Porcelain Fruit Bowl

Accessories add character and define the interior jus as much as furniture or colours used. Even the tiniest elements can add a unique touch! In the collection below I've included porcelain fruit bowls. Love their clean lines and functionality which is matched by timeless appeal! Browse the collection and find your favourite.

Porcelain fruit bowl 2

Fruit bowl finished with openwork pattern. It is made of high quality porcelain. Handy gadget for each home. Classic form and contemporary design.

The big white porcelains nest free

The Big White Porcelains Nest Free
I really love this cute, tiny, white porcelain fruit bowl. Perfect for any design, as the pattern of the bowl is both modern and traditional at the same time. A truly amazing piece for your dining room or kitchen.

White ceramic fruit bowl with holes

Whittier Canoe Fruit Bowl

Whittier Canoe Fruit Bowl
Elegant classic bowl for fruit and vegetables. It's oval, crafted of white glazed porcelain and has curved edges so looks like a boat with raised a bow and a stern. It's dishwasher, microwave and refrigerator safe.

Hanging fruit basket color options made

Hanging Fruit Basket Color Options Made
Add something fun to your interior decor with this hanging fruit basket that sports the beautiful combination of porcelain and metal and comes in a baby blue finish that brightens up any space almost instantly.

Porcelain fruit bowl 18

White porcelain berry bowl 2

White Porcelain Berry Bowl
A nice choice for when you need or simply want to display your fruit for your guests and would want a beautiful and fashionable piece to help you do that. This fruit bowl sports the porcelain structure and comes with individually drilled holes.

Porcelain lace fruit bowl

Hand carved porcelain lace fruit bowl 1

Hand Carved Porcelain Lace Fruit Bowl
Lacework design makes this porcelain fruit bowl particularly decorative. Besides, open concept design provides air circulation - the fruits remain fresh for long. The crochet style ceramic bowl is all white.

Pottery fruit bowls

White porcelain bowl with delicate lace inspired carving measures approximately

Porcelain fruit bowl

Porcelain fruit bowl 5

Porcelain fruit bowl 4

White ceramic fruit basket

In ceramic fruit bowl carved baskets of fruit blue decoration

Porcelain fruit bowl 25

Ceramic fruit bowl designs

Porcelain fruit bowl 29

Porcelain fruit bowl 6

Ceramic fruit bowl

Porcelain fruit bowl 32

Porcelain fruit bowl 1

White fruit bowl with holes

Porcelain fruit bowl 21

Porcelain fruit bowl 2

Fruit bowl that plays practical and decorative roles in dining and other indoors. This original bowl provides space for fruits and its porcelain construction includes an attractive, multi-color theme.

Leaf 2 Tier Stand

Leaf 2 Tier Stand
Pretty-looking contemporary fruit stand crafted of chromed steel wires. It has 4 low feet and consists of a thin round stem with 2 size-varied round bowls in 2 tiers. Bowls have walls with an openwork leaf design. A stand must be hand-cleaned.

Personalized wedding gift fruit bowl lace design anniversary commitment ceremony

Porcelain fruit bowl 28

Like this item 520

Porcelain fruit bowl 9

La Stanza Dello Scirocco by Mario Trimarchi Fruit Bowl

La Stanza Dello Scirocco by Mario Trimarchi Fruit Bowl

Porcelain fruit bowl 33

Porcelain fruit bowl

Whittier Faceted Fruit Bowl

Whittier Faceted Fruit Bowl
Pretty traditional fruit bowl made of glossy white glazed porcelain with a solid design. It's round and has faceted walls. It's dishwasher, microwave, oven and refrigerator safe. Such bowls can be stacked.

Mediterraneo Fruit Bowl

Mediterraneo Fruit Bowl

Imperfect beauty of a one of a kind bowl made

I am totally obsessing right now over ceramic fruit bowls

Handmade ceramic fruit bowl spotty blue

Crystal Palace Centerpiece Fruit Bowl

Crystal Palace Centerpiece Fruit Bowl

Silky white medium porcelain fruit bowl minimal organic home decor

Porcelain fruit bowl 1

Porcelain fruit bowl

Porcelain fruit bowl 27

If somebody wanted to buy this for me i wouldnt

Ceramic glaze fruit bowl 0805

Carved porcelain fruit bowl 1

Meissen 1900s not usually my style but oh what a

Porcelain fruit bowl

Porcelain fruit bowl 31