Massage Recliner Chair with Heat

Here's a serious treat for a home lounger. You'll never want to leave the recliner chair with heat and massage once you have it in your living-room. The benefits are numerous - comfy posture you can assume for hours long, nice warmth that will surround you and a relaxing touch of the massage. See the products below.

Julia Lambert Interior Design Expert
Recliner chairs with heat and massage 1
Roberts Isabelle

This perfect recliner is a great combination of a comfortable seat with a massage function and a heater. Beautiful leather upholstery gives the whole elegance, and functional armrests make it easy to use.

Recliner chairs with heat and massage

This stylish recliner has a heater and a heater, making it a very pleasant relaxing experience. Beautiful upholstery in warm tones, flexible seat arrangement, and ease of use will suit everyone's taste.

Temptation Massaging Microfiber Recliner with Heat Control

Temptation Massaging Microfiber Recliner with Heat Control
A tremendous and luxurious recliner with plush upholstered arms that features plenty of improvements like heat control. This heat massaging recliner provides good neck and lumbar support. It was manufactured in the USA.

Recliner chairs with heat and massage
Denise Kin

Probably it's just impossible not to relax decently in such a luxury recliner. Not only it's very wide and soft, with additional integral pillow on head level - its designers equipped it with massage and infrared heating !

Massage recliner chair
Wilson Gabrielle

Looking like a futuristic state of art, the recliner massage chair with built-in heat therapy in the back and feet, is worth every penny. Includes, among others, jade heat massager, improved arm massager, solid wood armrests and cocktail table, MP3 player, flash drive, headphones, and more.

Big lot couches
Carmen Milani

Classic recliner as additional seating or place for relaxation in all kinds of interiors. It is upholstered with soft fabric and reinforced with solid seams. Armrests are fitted with remote control and cup holders.

Sharpei Massaging Microfiber Recliner with Heat Control
Robinson Layla

Sharpei Massaging Microfiber Recliner with Heat Control
A microfiber recliner that allows controlling heat remotely. It also provides high-quality and excellent comfort. With a simple pull on the lever, you can situate yourself in multiple positions.

Massage and heat recliner
Alicia Adam

A modern recliner and an ottoman with frames of steel and brown-finished wood. They feature circular bases and 2 lying U-supports. A recliner has swivel, massage and heating functions. A tall backrest and padded arms have dark polyester upholstery.

Spa recliner chair
Tiffany Wood

A comfy modern remote-operated recliner with inbuilt speakers and a fridge. It's equipped with massage and heating functions. It has a thick split backrest with recessed wings and low wide pillowed armrests. Upholstery is of quality brown leather.

Leather recliners with massage and heat
Thompson Kristina

The most interesting system among armchairs in the last time is the"dual motor"enables independent support of both the legs and the backrest. A beautiful classic style, comes thanks to the light leather upholstery of this recliner chair with heat and massage.

Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair w/body scan, BUILT IN HEAT(TOP OF THE LINE) 10yr. Warranty (Black)

Offering the best of the Shiatsu Massage, this premium massage chair is equipped with a humanized mechanism. It features i.e. a unique function of the armrests moving all the way back with along the chair, which means that the arm massagers will be always close to your arms.

Massaging recliner
Brooks Melissa

If you sit in this recliner, you will not be able to get up from it. It's extremely comfortable and massages your body like a professional masseuse. Upholstered in microsuede, the chair features cozy armrests, a pillow for your head, and a tufted ottoman. The whole rests on wooden frames with walnut finish.

Recliner massage chair
Julie Kel

A comfortable, soft recliner. It comes equipped with the heating system and a massage function, to provide you with ultimate comfort. Gentle, brown colour is unobtrusive and will not get in the way of your rest. Big size allows you to take any position.

Mega Motion Power Easy Comfort Lift Chair Recliner LC-100 Infinite Position Rising Electric Chaise Lounger - Navy Blue Color Fabric
Julie Ross

This piece is truly the stuff of dreams - it is packed with utmost convenience and relaxation features and is by far the best recliner that you could go for for your interior. It sports the infinite position option and the electric mechanism.

Massage armchair recliner
Alexis Hallify

Opt for this amazing recliner that can double function as a rocking chair. It sports the heat and massage options and offers the thickly padded arms and back for more comfort and relaxation during your free time.

