Portable Folding Tables

Are you one of those who have already discovered the functionality of portable folding tables? Those that you can see here differ as far as their sizes, shapes and designs are concerned. In case you are interested, get inspired like many of the previous customers already have. Take the time you need to pick the right one.

Mia Jones Interior Design Expert
Diy folding table
Lambert Abbey

A portable,folding,cutting table will make your life easier.It has 5 capacious drawers. Constructed with doussie wood,and ironing board.From ordinary table,can transform into a portable bar.Thanks to the wheels,you can take them wherever you need.

Folding table diy

A functional table that even with its sturdy wood construction is lightweight, and very easy to carry thanks to the cut-out hole for handle. The table can be quickly folded or unfolded, and easily stored when not in use.

Diy foldable table
Alexis Hallify

The practical folding table is a perfect solution for anyone who values practical details in the interior. The whole on wheels has built-in storage shelves. The modern finish is versatile and very stylish.

Portable folding tables
Rodriguez Jamie

My husband was looking for the nicely finished, high quality and solid folding table.. And he couldn't find it. He decide to built it by himself, and he create the carted portable miter saw cart.

Portable folding tables 1

Functional and helpful around a basement, workshop, or garage; this crafty table is made of natural hardwood, and equipped with caster wheels for easy mobility. It's portable, durable, and can be a great gift for a woodworker.

Mftc basically it is a portable workshop a folding work
Olivia Smithist

MFTC! - Basically it is a portable workshop, a folding work table on wheels that contains the basic tools, and can be moved around as a hand truck. Adjustable feet, 4 systainer drawers and a bottom drawer for accessories. The worktop has the same leng

How to make a foldable table
Christine Car

Portable camp set consisting of a table and 4 stools. Construction is made of wood. Stools are covered with fabric and finished with striped pattern. It folds flat for easy storage.

Building a folding table
Julia Pet

The foldable and portable table is the perfect solution for modern interiors where functionality is essential. The simple wooden construction is easy to assemble and arrange, and the pleasant shade is very versatile.

Cardboard sewing table
Alexis Robe

Portable table made of paper. Base with height adjustment function is reinforced with solid supports. Rectangular top has large usable surface. Ideal solution for work organization at home.

Portable folding tables 2

The portable and very slim massage table is the perfect solution for a relaxing massage. The simply folded wood construction with soft leather upholstery creates a very attractive and functional whole.

Portable folding tables 1
Wilson Gabrielle

This wooden portable folding table will be a practical construction, coming especially useful during barbeques or any other outdoor parties. Its lightweight construction makes it convenient to carry on.

Portable outdoor work bench
Kathleen Rodriguez

This project shows how you can make use of the sunshine and spend some time outdoors, creating an enjoyable, practical folding table on your own. The raw, natural wood finish emphasizes the character of the project.

Portable folding desk
Craven Rachel

A fantastic table that is lightweight, functional, portable, and easy to fold and unfold. Designed of cardboard, the table works like a charm, offering a large top and stabile base, and a fabric strap for easy carrying.

How to make a collapsible table
Chloe Hughesful

This portable folding table can be a perfect addition to your living room leisure area. Metal construction, lightweight, yet solid will be a stable stand for your laptop, coffee or meal.

Adams Mfg./Patio Furn. 8500-07-3731 Quik-Fold Folding Patio Table

It folds when you need it, it is also light - adapted to the needs of moving it. Lightly, simply made of wood portable folding table, it has been enriched with a fashionable fuchsia color, which makes it the most interesting element during a camper tour.

Folding portable table

Rolling work bench combined ingeniously with fold out table. Note the side - it's been used to mount racks for tools. I believe this piece is very handy and functional in a busy workshop area. Can be constructed with only two plywood boards.

Portable folding tables 11
Kelly Sanchez

Small, portable folding table with classic design: slats on top, foldable X base on bottom. The legs are joined with screws so that the table stands firmly. Constructed by a talented blogger. DIY TV tray table.

Martha stewart folding craft table
Anderson Marisa

All-purpose cream white craft table with foldable drop leaf top. Smartly, the piece folds down to a form that's almost flat. It's portable, it stores itself easily, but provides lots of working space when needed.

Redi top portable folding table
Vanessa Rivera

Redi-Top Portable, Folding Table

Portable folding tables 4
Christina Gon

Is it a camping or sudden need at home - a fold-out table is always useful. The Scandinavian style visible in this portable folding table is charismatic through natural wood, here in two shades, and its simplicity.

