Portable Benches

A bench is a useful piece of furniture around the house. Especially if it's portable and can be moved from place to place to meet the needs of the inhabitants. Browse the designs below - there's something for everyone.

Collapsible bench

A practical space-saving portable table base of sturdy natural-finished wood solids. It's foldable in half and has folding supports. One can easy screw a worktop at the pinch and then remove. It has hook-and-eye catches for stability and 4 wheels.

Wooden shop stool

Practical and crafted of natural wood, excellent for workshops, garages, basements, and outdoors. This workbench comes with a sturdy frame supported by window stretcher, and an integrated side stool with round seat.

Portable benches 1

Portable bench made of wood is a combination of impressive form and functionality. The simplicity of the design guarantees that the whole will be a stylish element to any decor. The attention to detail fascinates.

Portable benches

Spice up your workshop, garage, or basement with a touch of functionality and practical solutions, by using this crafty bench for indoors. The bench is made of hardwood, and has a neatly-designed frame that allows you to quickly fold the whole piece for easy carrying.

Portable jewelers bench

American woodworker 167 august september 2013 3 classic vises made

For sale portable shooting bench

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Portable benches

Portable character of this small workbench is very practical for users. Its durable wooden construction is resistant to wear and damage caused by works performed at workshop. It is also resistant to many other negative factors.

Portable benches 6

Need flexibility around your workshop? Rely on furnishing which form makes it conducive to frequent rearrangements. In other words, working benches should be portable and foldable. These wooden ones meet the criteria.

Portable benches 5

The most important thing is to be flexible and mobile. So it's best to always have the things you need with you. This portable workbench allow you to do that. You can attach on any fixed surface. For example, a table, or a kitchen island.

Portable benches

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Portable benches 22

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Portable reloading bench

A very functional and reliable reloading bench that is solid. Its metal frame is durable and finished in black color. Wooden working top of this bench provides sufficient space and very functional tools.

Portable benches 3

Portable benches 11

Portable benches 3

A long-lasting storage rack - crafted of hardwood in natural finish - perfect for garages, workshops, and basements. The structure consists of 4 open shelves, sturdy enough to hold even heavier tools.

Portable benches 2

A portable bench that you can use wherever you want – be it outdoor or indoor. It’s easy to make, so you won’t have to be worried about damaging it or replacing. Comes with a special base for your feet or for the chair.

Portable bench

Portable and a very practical construction of a working bench. It allows for good organization of many tools and machines. Its solid construction provides practical storage space and working area for different devices.

Portable benches 4

The portable bench is an excellent way to create a variety of unusual arrangements. The whole can be used as a place to sit, a table or a base for the sink. The only limitation is imagination and the ability to arrange.

Portable benches

The portable workbench is your must have in the garage or basement. It has a plenty of shelves for tools. The long rectangular top is exactly what every handyman and DIY enthusiast needs.

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Portable benches 8

Ultimate workbench this should go on dream home but maybe

Portable benches 2

Portable benches 17

Roll around kitchen island

This mobile kitchen set can be moved into another room without effort. Each of those furniture is equipped with casters, and made of quality materials for good durability. The benches have also very cozy cushions, guarantying a very nice time while dining with your loved ones.

Portable benches 4

A space-saving table with a functional design and durable construction. The table consists of a rectangle metal top, and 2 pairs of natural wood legs that can be hidden inside the top. Portable, lightweight, and easy to assemble, store and clean.

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Portable benches 20

Portable seating around the campfire how easy when the wind

Portable benches 7

Take your seat, in this case literally. Made of row wood garden, portable benches are perfect for some special occasions. You don't need to sit on the frame anymore. And when you don't need it anymore, just take it off.

Portable shooting bench plans building the base

How to build a workbench for your garage

Portable Bath Bench

Portable Bath Bench
This portable bath bench can be easy install on every standard sizes and shapes bath tubes and provide comfortable bathing. It was crafted from a durable plastic in soft white and has an shaped seat space.

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The portable milkmans workbench from the june 2013 issue of

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Less portable fly tying bench plans

Portable work table mth_2867 jpg

Diy twin platform bed

A simple but interesting rectangular bed for kids. It's handmade of planks of ordinary wooden pallets. It has a sturdy openwork across slatted frame, is painted in light green and equipped with 4 lockable wheels.

Iron Folding Garden Bench

Iron Folding Garden Bench

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