Purple Bedside Lamps

Another sleepless night? Typical lamps are too bright? These purple bedside lamps were created to solve all of your lightning problems, without worrying about ruining the design. Small, discrete and energy-saving. On top of that, there is a whole range of various styles and shapes.

Purple bedside lamp

In ancient Egypt, all precious ointments, oils, medicaments, and food were stored in violet glass-in this case it was used as the decorative base of the bedside lamp, with a classic white lampshade. Violet color of glass refers to the mysterious alchemy.

Purple bedside lamps 3

A adorable classy bedside lamp featuring both a vase-like base and an umbrella-style lampshade with openwork metal frames entirely adorned with glass beads in purple shades. The lampshade has also elongated pendant drops on edges.

Purple bedside lamps

Gorgeous and unique design for a decorative bedside table lamp, made with a wrought iron frame to resemble a bloomed flower. The lamp has a shade made out of purple stained glass, which gives the light a unique tint.

Purple bedside lamps 1

Love Gone with the Wind and other retro movies? Vintage accessories like this bedside lamp always make me think of my fav old movies scenes... The 19th century stylized lamp presents a lovable pattern of purple roses.

Purple nightstands 18

Purple bedside lamps 3

Purple bedroom lamps

Chandelier 20" H Table Lamp

Chandelier 20" H Table Lamp
Are you looking for some extraordinary decorations for your stylish living room or bedroom? Then, you're gonna fall in love with this intriguing table lamp. Check it out now and enjoy its unique design!

Purple bedside lamps 7

Purple bedside lamps 6

Add a truly eye-catching and elegant bedside lamp to your home and enjoy that elevated look of pure refineness and utter appeal. It comes with a glass-like base with a distressed tone to it and the silver shade.

Purple bedside lamps

Purple bedside table

Purple bedside lamps 2

14" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

14" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade
A desk or table lamp with bell shade. Contemporary style, black and silverish plastic construction. Swing arm and adjustable height, with a clip that makes attaching the lamp to any table. LED bulb type.

Purple bedside lamps

Purple bedside lamps 1

Purple bedside lamps 2

Purple bedside lamps

Luxury ottomans

Ensure a truly lavish environment in your bedroom with this exquisite decor idea that takes care of your comfort first with the huge bed and light finish of the upholstery paired beautifully with the stripe pattern of the ottoman.

Sconce vase

Purple bedside lamps 4

Bedside cabinets mirrored

Decorative and durable side table with an original finish. Its metal mirrored surface is not only solid, but it also provides attractive appearance in any interior design. The table offers three spacious storage drawers.

Purple bedside lamps 10

Purple bedside lamps 11

Purple nightstands 32

Plastic nightstands 3

Transitional room for a toddler. A delightful mix of rich purple and calm cream. Two large & dazzling orb pendant lights replace night lamps to conserve some space on the plastic nightstands that flank the purple bed.

Clift seeded glass table lamp 1

Clift Seeded Glass Table Lamp
These lamps are made of handblown glass that features high solidity and attractive appearance. These pieces of equipment are equipped with on/off switch on socket. Their unique style will enhance the room decor.

Purple bedside lamps 12

Round vanity stool

Meyda Lighting 13008 16"H Amber/Purple Pond Lily 2 Lt Accent Lamp

Bohemian chic bedding

Purple bedside lamps 13

Indoor lighting lamps bedside and table lamps 2

Leather nightstands 1

Table lamps floor lightings bedside flower table lamp purple

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Pink paillette table lamp by three cheers

Victorian Style Tulip Beaded Table Lamp 22"h

Purple upholstered headboard 1

Desire to inspire yvonnes new home

Purple upholstered headboard

Purple bedside lamps 15

Bedside details avalon bed from jardan gubi grasshopper floor lamp

Lotus flower table lamp by kirsty shaw

Purple bedside lamps 16

Chandelier 23" H Table Lamp

Chandelier 23" H Table Lamp

Lovely lavender lamp

Ebay 396

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