Plastic Litter Box

Thanks to this site, you will discover a very wide range of plastic litter boxes. If you want to have one of them at home, all you need to do is take some time and buy one of them. There are really a lot of nice looking and practical models below and what do you think about all this?

Abbey Lambert Interior Design Expert
Plastic litter box 4
Elizabeth Coupe

This DIY project of a cat litter box enchants with its simple, yet very clever design. Crafted from a plastic containter, with handmade hole in the front and a smaller box with litter and bottom foam mat inside.

Plastic litter box 24

For a cat...........Simple Plastic Bin Shelter. ...........DIY Project!

Diy top entry cat litter box
Lily Cravenable

LOVE this privacy screen for kitty's. I will probably decoupage's one

Plastic litter box 8
Alyssa Wilsonify

This heavy ABS plastic litter box makes housebreaking your rabbit cleaner and easier. " 1/2 x 1" mesh vinyl coated insert keeps animal above dropping and litter material. Approximately 10" x 14" x 3" deep. $17

Plastic litter box 16

Tried this with a recycling bin. It reduces the smell a bit, but you do have to find a place out of sight to keep it. Took my youngest kitty a bit to use it, so you might want to keep a small one nearby till they "get" it, otherwise you may have accidents

Plastic litter box 6
Holly Mill

This picture shows five types of plastic canvas classy purses. They are available in different colors and with different patterns, so they look very original and stylish. These purses are also lightweight and durable.

Plastic litter box 13
Christina Lopez

How To Make A Top Entry Litter Box

Plastic litter box 2
Stacy Jackson

... box problem†is just a litter BOX problem. Create a box, and you

Cat litter box cover
Brown Jamie

Made of the plastic built-in litter box is an excellent way to develop a functional cat space. The black-and-white cover and the possibility of laying the litter or other details on the top makes the whole can perform many roles in the decor.

Self Cleaning Litter Box
Liliana Gadjus

Self Cleaning Litter Box
This self-cleaning litter box is a great idea for you and your pet. It is very practical and stylish looks. This allows your pet to enjoy the comfort of a quiet place. Made of plastic is very light and durable.

Kitty litter box homemade
Weber Lily

Kitty Litter Box, homemade

Plastic litter box
Alexis Hallify

box tags clevercat hidden litter boxes top entry litter box

Plastic litter box 21
Maria Martin

An aesthetic bathroom table with a litter box for cats. It has a rectangular top, an open shelf underneath, a base with subtly arched aprons, a towel rack on a side. Its door has an arched cutout entry. It's made of odour resistant white plastic.

Plastic litter box 14
Ebony Was

Using empty cat litter containers for toy storage. Don't have a cat but that's a good idea if you do.

Plastic litter box
Ramirez Patricia

Katie's DIY No Mess Litter Boxes - made from filing boxes

Cat litter box enclosures 2
Leah Cart

The open litter boxes at home could generate a lot of mess. The solution could be the closed litter box with only small entrance. This place is really comfortable for a cat and also easy to clean for the owner.

Plastic litter box 19
Leah Morgan

Such a cute little cage for a rabbit, perfect if you have small critters in your home like hamsters or guinea pigs! Notice the handy hay racks mounted on the cage walls – a good solution that saves space inside the cage.

Plastic litter box 28
Natasha Jam

When the drawer is shut, it works like a charm. I can open it to scoop into the toilet or replace the litter. I put the plastic litter box in a 3mm plastic contractor garbage bag and them fill the box over the bag. Just pick up the sides of the bag and t

Wow now that is genius i dont have a cat
Stacey Mor

Wow........Now That Is GENIUS! I don't have a cat and would never want one but this is what I would do if I did!

Plastic litter box 15
Jennifer Mor

DIY container for getting the litter box outside.

Cat litter box cover 2
Yulia Thompson

Why opt for a piece that will be visible for everyone, when you can have this sublime litter box that is beautifully disguised as an end table and can serve its purpose amazingly, allowing for plenty of privacy for your pet.

Plastic litter box 1
Sarah Coll

Just bought one of these to use as a DIY hay rack for my new rabbit, Smudge. It was super easy. I poked 2 holes on each side and zip tied it to his cage. The bin holds much more hay than the expensive and TINY little hay racks at Petsmart and ever since

Litter box furniture ikea
Abigail Wrightful

Designed of durable plastic with lattice design for ventilation, this litter box is going to last your cat a lifetime. It has a square hole for easy access, and you can use its top for extra seating or a stylish stand for decorations.