The redi top portable folding table is a unique lightweight
Bianca Noorda

The Redi-Top Portable, Folding Table is a unique, lightweight, folding surface solution that is designed to fold out and clamp onto an existing table, countertop, truck bed gate or any other surface--perfect for workshops or tailgating!

Portable foldable table
Weber Lily

Why not go for this extremely well-thought design that can be folded to take up as little space as possible - this portable folding table comes with four attached stools to provide convenient seating for up to four people.

Portable folding tables 1

Go for this amazing, portable folding table for when you need some simple and much wanted convenience in your interior. It will allow you to either eat or drink with ease while sitting on the couch or even for working.

Portable folding tables 3
Shannon Lewis

How often do we meet with not very encouraging stylistics in garden sets, with portable folding tables. Useful even when camping. This set has an industrial style, in the colors of brown and piercing yellow, based on a metal black frame.


If you looking for simple and perfect folding table you need to choose this one. It is available in two color options: brown and beige. It is a perfect table for indoor and outdoor parties.

Portable folding tables 13
Rachel Massonable

A Standing Desk That Folds Up, So You Can Take It Anywhere And Even Work Outside | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

Portable folding tables 6
Samantha Perez

Make a fold away BBQ bench in one afternoon..

Folding portable tables
Cooper Courtney

Folding table with sink designed for outdoor use. It is mounted on metal legs. It folds flat for easy storage. Received a lot of positive recommendations from customers for functionality and quality.

Homemade folding table

Keen on scrapbooking? Don't miss this ultra-practical portable table dedicated for scrapbooking. Multiple compartments help in worktools organization - the compartments are gathered around a large workspace.

How to make folding table

Spacious working desk / cutting table with foldable leaf. Its top is very wide - ideal for sewing room or workshop, for just any kind of crafting. Convenient, portable and easy to store in a tiny space.

Portable Folding Dining Table
Peyton Marthy

Portable Folding Dining Table
It is a portable folding dining chair with contemporary design, three finish options: light walnut, natural birch and red mahogany and solid wooden construction. You need to have it.

Portable folding tables
Alexandra Wood

Portable Folding Table

Make a folding table
Alexis Millerism

Functionality and simple use are the most important features of this dining table. Its folding construction assures easy transportation and space-saving storage. It features a solid base that adds stability.

Portable folding tables 9
Mendes Natasha

Folding Grill Table

Alicia Adam

Folding table handy for camping, picnic, garden and more. The square top has a large usable area. It folds flat for easy storage.

Portable folding tables 3

white folding portable table with spider legs

How to build folding table

Portable Folding Massage Table Therapy Beauty Salon Tattoo Bed Couch Lightweight

Portable fold up table

A portable workbench every DIYer needs | Funky Junk Interiors

Portable folding table 7
Cintia Brook

Portable Folding Table

Portable folding tables 2
Hilton Emily

Handmade in Stirling, Scotland Large handmade rustic drop leaf/gate leg dining table This table will sit 8 diners £25 DELIVERY IF YOU LIVE

Multi purpose portable folding table
Cintia Brook

Multi-Purpose Portable Folding Table

Wood Folding Table
Sarah Col

Wood Folding Table

Portable folding tables 5
Wilson Gabrielle

Craft Room Cutting Table tutorial - portable - folds flat

Folding craft table plans
Cintia Kowalski

Ingenious & Fun!! Suitcase repurposed into portable picnic table, with legs that fold inside, complete with MP3 player!

Space saving 3 in 1 table and chair set opens

Space Saving 3-in-1 Table and Chair Set Opens up to create a nifty nook for eating or entertaining guests. Folds down instantly, concealing the four chairs for a clean, uncluttered environment. We can also simply keep one half open as a sideboard to prep

46 foldaway furniture innovations transformable designs for small space living

46 Foldaway Furniture Innovations - Transformable Designs for Small Space Living (CLUSTER)

Im a big fan of tasha mckelveys adorable pottery and
Alyssa Wilsonify

I'm a big fan of Tasha McKelvey's adorable pottery. And now I'm a fan of her show display, using folding ladder shelves. Very portable! (tashamck on Flickr)

Make a small and portable folding table
Jenkins Jenna

Make a Small and Portable Folding Table

Redi top portable folding table 1
Bush Eliza

Redi-Top Portable, Folding Table

Portable folding laptop table stand desk bed sofa tray with

Portable Folding Laptop Table Stand Desk Bed Sofa Tray with cooling ...