Recliner with cooler

The beautiful recliner chair with heat and massage function delights and allows for a comfortable, relaxing experience. Beautiful leather upholstery, practical storage compartments in the armrests delight.

Heated massage chair
Hayes Kelly

The exclusive recliner covered with the natural black leather. The build-in massage and heat function could please the most demanding customers. Change the backrest position to find the better one for you!

Power recliner with heat and massage
Weber Lily

Heated recliner with carefully profiled back. It is covered with pleasant to the touch leather. It has pillow on the armrests for added comfort. Perfect as place for relaxation in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Stallion Heat and Massage Recliner
Thompson Alyssa

Stallion Heat and Massage Recliner
Elegant comfy recliner with built-in heating and massage functions. It has a large frame of wood and plywood. It has a thick square-stitched back, rolled arms, a seat with foam over spring filling. Upholstery is made of soft brown artificial leather.

Heated massage recliner
Heather You

Featuring a Heat & Massage function in the neck and back sections, this Cromwell recliner will provide you with a relieving massage action. Brown plush finishing will provide a soft-in-touch, comfy leisure spot.

Heated recliner
Long Lindsay

Accommodate your office with this professional massaging chair, and your work will flow faster than a wild river. Standing on a round, metal base in a black finish, and being entirely wrapped in black leather upholstery, the chair is going to give you aas much satisfaction as long lasting usage. Includes a remote for adjusting massaging speed.

Recliner with heat and massage
Carmen Milani

Thanks to this reclining massager, your time for relax is going to take a whole new meaning. The chair features leather upholstery, built-in heat therapy in the back and the feet, and even a scanning program to determine your exact body size.

Osaki Osaki OS-4000 Executive Zero Gravity Massage Chair, Brown
Massaging recliner chair

Featuring eight vibration motors massage the back, thighs and calves, this deluxe massage recliner and ottoman will be your favourite companion after a tiring day. It measures 66.9 x 30.7 x 37.4 inches, weighs 49.5 pounds.

Hebden heat and massage recliner chair 4
Massage recliner 3

This recliner looks like it's pulled out straight from the future. The whole design is, simply, spectacular, with different options for using heat and massage while relaxing sitting in the red leather seat. It also offers several useful cushions, and a special massaging footrest.

Como Massaging Leather Recliner with Heat Control
Kristina Flo

Como Massaging Leather Recliner with Heat Control

Massage recliner chairs sale 3
Allen Katie
Massage chair recliner
Griffin Kathryn
Recliners with heat and message
Craven Zoe
Rocker recliner with heat and massage
Thomas Vanessa
Massage Recliner
Martinez Marisa

Massage Recliner
This is a very interesting chair that is perfect for a warm, rich and sumptuous living. The seat is made of two materials. It is the perfect place for resting. It's comfortable and soft. It is made of high quality materials.

Vibrating recliner massage chair
Natalia raiser recliner with heat massage features eur2 399 00
Jenna Hay
Vantin deluxe massage recliner and ottoman with 8 motors and
Kimberly Powe
Frosty fridge recliner
Zernike Laetitia
Reclining massage chair
Allen Alicia

A luxury spa chair with heat and massage function that also features a reclining function and retractable footbaths. From now you will be properly pamper yourself with style, or the clients of your beauty parlor.

Magnum chaise rocker recliner with heat and massage catnapper
CatNapper Soother Power Lift Full Lay-Out Chaise Recliner with Heat and Massage - Galaxy 4825-Galaxy
Hayes Kelly
Magnum chaise rocker recliner with x tra comfort ottoman sensate
Dominique Hug
Hebden heat and massage recliner chair 3
Chair recliner medium size hampton with 2 motor heat and
Heat massage recliner
Bianca Noorda
Winnipeg single motor electric riser recliner chair with heat massage
Jessica Zernike
American furniture recliners power recliner with heat and massage at
BEST SELLING Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair with Jade Heat Therapy, Human Body Scan, Mp3 Synched Massage, 69 Air Bags + More (Brown)
Jessica Torr
Columbia Massaging Microfiber Recliner with Heat Control
Torres Rebecca

Columbia Massaging Microfiber Recliner with Heat Control

About catnapper soother 4825 power lift chair recliner massage heat
Olivia Smithist
Inc espresso leather glider recliner with heat and vibrate massage
Watson Cynthia
Chair american furniture recliners recliner with heat and massage