Pocket Watch Wall Clock

Perk up the interior with a feature of vintage charm and choose a pocket watch wall clock. The oversized models of old-time pocket watches make an eye-catching alternative to typical modern clocks. Now you can measure time with character!

Caroline Stone Interior Design Expert
Pocket watch wall clock

A praise for traditional design and classic inspirations, mimicking enormous pocket watch - this round wall clock in silvery case can be hanged on a wall or leaned against it on a nightstand or console table.

Pocket watch wall clock 1
Jessica Zernike

An elegant wall clock inspired by an old pocket watch. Its round plastic case has a white back and golden front. It has a black face, white Roman numerals for hours and tiny Arabic ones for every 5 minutes, white hands. It's 1 AA battery-powered.

Vintage Style Oval French Wall Clock Galerie du Gaston

Pulled out straight from the bag of vintage French wonders, this wall clock is inspired by an old pocket watch design, with distressed face covered by glass. The clock includes Roman numerals, and inscription that says "Galerie du Gaston", "798 Boulevard Raspail", "1885".

Large Weathered Finish Round Pocket Watch Style Wall Clock

This stylish clock with a large dial with Arabic numerals is a beautiful combination of beautiful round frame and vintage style. Beautiful colors and interesting details captivate and bring elegant details to the decor.

Pocket watch wall clock 35
Crystal San

Inspired by vintage pocket clocks, this one is designed to be hanged on one's walls. Its chrome finishing emphasizes the refined haracter of the item, bringing in the traditional charm and elegance to the space.

Fob watch wall clock 2
Jenna Edward

This smoothly designed wall clock bases its design on a pocket watch. Finished with polished nickel, it brings in a traditional, elegant appeal to the space. Ideal for bedroom or living room decors.

Pocket watch wall clock 33
Turner Holly

Designed basing on a traditional pocket watch, this large wall clock is the piece to have, if you're opting for more of a vintage look for your home or office. The clock has a round off-white dial with Roman numerals and black steel hands.

Creative Co-Op Metal Pocket Watch Wall Clock with Red Crackle Finish
Dana Hal
Fob watch wall clock 1
Jessica Zernike

On the dial, as presented here pocket watch wall clock, you can see " Librarie Andre G." So we can imagine that it has French history, that's why it has so stunning old-fashioned brown trim and oval shape with brass clock-hands and Arabic brown numbers.

Grand central pocket watch wall clock 1
Liliana Gadjus
Palmer Black Metal Pocket Watch 15" Round Wall Clock
Cintia Brook

This wall clock has got a round pocket watch shape and black metal finish. It fits perfectly to classic, vintage and simple style and decor in your living room, bedroom and other.

Large wall pocket watch clocks
Johnson Shannon
Pocket watch style executive wall clock
Pocket watch wall clock 5
Olivia Smithist
Oval clocks
Elizabeth Hern
ZENTIQUE Paris Oval Wall Clock
Leah Pere

For lovers of romantic vintage style, this wall clock for sure looks the part. Oval in shape, with weathered ivory face and stylized black Roman numerals, it grabs the eye and bedecks the surrounding area.

Pocket watch wall clock 22
Alexis Hallify
Westclox 47612 Big Ben Wall Clock
Cintia Kowalski

It is a stylish and simple wall clock that has got a brushed pewter finish on the heavy metal case. It is a great idea as a gift and beautiful decoration for your home. You will be impressed how nicely finished this clock is.

Benzara Vintage Traditional Pocket Watch Designed Metal Wall Clock
Kathryn Hall

It is a traditional wall clock that has got a solid metal construction, pocket watch design and Roman numerals. It fits to elegant style and decor in your home.

Adeco [CK0010] Antique Vintage Square Decorative Iron Wall Clock, Fob Watch Design- Home Decor
Samantha Clar

Antiquated wall clock in square frame, finished in rich brown. The face is black and distressed, with big weathered ivory numerals. The design of the clock was inspired by pocket watch, yet the square form introduces a surprising accent.

Aspire Home Accents Aspire Home Accents Annalise Pocket Watch Wall Clock, Red, Metal
Jessica Zernike

If you are a fan of classic style with unique touch, you have to choose this accent pocket watch wall clock. It has got the red metal finish, large numerals and interesting shape.

Midwest-CBK Pocket Watch Wall Clock, Distressed Black

One-of-a-kind vintage pocket watch style clock in rectangular frame with rounded corners (or oval frame with angular line, nevermind). Arabic numerals are characterized by diversed size, which adds to an extraordinary design.

Pocket Watch Wall Clock
Wesson Jessica

Who said that a pocket watch cannot bedeck a wall? This wall clock is stylized as a classic vintage pocket watch, and it even has a distressed metal case. It looks exactly like a pocket watch, though bigger, of course.