Plastic litter box 2

Cat Behavior 101: What is Causing My Cat to Spray and How can I fix it?

Gates for porches
Evans Liliana

The BEST child or pet safety gate EVER! For FREE! Using a wooden pallet & hinges.

Cat bench
Jennifer Butler

Always take excellent care of your interior with this amazing cat litter box bench that offers the perfect solution for all those, who simply want to hide the litterbox and provide their cat with a bit of privacy.

Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box with Decorative Planter
Veronica Cook

Covered Hidden Cat Litter Box with Decorative Planter
If you're looking for a way to hide the cat litter at your home you can do this in a stylish way with this amazing piece, that can double as a decorative planter. It features the cutout door that provide easy access for cats.

Plastic litter box
Julia Lambertify

Introducing Katio: A Patio for Your Cat, a window air-conditioner-sized cat spot.

Plastic litter box 18
Robinson Layla

neat idea for nesting boxes using plastic containers!

Ware plastic lock n litter small colors
Hilton Emily

Ware Plastic Lock N Litter Small Colors

Plastic litter box 1
Kimberly Ale

Thanks to pinterest our cats have an awesome new liter box with graphite duct tape! We made 2 of these, they are bigger and cheaper than the covered boxes you can buy!

Moulds plastic litter box

moulds, plastic litter box

Plastic litter box 1
Isabella Martinable

DIY ...Wine Case Recycling Litter Box Part 2 One side is hinged for ...

Plastic litter box 20

Going low-key, low cost for the first brooder. probably litter for the bottom vs paper towels, though.

1000x1000 jpg 2261
Diana Bak


Plastic litter box 22
Thompson Alyssa

I love my cat, but hate those plastic litter boxes -- this one's a little more stylish

Need high sided litter pans for overshooters any suggestions nvr
Hilton Emily

Need HIGH sided litter pans for overshooters, any suggestions?-nvr ...

Catit Cat Pan

Catit Cat Pan
This cat pan is the most stunning solution if you want it not to be an eye-catching piece in your household, offering some functionality for your pet and not spoiling your decor in the process, making it a true must-have.

Plastic litter box 23

maybe not in the location of choice but certainly better than a plastic tray

Plastic litter box 25
Cassandra Kel

Littermaid Waste Receptacles 12 Pack New LMR200 Heavy Gauge Plastic Litter Box #Littermaid

Usd 17 69 usd 20 99 usd 28
Bush Eliza

usd 17 69 usd 20 99 usd 28

Litter liner you will never have to buy disposable plastic
Alicia Dav

... Litter Liner, you will never have to buy disposable plastic liners

Original Self-Cleaning Litter Box
Roberts Isabelle

Original Self-Cleaning Litter Box
This litter box is not only durable and will last long but also has a self-cleaning function, which makes it really comfortable in use. I's automatically sweeps wastes after 20 minutes, so it's allow cat to re-enter to litter box safety.

Simply Clean Auto Litter Box
Erica Washington

Simply Clean Auto Litter Box
This simple and modern litter box is a perfect solution for all ypur cats needs. It is very economical and eco friendly. It also look quite nice, so it won't ruin ypur house style. It is very higenic and keeps bacteria away from ambient.

Any color or brand of durable plastic litter box is
Alexis Davis

Any color or brand of durable plastic litter box is appreciated by our kitties! Donate to 1201 Macklind Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110, ATTN: Wishlist

Plastic litter box 26

My solution to a leak free and more room for your kitty litter box. Go to a plastic, storage tub ( I use a large one since I have multiple cats and one is a very big boy!)...take a knife and cut an entrance hole in the end (be sure to cut ab

Shake and Rake 17 by 14 by 5-Inch Recyclable Plastic Manual Cat Litter Sifter, Bone
Brittany Tho

Shake and Rake 17 by 14 by 5-Inch Recyclable Plastic Manual Cat Litter Sifter, Bone

Shake and Rake 17 by 14 by 5-Inch Recyclable Plastic Manual Cat Litter Sifter, Red
Katie Gre

Shake and Rake 17 by 14 by 5-Inch Recyclable Plastic Manual Cat Litter Sifter, Red

Plastic litter box 27

Pirate Ship Sandbox $199 from site-to-store. We got Ben this for his 3rd birthday and he loves it!

Plastic litter box 29

We are getting two cats soon. How awesome would this be instead of an ugly plastic litter box