Plastic Patio Benches

If such plastic benches would be something appropriate for your garden or patio, all you need to do now is browse through these photos. After that, you should not have too many problems as far as making a good choice is concerned. In the end, are you ready to do that?

Kaylee Green Interior Design Expert
Plastic patio benches

An aesthetic contemporary outdoor bench for 2 persons. It's of durable weatherproof white plastic. It has quite wide straight angle and angled legs, sloped arms, an across slatted seat, and a vertically slatted backrest with a rounded top edge.

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An original plastic garden bench in a nice green color that looks very good outdoors. The construction is very solid thanks to its stainless steel hardware. Solid arms and backrest assure more support. The bench features a glide mechanism.

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Plastic patio benches 3

For commercial and home use: the POLYWOOD Chippendale recycled plastic bench. For you and your feidns or family. It adds comfort to any outdoor space.

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A solid and comfortable outdoor sitting space. This plastic picnic bench is solid, but lightweight. Its simple backless construction in a white finish looks very nice in many garden, patio or park stylizations.

Vineyard Plastic Garden Bench

Vineyard Plastic Garden Bench
It is a garden bench made of plastic. It is white. It has a comfortable backrest and armrests. It is a great element to equip the garden or terrace. It is simple, but at the same time is not trivial. Just perfect.

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A very interesting solution that provides stability, comfort and support in the garden, patio or other outdoor areas. This garden bench includes a glider mechanism and its neutral black finish looks nice in any style.

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Polywood r recycled plastic vineyard garden bench
Elements Wicker Storage Bench

Elements Wicker Storage Bench
Graceful bench with additional space for storage. The construction is durable woven synthetic rattan. The bench is resistant to harmful weather conditions. Intended for patio or for the garden.

Plastic patio bench

A truly stunning option for when you have some free space in your garden or on your patio and would love to benefit from extra seating options. This bench will easily sit your guests and can be filled with colorful flowers.

Plastic lawn bench

A classic white outdoor bench constitutes a charming proposition for one's garden or patio, especially if you like shabby chic style. It has the approx. dimensions of 24.25-in W x 47.5-in L.

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Plastic patio benches
Plastic patio benches
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Home depot patio bench
Home depot patio benches
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This bench utilizes industrial design, with sectional metal tubing base and sturdy white plastic top to provide ultra wide seating wherever you need it. It makes it for outdoor areas, can serve as a picnic bench.

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With the eco-friendly design and the charming, dark brown finish this glider bench sports the UV-stabilized color options meaning that no more waterproofing will be needed due to the fact that the piece will withstand all weather conditions.

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Bench garden seater outdoor furniture patio bench plastic benches
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Courtside Plastic Park Bench

Courtside Plastic Park Bench

Highwood Lehigh Bench, 4 Feet, Black
Trex Outdoor Furniture TXB60CW 60-Inch Yacht Club Bench, Classic White

Bench in traditional form. It is completely made of plastic. Back consists of vertically arranged strips. Functional addition to the garden, patio and others outdoor places. It is very well appreciated by satisfied customers.

Chippendale 48-Inch Outdoor Bench
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We love home parties with friends and family, so we decide to buy the Abbott Zinc-Top Buffet Hutch for our garden! It features casters, silvery blue metal and eucalyptus base.

These would give me more room around the patio table
Infinity bench planter by rotoluxe environmentally friendly plastic recycled
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