Imax churchill huge pocket watch wall clock
Thompson Alyssa
Weathered Orange Metal Pocket Watch Wall Clock
Carmen Milani

Distressed pocket watch style wall clock in oval metal frame, painted orange, with wood-like face featuring black Roman numerals painted on it. Clearly inspired by vintage theme. The clock is easy to hang on a wall.

Iron aqua pocket watch wall clock
Martinez Susan
Vintage Style Oval World Map Clock
Thompson Alyssa

Wall clock featuring dial resembling World map, design inspired by vintage pocket watches, large and easy to read Roman numbers and dial covered with glass. The clock requires one AA battery for operation.

Wyvil 10" Pocket Watch Wall Clock
Robinson Layla

Wyvil 10" Pocket Watch Wall Clock
This 'Oversized Pocket Watch' 10-Inch Wall Clock in Gold & White Finish is characterized by durable and functional construction. The clock includes a round face, Arabic numerals and accurate movement.

Adeco Black Iron Round Wall Hanging Clock with Fob, Large Numbers, "Old Town Clocks" Home Decor
Perry Lauren

If you like pocket watch style wall clocks but you'd also like to be able to easily tell the time, this clock can fit the bill, as its black Arabic numerals, though stylishly distressed, are bold and visible from distance.

Pocket watch wall clock 36
Jumbo Clock Medallion
Peyton Donaldson

A very interesting piece of equipment that can be used as a clock medallion. It is a high quality element that matches different dress stylizations. It has got a very attractive bronze color and its face features roman numbers.

16" Distressed Antique-Style Oversized "Pocket Watch" Roman Numeral Wall Clock
Krystal Howard

For vintage style lovers and antique foamers, this oval wall clock is a nice option to beautify the decor with a nostalgic feel. The clock looks like a pocket watch, and it is distressed to highlight the unique style.

Adeco White Iron Vintage-Inspired Pocket Watch Style Wall Hanging Clock Roman Numerals, Eiffel Tower Home Decor, off white, parchment-color
Esther Walker

Vintage-inspired circular wall hanging clock with antiqued dial and traditional design. Frame and case are crafted of solid iron. Clock has a distressed background with a central key detail and the words "Hotel De Ville, De Paris".

26.5" Antoinette Pocket Watch Wall Clock

26.5" Antoinette Pocket Watch Wall Clock
This large wall clock is stylized to an old -world pocket clock and has a distressed finish to complement the look. Clock face has a wooden print and large, matte black roman numbers. Frame is made of metal in black.

Ashton Sutton HOC013 QA Antique Pocket Watch Wall Clock, 22-Inch
Mendes Natasha

It is a wall clock that has got a pocket watch shape, antique finish and Arabic numerals. If you looking for an elegant wall clock, you have to choose this one.

Adeco Distressed Green-Blue Iron Vintage-Inspired Pocket Watch Style Wall Hanging Clock "Bonbons Fins" Home Decor
Olivia Smithist

Vintage-inspired wall clock in pocket watch style, wih distressed green-blue frame and sound iron construction. Stylized Arabic numerals in irregular size add to style which definitely stands out as an individuality.

Adeco [CK0009] Antique Vintage Round Decorative Iron Wall Clock, Fob Watch Design- Home Decor
Amber Torr

Big black dial enclosed in oval frame and completed with stylish vintage accents comprise a creation that a few is likely to miss. This pocket watch style wall clock is clearly vintage in looks, but it does great also in updated decor.

Pocket watch wall clock 30
Jacqueline Gri
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Adeco [CK0043] Vintage Retro Round Decorative Iron Wall Clock Fob Watch Design Bon Appetit- Home Decor
Lily Cravenable

This clock may highlight the beauty of a retro stylized decor or be just a nice and handsome kitchen accessory. Its oval frame features a retro print depicting knive and spoon. Numerals are black and big.

Burlap pocket watch wall clock
14" Pocket Watch Wall Clock
Meghan Ros

14" Pocket Watch Wall Clock
It is a traditional pocket watch wall clock that is a fantastic decoration in your living room, dining room, bedroom and other. this watch is a great as a gift for your friends and family. You need to have it.

Midwest-CBK Burlap Pocket Watch Wall Clock

Pocket watch stylized wall clock in oval frame, oriented vertically. It has black numerals and detailed black hands with decorous cutouts. The face has a burlap pattern. The piece matches vintage style flawlessly.

Take a look at this navy blue amp red pocket
Pocket watch wall clock jcpenney
Jacqueline Tho
Pocket watch wall clock 96 00
Oblong pocket watch wall clock
Valerie Eva
Horizontal pocket watch wall clock
Farmhouse pocket watch wall clock
Haverford Black Metal Pocket Watch 15" Round Wall Clock
Courtney Brya

Add style and beauty to your home with this amazing wall clock. It has got a black finish, metal construction and pocket watch shape with round face. You will be impressed how cool this product is.