Playhouse For Older Kids

All kids like to play and they all want to have a nice place to play, right? On this site you will discover a very varied choice of playhouses for older kids. As you can see, such playhouses are not the same when it comes to different features – but they all fulfill their functions well.

Marisa Anderson Interior Design Expert
Playhouse for older kids

A fantastic playhouse for outdoors, assembled of sturdy wood planks and several fun embellishments. It comes with a high-pitched roof, glass windows, a fenced deck, a rope ladder, a traditional ladder, a slide, a slide pole and a pretty swing.

Playhouse with slide
Kathleen Ross

An amazing outdoor playhouse for children, that will show them long hours of crazy fun. Made of durable wood, it contains a hollow round mirror, a rope ladder, a swift slide, and a properly secured sun deck.

Playhouse for older child
Roberts Isabelle

A fantastic playhouse for older kids, that looks like a genuine house. It's as gorgeous outside as it is inside, with a high-pitched roof, stylish glass windows, a white-fenced porch, and a small tower with a cozy room.

Playhouse for older kids 1

The lovely and exceptionally impressive playhouse for older children is a great way to inspire many great games. A Beautiful design reminiscent of every detail the real home delights, giving children a great place to play.

Playhouses for older kids
Cintia Kowalski

Beautiful and very solidly made tree house is a great combination of attractive design and space to have fun. The captivating colors of white and blue delight and make the whole look beautiful in the garden.

Outdoor playhouse for older kids
Ashley Roge

DIY outdoor playground with wooden playhouse and a rock wall for climbing - fitting for younger kids. Even four years old can climb here. Colorful paint applied to the rocks make the whole visually attractive.

Playhouse for older kids
Julie Fos

Why don't U give your kids,in your own yard, their own tree playhouse with attractions - like a climbing wall, with yellow slide and mini rope park!Strong wood,can withstand the most crazy needs.Colorful pannels of climbing wall-add a truly childish grace.

Playhouse for older kids

A wooden playhouse for older kids made of strong maple boards is a dream come true, and what if, from its window, with green and shutters in the attic, we will make a long, stable and safe - but greenish slide that makes it possible to get crazy!

Playhouse for older kids 18
Anderson Marisa

Always make sure that your kids have more than enough space to roam around and play outdoors with some help from this stunning playhouse that comes with the slide and offers a place for them to rest and climb.

Sunflower Playhouse with 3 Functional Window and Cedar Deck Porch
Michele Stewart

The playhouse for older kids, in your own garden, made of natural wood is a dream for both children and their parents. Made in the Dutch style, with a porch and the possibility of adding a slide. Made of cedar wood, with a reddish variety.

Outdoor playhouse for sale
Alexis Milani

Charming playhouse dedicated to older kids. Construction is made of wood. Includes ladder and railings for added safety. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Great addition to the garden and others outdoor places as needed.

Playhouse for older kids 2
Brittany Ree

The playhouses are not only for children, it could be a perfect space to have fun in adults world. If you have a strong tree, there is no contraindications to build the bigger tree house and invite your adult guests there.

Playhouse for big kids

Sometimes there is not proper space to organize the playing space for your kids. This one placed in basement is a mini-copy of the real home. Look amazing and could be a perfect indoor playground for your kids.

Big playhouses for kids
Sarah Ashleyist

Even older kids need there time alone or just place to have fun with friends, without parents. In this case, playhouse for older kids made of wood, which is a copy of normal family house would be perfect, with wooden graphite, and whiteboards.

Kids tree houses for sale

Dreamlike playhouse in shape of carrige. Construction is made of wood and fitted with stairs. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Great addition for the garden, patio and others outdoors place.

Awesome kids playhouse

This sweet little blond girl can tell you that you can have your playhouse for young and older kids also in your bedroom. As she has a loft bunk bed, made of wood with white finish. Stairs provide the way to have fun on the top of the bad.

Childrens tree houses for sale
Alexis Millerism

Adventure in this wooden playhouse for older kids - it is also a unique cruise on the sea of imagination. Made by Amish, solid cedar and pine wood has a light shade. It forms a boat with railings, shutters and a safe swing and a green slide.

Select the best playhouse models for kids
Yulia Thompson
Backyard clubhouse for kids

This single door log cabin with glass panel windows has been transformed into an outdoor playhouse for older children. When you can construct log cabins or know someone who can, don't hesitate to use this design.

Playhouse for older kids interior design ideas kids playhouses
Craven Rachel
Outdoor clubhouse for kids

Huge and realistic outdoor playhouse - being in fact a house literally! It makes a cool play spot for older kids. All its details, such as gabled roof, white framed windows and balcony, make it decorous in an outdoor ambiance.

Boys playhouse
Craven Zoe

The unique design of this stylish playhouse is a perfect combination of interesting details and beautiful colors. The whole made of wood has many attractions such as slide, ladder, swings and more.

Hobbit playhouse uh im going to build this for myself
Sara Hill
Big kid playhouse
Lopez Erica

Each space can be used twice - that's what specialists in saving space at home say. Under the stairs, a children's playhouse was created, with a front of a miniature of a real home - in the middle of all the equipment for play.

Playhouse for older kids 2

As you can see a playhouse for older kids is also great for parents and small children. It has a stable construction and a compact but sufficient size to play. Wooden boards are finished with satin black, which contrasts natural wood and white ladder.

A playhouse for little hobbitses hobbit hole playhouses
Valerie Alex
Playsets for older kids
Mendes Natasha

A simple but cool and cosy indoor playhouse for kids. A canopy and curtains with rod pockets are crafted of fabric with a blue and white stripes design. They're attached to a tension rod and to a wall.

Best playsets for older kids
Playhouses for big kids
Bryant Krystal
Cottage Playhouse
James Michele

Cottage Playhouse
The Dreaming Playhouse for children, is made from high quality materials. Beautiful representation of a real home allows for creative play. Your child will be delighted.

Backyard playhouse for sale
Play tents for older kids
Christine Tay
Playhouse for older kids 3
Playhouse for older kids 5
Dana Long
Treehouse for kids for sale
Jessica Zernike
Cool kids playhouses
Jenna Gon
Sara's Victorian Mansion Playhouse Kit with Floor
Erin Jon

Sara's Victorian Mansion Playhouse Kit with Floor
This impressive and very chic Manion playhouse kit with floor is a great place to play for children that will look beautiful in the garden. Beautifully crafted details make it look very realistic.

Big playhouse for kids
Zernike Laetitia
Gingerbread Playhouse Kit with No Floor
Laetitia Zernike

Gingerbread Playhouse Kit with No Floor

Outdoor playsets for older kids
Alison Lew
White loft bed with stairs
Renee Griffin

An adorable loft bed that will bring your little princess colorful dreams and a gorgeous place to have a quality tea time. The bed oozes with a white and pink finish, offering a built-in staircase, protective railings on top, and a spacious playhouse wih hollow door and window.

Outdoor playhouses for older kids

A splendid surprise for children, that will be a real blast during summer holidays. This large playhouse features two levels - upstairs for adults, downstairs for kids. It comes with a sun deck, a sandbox, a curved slide, a chalkboard and spacious rooms.

When the kids go into separate rooms make the bottom
Diana Sco
Backyard play structures playhouse for older kids best modern furniture
Monica Perr
Playhouse for older kids 4
Cottage play house 2 story kit
Swiss Cottage Playhouse
Stacy Jackson

Swiss Cottage Playhouse

Plywood playhouse by takkunen
Backyard playhouse for kids
Zernike Laetitia
Castle Playhouse
Krystal Rog

Castle Playhouse