Rattan Cabinets

In case you are a fan of such style, check out these rattan cabinets and see what you would like to have at home. Actually, your choice should not be too difficult so what are you waiting for? Do not rush with anything but try to find your favourite rattan cabinet.

Olivia Jackson Interior Design Expert
Rattan bedroom furniture sets

The comprising a unique combination of materials and textures adds a primitive/modern touch of the tropics to our Blake media storage console. Made in Indonesia, delights with characteristic rattan square mesh door panels.

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Rattan cabinets
Single curtain panel
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Pretty traditional kitchen cabinets and islands having wooden frames and panels of woven rattan finished in mid brownish tones. They match very well large hemispherical rattan pendants in lighter browns and long rectangular across striped rugs.

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Rattan cabinets

A stylish kitchen interior design with cabinets finished in white color with brown top. Walls feature large windows that provide plenty of natural day light into the room. This neutral stylization matches any type of house.

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Antiqued Rattan 3 Drawer Chest

Antiqued Rattan 3 Drawer Chest
An excellent piece for improving your home decor with antique accents. This 3-Drawer Chest is crafted from sturdy wood, offering 3 open storage sections, and 1 square top. Each section is occupied by 1 capacious basket with a beautifully woven rattan design.

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Free standing kitchen pantry units
Wicker Rattan 3 Drawer Unit

Wicker Rattan 3 Drawer Unit
Functional storage unit featuring metal frame, three hand-woven drawers offering plenty of convenient storage space, quality design providing durability and sturdiness, and unique, Nature inspired design.

Shabby Rattan Wood 6 Drawer Cabinet

Shabby Rattan Wood 6 Drawer Cabinet
The cabinet is made in the style of shabby chic frame has chipped paint, which gives the impression of a slightly worn. The woven baskets are made of rattan. Excellent addition to the bathroom, office or room.

Wooden Teak Rattan Cabinet

Wooden Teak Rattan Cabinet
The cabinet is made of solid wood, which ensures its durability and longevity. The shelves are made of teak rattan. In those twelve shelves you can easily store children's toys, shoes, documents or other items. It has a polished brown finish.

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Seagrass bar stools 2

This charming decor is a perfect combination of classics and rustical style thanks to the bar stools. The whole is presented lightly, cozy and exceptionally neat. Ths is an ideal solution for bright modern interiors.

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Rattan cabinets
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Rattan cabinets
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Very vibrant setup for a contemporary living room with an exotic, oriental twist. The traditional coffee table nicely contrasts the modern, white couch, and the vintage armchair with a blue, floral designs adds a cozy detail to the room.

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Harold metal cabinet design by jesse visser
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Love the color and beautiful detail chinese chippendale etagere seaglass
Rattan bar stools

Functional and decorative kitchen element. This granite kitchen island provides a solid top with a sink and it includes a durable wooden frame in dark brown color. This design also includes three rattan bar stools.

Milan 6 Drawers Storage Shelf

Milan 6 Drawers Storage Shelf

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