Plant Stand Metal

Looking for an interesting decoration feature for the home? What about a metal plant stand? It's a functional solution which allows to incorporate the green into te interior. Check out my collection of metal plant stands below. They come in different styles and sizes. Browse below.

Plant stand metal 11

Embodying perfectly well the contemporary design, this metal black plant stand is a sui generis work of art itself. Its minimalistic design conceals storage spot for 12 plants. Can be used both indoors, as well as outdoors.

Plant stand metal

Modernize your favorite zone in the house with this modernica case study cylinder plant pot. It features the metal stand and two color options to choose: black and white. It brings the style and simplicity into any room.

Copper metal wire plant stand mid 1

Copper Metal Wire Plant Stand Mid
A happy family of durable and stylish metal plant stands - in various colors and sizes. Designed of a copper metal wire, each plant stand rests on 3 elongated legs that support a hollow round top.

Plant stands metal

A long-lasating plant stand for indoor use, designed of durable powder-coated metal. The stand is lightweight, but stabile, easy to move and clean, and it rests on 3 triangle legs that support a hollow round top.

Plant stand forged iron spring vintage

Plant Stand Forged Iron Spring Vintage
Unique plant stand mounted on decorative curved base made of metal. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Simple form and modern design.

Plant stand metal 1

The unique plant stand of metal is an interesting way to finish the interior decor. Beautiful details and attractive, modern format create a unique whole. The structure beautifully exposes the plant.

Plant stand metal 1

A striking set of two plant stands that will blind with their shine every other decoration in the room. Designed for modern interiors, each of those glossy stands is constructed of durable metal in brushed copper finish, with a round top and three well-balanced legs.

Home frascati 3 tier metal plant stand

Metal pot plant stand

Stylish plant stand in modern style. It is made of wood and iron. Includes 4 shelves in various sizes. Designed for large and medium sized plants. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Plant stand metal 16

Delighting with its simplistic construction, this metal plant stand constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who love minimalism. The combination of wood and metal will fit into raw, industrial interiors.

Plant stand metal

Vintage design for an outdoor basket for holding planters with an additional surface on the bottom. The basket is made out of wrought iron with a wire structure and is covered in a white coat of distressed paint.

Harvey haley round metal plant stand suiting fit any garden

Handmade steel plant stand in natural steel or enamel colour

Plant stand metal 12

Plant stand metal 6

Tall metal plant stand

Do you like spending time in nature and appreciate the uniqueness of trees? This stool has a seat in the shape of a natural trunk. What's more, it is made from it, only processed to the domestic conditions. Keeps on metal black legs ang brings rustic style.

Plant stand metal 1

Worn metal plant stand girl boy flower

Worn Metal Plant Stand Girl Boy Flower
If you appreciate subtle humour incorporated into practical house accessories, you'll probably like these obviously vintage metal plant stands. The worn pot holders are apparently siblings: a boy and a girl.

Metal plant pot holder

These simple tripod metal stands for plant pots seem particularly fitting for homey Scandinavian interiors. Their airy metallic presence provides understated indoor accent that blends well under any circumstances.

Plant stand metal 7

Plant stands 27

Plant stand metal 5

Plant stand metal 2

Vintage standing jardiniere with swirly base and ornamental top, made from metal, covered with white paint that shows signs of time influence. This makes it even more stylish. The condition of this item is perfect though.

Plant stand metal 7

Plant stand metal 4

Plant stand metal 15

Plant stand metal

Plant stand metal 13

Deco 79 65798 3-Piece Metal Plant Stand Set, Square

Plant stand metal 2

Hanging plant stands metal

This fun plant stands with metal is an excellent way to make straightforward and original decor. The design of the bird's legs holding the flowers is incredibly nice and allows for a spectacular finish of the patio or terrace.

Retro plant stand

The beautiful blue plant stand of metal is an interesting way to have an interesting exposition of flowers at home and outdoors. Great design is durable and robust, beautifully presented in every decor.

Nesting Plant Stand

Nesting Plant Stand
The traditional style of this charming nesting plant stand is the perfect solution for all kinds of interiors, as well as on the outside. Solid metal construction is extremely robust and can accommodate three flower pots.

Anonymous teak veneer and enameled metal plant stands 1950ss

Pangaea Home and Garden Folding Rectangular Three Layer Iron Plant Stand

Blick auf eine reihe von fintorp stangen in schwarz daran

Metal wood spiral plant stand retail price 139 00 95

Colville Multi-Tiered Telephone Table

Colville Multi-Tiered Telephone Table
It is a multi-tiered telephone table that has got three shelves and solid metal construction and traditional design. It fits perfectly to any style and décor in your living room.

Love this for the back patio

GCD-Austram Nelumbo/Lotus Planter Stand, 10-1/4 by 28-Inch, Leather Black

Sizes available can easily be decorated with ivy greenery tulle

Plant stand metal 17

Compare 7

Ikea socker plant stand for my next apartments patio

Diy hanging basket stand

Gifts & Decor Scrolled Metal 2-Tier Planter Plant Stand Shelf Unit

Above a ferm living plant stand comes in two heights

Plant stand metal 13

Sided metal plant stand with 6 willow planters with liners

4 Piece Pedestal Plant Stand Set

4 Piece Pedestal Plant Stand Set
The elegant ceramic set of plant stands. It has a African style texture on the backs, so I suggest to put it to the safari style living room. You can put it ine the central place or in the room's corner - your choice.