Rawhide Lamp Shade

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Rawhide lamp shade 12

Rawhide lamp shades

This rawhide lamp shade constitutes a great example of rustic style, being a real bargain for the enthusiasts of this design. It will add some cozy, romantic twilight to the interior, being a good addition to the bedroom i.e.

Rawhide shades 2

Very rustic styled lampshade made from raw hide will be perfect addition to the rustic room decor. In three different colors will give smooth finish to the summer house decor. Big effect with small change.

Rawhide lamp shade 1

Rawhide lamp shade 1

Aztec stripe border rawhide lamp shade made from soft, creamy beige fabric with cool aztec pattern printed on it with black and dark brown colors. Nice and neat finish. I wanted to have this kind of a lampshade when I was younger.

Rawhide lamp shade 2

A high-class lamp shade in an extraordinary design. It's a precious piece made of rawhide, which features a cool, natural look. When the lamp is on, the shade will give warm, lava-like light in orangy tones.

Wilderness lamp shades

Rawhide lamp shades 1

Lamp shade just for little cowboys. It's great addition to boys room decor. Delicate orange color, reminding sunset with a cowboy print will let your little kid to dream about adventures on wild west.

Hide lamp shades

Foss lampshades

Rawhide lamp shade 6

Rawhide shades

Rawhide lamp shade 20

Surfing Drum Lamp Shade

Surfing Drum Lamp Shade

Rawhide lamp shade

Rawhide lamp shade 3

This kind of shade is an element that can be used with many kinds of table or floor lamps. It features a standard shape, but its rawhide finish looks very original and adds a touch of natural style into the house.

Rawhide lamp shade 26

Rawhide shades 1

Rawhide lamp shade 17

Rawhide chandelier lamp shades

Painted leather lampshades are perfect for any rustic decor

Rawhide lamp shade 8

Rawhide lamp shades western

Animal skin lamp shades

Amber reminds of the atmosphere of the sea and elegance. Hence the exclusive decorative tone of the presented rawhide lampshade. An amber, trapezoidal shade clawed on a stately, decorated iron frame. The base also has elements of dark rust and brass.

Rawhide lamp shade 1

Rawhide lamp shade 25

Bell Chandelier Lampshade - Mouton Size 6 (DCS-107MT)

Rawhide lamp shades wholesale

If you want to get a rustic piece to accent your living room or master suite then these lamp shades will do the trick with the leather laced trim and the rawhide structure, bringing nature and simplicity to mind.

Faux leather lampshade with rawhide stitching shopping great deals on

Rawhide lamp shade 2

Rawhide shade for custom western bath bar

Pinecone rustic table lamp rawhide shade pine tree bark base

Rawhide lamp shade 24

Drum Lamp Shade

Drum Lamp Shade
A simple, but very functional product. Is a lamp shade that has got a drum stylization. It covers the light and assures its appropriate level and color in the room. It means that this item plays a functional and decorative role.

Rawhide lamp shade 4

With a custom rawhide lamp shade this hand made rawhide

Rawhide lamp shade 13

Rawhide lamp shade

Rustic lamp shades rawhide tall table lamp shade by ironwood

Hand painted aspen trees rawhide table lamp shade

Fabric Drum Lamp Shade

Fabric Drum Lamp Shade
With the black finish and neutral design this lamp shade in drum shape will prove to be an ideal addition to your decor and a nice way to both brighten up your home and add a nice atmosphere to the room.

Iron barrel cactus lamp with red rawhide shade

Eagle feather medicine shield rawhide lamp shade

Rawhide lamp shade 12 hx23 wx6 top amber color arizona

Rawhide lamp shade 9

Rawhide lamp shade 14

Rawhide lamp shade 21

Rawhide lamp shade mine need replacement

Lamp shades 3

Rawhide table lamp shade with leather trim 18 inch