Portable Work Benches

Are you an ardent home DIY enthusiast? Apart from tools and appliances you also need a work bench which will help you with all DIY challenges. Here's my election of portable work benches - ideal for the home DIY zone.

Yulia Thompson Interior Design Expert
Portable work benches 1
Laetitia Anderson

Busy workshop areas need flexibility to make the work flow effortlessly. A portable bench is a must in such spots, and this natural wooden one looks solid and dependable, plus effortless in convenient storage.

Diy portable workbench
Laetitia Kloss

A cool small portable workbench ideal for poky interiors. It's made of wood with a natural stained finish. It has 2 thick square A-shaped legs with round black stretchers. Its thick rectangular top is black. There's also a vice on a side.

Portable work benches

This beautifully crafted bench to work for solid wood construction in a perfect and very versatile form. The massive base, the large countertop, and the soft wood shade are beautifully composing making functional and stylish furniture.

Portable workbench diy
Kathleen Wal

Make your working place more functional, thanks to this portable workshop in shape of multifuntion tool cart. It's entirely handmade, with many places to store your tools, a wood top with convenient holes, and 2 caster wheels for easy motion.

Portable work benches
Erica Nelson

Made from 2x4s and plywood rollaround workbench is a must-have set for all foremen and DIY enthusiasts, who will love the tablesaw outfeed function. Multifunctional and very practical, lets easily convert ones garage into workshop and back to parking space.

Portable woodworking bench
Mackenzie Milani

My husband creates this portable work bench with natural finish and solid wooden construction. It has the wheels and a lot of spaces for tools and other items. Everyone is impressed how functional this table is.

Portable work benches 4

Portable workbenches.

Portable work benches 9
Monica Patt

Why not choose something truly original as your source of storing the various utensils and tools for your garage with this portable stump? It can easily provide some much needed room and at the same time serve as an extra seat.

Portable work benches 10
Monica Ben

Why not go for this amazing portable work bench that will let you create the most original furniture for your household simply everywhere you find the need to? It is durable and truly functional, which you will soon find out.

Portable work benches 2
Alicia Martinez

A great idea for handymen and DIY enthusiasts, to accommodate their workshop with a functional piece of a wood bench. It is durable and stable, crafted of natural-finished wood, and you can have no troubles with transporting it.

Portable work benches 12
Krystle All

Old-fashioned accessory, which was used in the past as a milkman's workbench. Now, it is first of all unique decoration for everyone who are fan of antique or past village life, but if you have cows you can use it!

Portable work benches
Laetitia Kloss

Designed for professional workshops, this Portable and durable Keter folding table sets up in seconds to help you tackle the toughest tasks at the job site. The table measures 33 1/2in.L x 21 3/4in.W x 29 3/4in.H and supports up to 1,000 lbs.

Portable Folding Bench

Portable Folding Bench
To gain flexibility for your outdoor furniture set, get a bench that folds and is easy to carry around. This folding bench has a polyester top and integrated handles for your comfort. It's finished all-beige.

The benchs built in power strip and uses for multiple

The bench’s built-in power strip and uses for multiple benches are ...

A cousin to the milkmans workbench popular woodworking magazine
Kathryn Wri

A Cousin to the ‘Milkman’s Workbench’ - Popular Woodworking Magazine

Portable work benches 1
Abigail Wrightful

Made from bright wood, this simple portable workbench can be a perfect table to organize your garage or shop for small spaces. A cool example of a well-designed, DIY item.

How to make a portable workbench
Peyton Marthy

Sometimes, you have to move your work somewhere else, and that’s what portable work benches are for. Don’t be limited by a stationary one when you can move it with you. Perfectly functional, so no compromises have to be struck.

Portable work benches 19
Butler Natasha

The little tinker at this desk will feel like in the heavenly sky. Portable workbench table is a great organizer made of pine light wood with many little and bigger drawers, spacious top, and different size shelves.

Portable work benches 3
Lily Cravenable

A cool functional portable workbench of wooden materials with a natural finish. It has A-shaped foldable legs and a quite large rectangular top with a small round holes design. An apron has oval cutouts enabling easy access to a shelf under the top.

