Quartz Crystal Lamp

Looking for accessories which attract the eye and calm the senses? Browse below and get inspired with the quartz crystal lamps from my collection. The shapes, rough surface and dim light which they ooze is a perfect choice if you want to create a unique ambience in your home.

Morgan Johnson Interior Design Expert
Quartz crystal lamp 4

This beautiful concept is a Wire Tree of Life Moonlight Silver Wind lamp. Sparkling 3D sculpture Wind Tree will provide a peaceful glow in the evenings. It has the overall size of 10" height x 6.5" width x 4" depth.

Rose quartz lamps sale
Gina Miller

Interesting quartz crystal lamp. This device is hand-crafted of clear quartz and glass, so it not only provides good level of light, but also decorates different indoors. The main function of this lamp is increasing interior aesthetics.

Quartz crystal lamp 6
Julia Lambertify

I'm kind of attracted to lamps that use natural materials in their design, and natural crystals are the epitome of beauty when light shines through them. No wonder I paid attention to this quartz crystal box with a lamp incorporated inside.

Crystal lamps ebay
Alexandra Hall

A truly amazing table lamp that features a shade made of amethyst and citrine quartz crystals. When turned on, the lamp shows a tree illuminated by the full moon. It's an exceptional piece that creates a magical atmosphere in the room.

Quartz crystal lamp 5
Angela Russ

Quartz crystal lamp mounted on metal base in the shape of tree. Stylish decoration for each room. Received many positive recommendations from satisfied customers for careful execution and elegant design.

Quartz crystal lamps 2
Thomson Marisa

A peaceful glow in the evenings, all blended together as one piece, mounted on a natural brown LED wood light base wire lamp will help you to relax after long day. Add some positive energy to your house or office.

Quartz crystal lamp 8

Full Moon Rising Rose Quartz Sphere Wire Wrapped Tree Lamp! by CrowsFeathers #TreeOfLife #Lamp

Quartz crystal lamp 14

Tanzanite from Tanzania: Tanzanite is an extraordinary gemstone. It occurs in only one place worldwide. Its blue, surrounded by a fine hint of purple, is a wonderful colour. Thanks to its unusual aura and the help of the New York jeweller's Tiffany, it ha

Quartz crystal lamp 16
Shannon Harr

Wire Tree Of Life Ancient Spirit sculpture on natural Brazil Quartz Crystal cluster plus Gemstones Lamp, original art

Quartz crystal lamp 12
Tara Zucker

Omg, this table lamp is just astonishing. Cream paper shade is nothing unusual, but the stand! Beautiful multitone purple amethys quartz crystals define the extraordinary beauty of this desk lamp. Amazing!

Wire tree of life sculpture illuminating family by crowsfeathers sold
Laetitia Kloss

Wire Tree Of Life sculpture Illuminating Family by CrowsFeathers, sold

Wire tree of life moonlight silver duo spirits sculpture on
Craven Zoe

Wire Tree Of Life Moonlight Silver Duo Spirits sculpture on natural Brazil Quartz Crystal cluster Lamp, original art LP20. elements tree lamp furniture

Quartz crystal lamp 25
Kelly Shannon

rose quartz crystal lamp

Quartz crystal cluster lamp 4
Christine Youn

Quartz Crystal Cluster Lamp,

Quartz crystal lamp 31
Jillian Mill

Diamond in the rough necklace , miniature terrarium pendant, Herkimer diamond , raw crystal jewellery , druzy stone , clear quartz

Quartz crystal lamp 21
Abigail Wrightful

Wood Base Quartz Lamp | Score + Solder

Quartz crystal lamp 36
Thomson Marisa

Wire Tree Of Life Winds of Spring Spirit sculpture Green Fluorite Cactus Quartz Crystal Lamp, Weddings Anniversary Spring home gift idea

Quartz crystal lamp 27
Natalie Lee

Wire Tree Of Life Spirit sculpture on natural Brazil Rainbow Quartz Crystal cluster with Diamond window Lamp

Quartz crystal lamp 39
Meghan Rodriguez

Full Moon Rising, Wire Tree Of Life Soul Mate Wind sculpture White Selenite sphere by CrowsFeathers, sold

Quartz crystal lamp 30
Laetitia Kloss

Pair of Custom Clear Quartz Crystal Lamp with Ebony Bases | From a unique collection of antique and modern table lamps at

Quartz crystal lamp
Alexis Millerism

Quartz Crystal Lamp

Quartz crystal lamp 9
Jacqueline Cole

Cathedral Quartz in Rose Quartz base --- According to Judy Hall in the Crystal Bible, Cathedral Quartz makes itself known every two thousand years to aid in the evolution of consciousness by raising through to a higher vibration.--- Cathedral Quartz is a

Genuine natural rock quartz crystal lamp
Sara Wash

Genuine Natural Rock Quartz Crystal Lamp

Himalayan Natural 9" Crystal Salt Table Lamp
Bailey Elizabeth

Himalayan Natural 9" Crystal Salt Table Lamp
It is a Himalayan natural 9 inches crystal salt table lamp. It is very beautiful and perfect for living room area, bedroom, guest room and more. If you looking for amazing accent for your home you need to have this lamp.

