Pine Futons

Want to furnish a seating area and do it on a budget? Check out pine futtons in my collection below. The style is simple and universal and that's why it accomodates easily in many interiors. Jump below to check the designs, sizes and varies upholstery options.

Full size mission futon frame solid pine wood nib

Yosemite Futon Frame and Mattress

Yosemite Futon Frame and Mattress
It is a futon frame and mattress that has got a pine frame construction, casual design and it fits to any style and décor. You will be impressed how amazing and comfortable this futon is.

Single pine futon sofa bed with mattress 1

Unfinished wood futon frame

Why not add some convenience and value to your futon with this amazing sage cover? It will easily keep the piece clean and away from any stains, making it easily last for years longer in your household.

Pine sofa bed

Pine futons

An extravagant type of sofa that features a simple, wooden base made of solid pine wood and a Japanese futon mattress in a vivid green color. The mattress will give you a lof of comfort an pleasure due to its thick, soft character.

Pine futon sofa bed

Pine futons 1

Cool glacier pine futon w/ mattress. It actually look like it ran striaght out of jungle. Cool wooden legs complement its overal old school / farm house image. I like the pattern of the mattress.

Pine futon

The single pine futon-style sofa with the comfortable mattress. The pine construction shores up the seat upholstered with black soft material. It guarantees the good quality sleep and is a ideal place for relax after a long day at work.

Kumo bed

Yosemite Futon Frame and Mattress with 3 Pillows

Yosemite Futon Frame and Mattress with 3 Pillows
This futon frame and mattress has got three pillows, solid pine frame construction, rustic finish and sofa height seating. It fits to any style and décor in your home. This product is a fantastic choice.

Nittany full size futon set

Tosa pine futon sofa bed with mattress

Pine futons 2

Futon sofa bed with a solid pine wood construction. It includes a soft and comfortable mattress in chocolate finish. Its stylization is neutral, so it looks very attractive in any type of interior design regardless of its color.

Pine log futon

Twin over Futon Standard Bunk Bed with Underbed Storage

Twin over Futon Standard Bunk Bed with Underbed Storage
This is done in a slightly rustic atmosphere bunk bed is a cozy and very practical piece of furniture to your home. Made of solid wood in a warm shade is perfect for everyday use, and practical drawers for linens are very practical.

Tosa pine futon 1

Shiki bed base bed futon mattress

Tosa futon

Pine futons 7

Tosa pine futon sofa bed

Montana Woodworks Homestead Collection Futon Frame with Mattress, Clear Lacquer Finish

Futon frame with mattress with an old-fashioned feel. Made of solid wood and lacquer finish upholstery for comfortable, sturdy, and quality item. Mattress is soft, supportive and has a nice touch to it. Unique and quaint.

Couch potato ventura big tree futons pines metals

Orange fresh futon figo 1

Orange Fresh Futon Figo
This piece of furniture plays the role of a lounge chair, but it has also got the function of an additional sleeping space in the house. The frame is solid and it supports a soft mattress with an extra comfortable neck cushion.

Montana Woodworks Homestead Collection Futon Frame with Mattress, Clear Lacquer Finish

If you're looking for a perfect option for your guest bedroom and would like to opt for something that feels a bit more rustic then this futon frame with mattress in clear lacquer finish might just do the trick thanks to its original looks and extreme durability.

Pine futons 23

Futon chair mounted on wooden frame and reinforced with solid supports. Seat is filled with foam and covered with fabric. Neutral and functional accent for each place as needed. Received positive recommendations from customers.

Soft futon mattress 4

Tosa pine futon

Rustic - or modern? For children - or teenagers? This bed made of pine wood - can answer all these questions affirmatively. The versatility of a bunk bed - it enhances dark cover, with geometric patterns.

Corner unit beds

A space-saving addition for children's rooms; comfortable, beautiful, and made of sturdy wood. The twin loft bunk bed comes with 2 properly secured top bunks, 2 built-in ladders, and 1 red upholstered futon with 2 bottom drawers.

Pine futons 16

Phoenix pine futon our most solid stylish traditional futon

Futon mattress firm

This set includes a high quality frame and mattress used with the futon. The frame is crafted of solid materials that are able to support the weight of 750 lbs. The mattress is soft and it provides superior comfort.

Country lodge cedar pine futon free shipping

Pine futons 19

589 viking northern exposure pine log futon 866 923 6932

Queen size super ez futon frame pine wood sofa bed

Pine futons 20

Chocolate natural pine fresh futon beat

The fusion of design function value

Mckinley full lounger size futon set

Pine futons 21

Futon mattress and cover

For those willing to deliver some urban edge chic to their day room, a simple black futon with thickly tufted white mattress can surprisingly be a fine choice. Just check this soft shape shifting accessory out.

The ultimate space saver solid wood american made and sleeps

Pine futon

Casey honey pine twin futon bunk bed with stairs via

Compact recliner chairs

Grand teton full size sofa bed frame solid pine wood

Venice futon twin lounger frame only by room doctor 159

Wilderness log futon by viking industries

Pine futons 24