Portable work benches 3
Cintia Brook

ShopNotes pegboard tool cabinet inspiration, featured on

Portable work benches 13
Alexis Hallify

Why not go for this portable work bench for your interior to ensure a significant boost of functionality? It is constructed of wood of the quality perfect for serious work and will last for years to come, aiding you along the way.

Portable workbench on wheels
Phillips Krystle

The enchanting wood construction combined in this portable work bench is a perfect combination of unique style and beautiful workmanship. The whole is solid, durable and very functional. Ideal solution for many occasions.

Ultimate carpenters workbench
Brittany Brow

A great helper for handymen and DIY enthusiasts, who love to do their work inside of their garage, or basement.Crafted of wood with a natural finish, the bench offers many compartments and a specially designed structure to make your job much easier and enjoyable.

Portable work benches 1
Veronica Alex

Designed by Black and Decker, this exquisitely functional portable work bench will be a perfect addition to one's workshop, either home or professional. Its steel construction allows support of 250 kg, measures 23 x 75.5 x 84 cm.

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Lauren Martinezify

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Portable work benches 5
Abbey Kowalski

This can be a very multi-functional furniture. The portable workbench will satisfy all craftsmen. This bench was designed as a split top with a 12” gap in the middle and made of light pine wood. It has 2 different work surfaces for different application,

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Portable work benches 8

VIDEO: Building the Portable Moravian Workbench at The Woodwright’s School (

Portable work benches 7
Jones Jasmine

DIY Designs of Retractable Wheels for Tool Bases - Core77

Portable work benches 14
Anderson Meghan

Easy Portable Workbench Plans - Rogue Engineer

Portable work benches 11
Jillian Ross

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Portable work benches 17
Kathleen Pete

Benchmark Portable work bench

Portable work benches 7
Jenna Edward

Benchtop Bench with Moxon Vise - by MacSteveT @ ~ woodworking community

Hobbyzone benchtop uber spoony says make this portable and it
Jamie Whi

Hobbyzone benchtop ..."Uber Spoony"says: make this portable and it would be even more awesomer!!

Portable work benches 12
Jackson Jenna

Portable Work Bench

Portable workshop table
Roberts Isabelle

This beautiful workbench is a reliable and durable wood construction and a subtle finish in the warm wood shade. The original details make the whole can be used for many occasions. Solid construction is adamant.

Portable wood workbench
Sarah Ashleyist

An excellent choice for handymen and DIY enthusiasts, this shop built chop saw stand is functional and portable. Its powder-coated metal frame is very durable, holding a sturdy wood top that keeps the saw in place.

Portable work benches 13

Harbor Freight portable band-saw stand. Find best manufacturing equipment that suits your need and SAVE more!! Click here

Portable work benches 4

The Ultimate Carpenter's Work Bench - Fine Homebuilding

Tool chest legs great idea make as a accessory to
Zernike Laetitia

Tool chest legs! Great idea. Make as a accessory to quilting frames

Portable work table bench top garrett wade

Portable Work Table Bench Top - Garrett Wade

Make a portable workstation this idea could be used for
Jenna Edward

Make a Portable Workstation - This idea could be used for other types of workspaces.

Koala-Tee Work Bench
Chloe Hughesful

Koala-Tee Work Bench
This small yet fully functional work bench was crafted from a durable, unfinished teak wood and steel hardware. It features drawers to storage tools and wide bottom shelf. It can be use at school during class.

Great instructable on building your own portable maker station and
Allison Gree

GREAT Instructable on building your own portable maker station and links to other things he's created

Review boschs portable work bench
Zernike Laetitia

Review : Bosch's Portable Work Bench

Build a rolling workbench

build a rolling workbench

Maker station the portable reconfigurable work station for all makers
Andrea Youn

Maker Station: The Portable Reconfigurable Work Station for all Makers

New fangled saw bench

New Fangled saw bench

Travel bench

Travel bench

Portable workbench 2
Cintia Kowalski

Portable Workbench