Quartz crystal lamps
Turner Catherine

Quartz Crystal Lamps

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Cynthia King

All Products / Lighting / Lamps / Table Lamps

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Laetitia Zernike

The MOST expensive bathtub - made entirely out of one piece of quartz-crystal.

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Emily Rivera


Quartz crystal lamp 3
Krystle All

Quartz Crystal Lamp

Agate lamp night light quartz crystal by naturalartworld on etsy

Agate+Lamp+Night+Light+Quartz+Crystal+by+NaturalArtWorld+on+Etsy,+$43 ...

Quartz crystal table lamp 1
Jenna Mar

Quartz Crystal Table Lamp

Crystal base in alternating rose quartz ovals and rock crystal
Natasha Tur

... crystal base in alternating rose quartz ovals and rock crystal prisms

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The appropriately named 'Diamond Ring' suspended light by Christopher Boots | The New Black

Quartz crystal lamp 22
Peyton Donaldson

Vintage Mid Century Modern 3 5' Huge Hollywood Regency Rock Quartz Crystal Lamp | eBay

Quartz crystal lamp 42
Theresa Powe

Quartz Crystal Lamps (26" x 5" x 8") $3950 pair

Quartz crystal lamp 34
Aloma Garcia

Limited Production Design: 27" Tall Classic Natural Quartz Crystal Lamp * Silver Leaf * Hotel & Residential Interior Designer Discount Available

Quartz crystal lamp 17
Jenna Daviesful

Quartz Rock Crystal Lamp contemporary table lamps

Ebay quartz crystals

1stdibs - Pair of Rock Crystal Lamps explore items from 1,700 global dealers at

Crystal Ball 8" H Table Lamp with Sphere Shade
Martinez Melissa

Crystal Ball 8" H Table Lamp with Sphere Shade
This sensational table lamp in the shape of a crystal ball is an extremely impressive and stylish detail to your interior. The light coming from it creates an extraordinary atmosphere throughout the room.

Wire tree of life moonlight silver spirit sculpture on natural
Patricia Cook

Wire Tree Of Life Moonlight Silver Spirit sculpture on natural Brazil Clear Quartz Crystal cluster 7 LED Lamp, original art LP16

A lamp made out of a big rock i need
Aloma Garcia

A lamp made out of a Big Rock. I need one of these. Quartz Crystal Lamp

Quartz crystal lamp 28
Rachel Massonable

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

Rose quartz stone of love and compassion would make a
Hernandez Kelly

rose quartz, stone of love and compassion, would make a lovely lamp for a life coach. Don't you agree?

Full moon rising tree of life wind spirit sculpture selenite
Mackenzie Poly

Full Moon Rising Tree Of Life Wind Spirit sculpture Selenite Sphere Amethyst Crystal Gemstone Lamp Wedding Anniversary handmade gift idea

Full moon rising tree of life wind grove spirits sculpture
Nelson Lindsay

Full Moon Rising Tree Of Life Wind Grove Spirits sculpture Selenite Sphere Gemstone Lamp, Wood base Weddings Anniversary Spring gift idea

Veronica vintage inspired veronica is modernized with a chic oval
Weber Lily

VERONICA Vintage inspired, Veronica is modernized with a chic oval metal base and internal LED option that allows the stones to glow from within.Matthew Studio

Quartz crystal lamp 38

Stunning chandelier! pin by I Share My Pins

Rough rose quartz lamps
Julia Lambertify

Rough Rose Quartz Lamps

Pair of brutalist quartz crystal lamps in gray contemporary table
Patterson Gracie

Pair of Brutalist Quartz Crystal Lamps in Gray - contemporary - table lamps - Rock Crystal Lamps

Huge traditional mural mixed with modern accents at ceylon et
Elizabeth Coupe

Huge Traditional Mural mixed with Modern Accents at Ceylon et Cie showroom. I find this merchandising display very appealing to me and educational in that it opens people up to the concept of stepping out of a one note style.......k