Racks And Stands

Racks and stands can be a very good thing to have. Take a look at those that are shown down here and feel free to get inspired. Actually, you will not be the first person who got interested in this diversity as there are many who have managed to pick something for themselves on this site.

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Racks and stands

Why not opt for a nice, handmade saddle rack like this one that will allow you to keep your interior fully organized and at the same time provide you with a visible boost of natural appeal and charm.

Pvc saddle stand

A cool rustic style standing coat rack made of a withered barked tree with a dozen or so cut twigs and a natural finish. It tapers upwards and is fixed to a rectangular wooden base with a glossy black finish.

Standing bike racks 1

Now you can have your own scooter storage inside your own garage, thanks to this practical little thing. This rack is made of sturdy hardwood in a natural finish, able to accommodate up to 5 scooters, white standing flat on the ground.

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Racks and stands
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Racks and stands
Free standing coat tree 2

This lovely pink coat tree will add warmth and coziness to every foyer or living room it will stand in. Features varying height branches, suitable for hats, coats, and then backpacks and umbrellas.

Racks and stands 14
Racks and stands 3

Made from copper pipe and printed fabric, this DIY magazine rack is one of the coolest decorative items for a funky interior. The unique cross patterned fabric comes from Zana, South Africa.

Racks and stands

Magazine rack for residential and commercial use. Construction is made of wood and fitted with wheels for easy movement. It consists of 6 open shelves for storing needed stuff.

Racks and stands 1
Pvc saddle rack

A cool ingenious stand intended for quilts display. It looks like an A-shaped foldable ladder and is constructed of lightweight white plastic pipes with non-marking pipe stoppers, elbows and service tees.

TV Stand

TV Stand
Every cozy living zone needs a TV stand. With a stylish furnishings it looks interesting and tasteful. Everyone will be delighted how cool it looks in apartment.

TV Stand

TV Stand

Pvc bow stand plans
Wine glass tote

This handmade rack is a typical example of contemporary design in small household goods. It combines modern, simple style with maximum functionality, creating a surface for a wine bottle and four glasses.

Modern coat hanger

Looking for a modern coat rack? Look at this beautiful, turquoise one. It's perfect for minimalist, modern apartments when you want to introduce a retro vibe. Just imagine yourself casually throwing your coat at this beauty!

Build a bike rack for garage
Racks and stands
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Pvc bike stand

A wall mounted rack for bikes and bike accessories. Its solid construction allows for hanging large bikes without damage or overloading. Simple lines of this practical element look very nice in any interior design.

Free standing shoe rack 1

Practical free standing shoe rack that features a durable metal construction resistant to wear and many other negative factors. It includes small wooden shelves for shoes and a large wooden top for other items.

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Racks and stands
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Racks and stands
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Racks and stands
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How to make a towel rack

This wooden towel rack constitutes a great proposition for all, who love raw, natural design. It will help you add a down-home character to your bathroom, providing also a solid and reliable piece of furniture.

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Hall tables with storage
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Standing bike racks

If you enjoy riding a bike you need something that would help you to keep it secure and neat in your garage. This original and clever re-use of PVC pipes is a perfect choice owing to its low price, convenience, and durability.

Bakers rack decor
Keeping clothes off the floor 28 coat racks and stands
Racks and stands 1
Racks and stands 17
Keeping clothes off the floor 28 coat racks and stands
Rod iron headboards
Make use of all space branch floor to ceiling coat
Racks and stands
Every home needs a well designed system for organizing and
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