. Are there any more ways in which a recliner laptop table can help me ensure it?
Definitely! Apart from solving the cooling problem, it is a fact that most devices get damaged as a result of constantly moving them around, tripping on the cable, etc. With a recliner laptop table, all these dangers go away – you simply push the table away when you get up, and pull it back when you want to sit down. No more fear of dropping your precious laptop!

I don’t have much free space. How much clearance does a recliner laptop table need?
It depends on the type – a Lounge Book laptop table needs only 1.2 inches of clearance, while Windsor type takes 3 inches. It is hard to answer this question not knowing the type of laptop table that you’re interested in, so check the specification.

How can I be sure that a laptop table will fit my chair?
Don’t worry about that, laptop tables are standardized to ensure you shouldn’t have any problems. However, if you happen to have some non-standard furniture, consider a chair with laptop tray pre-installed into the arm.

What is the height of a typical laptop stand?
Recliner computer tables are adjustable from 24.5 inches to 33.75 inches, which means they should fit all standard chair and bed heights.

Are recliner laptop stands heavy?
Not at all! Most weight around 15 pounds, but the specific weight depends on the model and its finish. But that’s not all – some of them come with casters, which makes them even easier to move around the house.

How many lbs can a laptop stand carry?
That depends on the exact model and the material from which it was crafted, but they are generally able to carry a bit more than a typical laptop weight, which is somewhere around 5 lbs.