Rattan Coffee Table Trunk

I was looking for an unusual coffee table to match my white sofas when I discovered this brilliant idea. I bought a large rattan trunk at an end-of-summer sale, and I’m telling you, there’s no better way to create a beach house ambiance than that. Dig into this collection of rattan coffee table trunks, get one for yourself, and enjoy vacation bliss all year long.

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Rattan coffee table trunk

Beautiful coffee table is very important element of decor in every living room. Unfortunately, majority of this table's type looks the same. This table is unique, because it is made of vintage plaiting chest.

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This item is great thanks to its multi-functional character. This trunk includes storage space with plenty of room for different items. Its rectangular shape makes it a perfect coffee table and its natural look matches any decor.

Wicker coffee table trunk
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At the wicker coffee table, we can drink a morning coffee or an afternoon tea. This furniture is also great for small parties or watching TV. Rattan trunks are gaining popularity as coffee tables, last but not least wicker is natural and durable.

Rattan coffee table trunk

A rattan storage trunk, doubling as a table - not very spacious, but sufficient to put a cup of coffee on it. Woven wicker is a natural theme and a timeless choice, fitting for a large variety of interior styles.

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Simply genius! Wicker trunk on wheels! Mobile coffee table/storage for lazy locators. Cool thing, made fully from rattan wood and dark iron lockers. It has small wheels to make it easy to relocate it.

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Rattan trunks

Coffee table in Vintage style. It is completely made of rattan and fitted with capacious compartment. Includes convenient handles for easy carrying. Neutral and functional accent for any living room.

Rattan coffee table trunk 1
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Rattan storage coffee table

The rattan mobile coffee table for two. When you decide to drink you coffee on the beach the main problem is lack of proper space to put your coffee on. This coffee table in also the mobile picnic box, where you can put the cups and dessert place to have a perfect five o'clock outside.

Rattan coffee table trunk
Sanibel coffee trunk indonesian kabu rattan storage chest chests dressers
Rattan trunk

Woven furniture was already known in ancient Egypt and Rome. Rattan is a natural material used for plaiting furniture - it was also used for this rattan coffee table trunk with rich oriental decorations spreading out in the rays from the circle.

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16 5 h perfect with the wheels easily moved wicker
Eco chic woven rattan coffee table w round shape square
Rattan trunk coffee table
Wicker storage ottomans 1

Rattan is a perfect material for furniture because it adds to their lightness and pleasant charm. This ottoman or coffee table trunk is a perfect combination of functionality and stylish look. The whole will be ideal for the living room.

Rattan coffee table with storage 2

This rattan coffee table with storage is a stylish and functional proposition to your living room or patio. It will enhance your lounging area, as well as provide new storage space. Solid rattan construction guarantees sustainability.

Wicker coffee table trunk
Wicker coffee table with storage

This beautiful storage box may albo be used as a rustic coffee table. Made of natural rattan is eco friendly and lightweight. The top of the piece features leather straps, which keep the box closed. It's in a nice, deep brown color.

Rattan coffee table trunk 12
Rattan coffee table trunk
Boracay Coffee Table Trunk

Boracay Coffee Table Trunk
This amazing coffee table is not only super stylish, but also very, very functional! Enjoy the endless comfort and use it for storing your stuff. You will love its perfect design, no matter where you wanna use it.

Wicker basket coffee table

Lift-top wood trunk coffee table with woven detail and a hand-rubbed finish. This decorative trunk is made from wood and glass. Lightly distressed natural wood. It is hand-rubbed and burnished to give it an aged patina dimentional look.

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Wicker chest coffee table
Bohemian coffee table
Rattan coffee table trunk 10
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Abella Coffee Table

Abella Coffee Table
A rounded and contemporary coffee table constructed of wicker that not only looks pretty well in most present interiors, but it also provides stability and convenience. It's perfect for relaxation.

Wicker trunk coffee table 4
Riau Coffee Table

Riau Coffee Table

Rattan coffee table trunk 11
Rattan coffee table trunk 13
Cypress Coffee Table

Cypress Coffee Table
Stylish Rattan coffee table is a perfect combination of impressive design and functionality. The whole is extremely impressive in the living room. The beautiful motif on the top and the square top adds the overall style.

Riau Round Abaca Coffee Table

Riau Round Abaca Coffee Table
Beautiful wicker ottoman or coffee stall is an excellent choice for the interior in which we want to get a cozy atmosphere. The whole leaning on the slim wooden legs is strong. Rattan design is pleasing to the eye.

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