Pewter Candle Wall Sconces

This collection is something for fans of elegant style. Below you will see various types of candle wall scones which might fit into your house as well. You can choose among different designs, colours, shapes and sizes so you shouldn’t have a problem with finding the right one for yourself.

Pewter candle wall sconces

A pair of candle sconces that you can mount to the wall. They are simple round structures with small spots for candles. Made of bronze with a silver and golden finish, they look just stunning when they reflect light.

Pair vintage colonial casting co pewter wall sconces candle holders

Pair Vintage Colonial Casting Co Pewter Wall Sconces Candle Holders Primitive
Bring back the gilded age right into your own home! Doesn't it sounds great?This pair of gorgeous pewter candle wall sconces, made of silver - have colonial tone and are very simple in the form. With this simplicity will cast shadows and luminous candlelight.

Pewter candle wall sconces 28

Traditional wall sconce for genuine wax candles. Crafted expertly of solid brass, with durable pewter plating. Lacquer coating adds lustre that lasts for decades. The sconce represents classic Colonial American design.

Vintage heavy pewter candle wall sconce

Vintage Heavy Pewter Candle Wall Sconce
The vintage candle wall sconce with the special plain to reflect the light into the rest of interior. I found it too oldschool nowadays and now it is dedicated more for the museum rather than to the living interior.

Vintage danish pewter wall sconce danish

Vintage Danish Pewter Wall Sconce Danish
These pewter candle wall sconces constitute a great example of vintage design. Bright silver tone and clean lines allow them to fit into almost every decor. They are 12 3/8" H and 3 1/4" W.

Pewter candle wall sconces 6

Pewter candle wall sconces 23

Antique pewter candle holder wall

Antique Pewter Candle Holder Wall
An antique candle wall scone that features a metal plate as a frame and a single candle holder. It features a very simple form, but the light of the flame will magically reflect from the surface of the plate.

Hinkley lighting virginian wall sconce in pewter

Hinkley Lighting Virginian Wall Sconce In Pewter
A remarkable pewter wall sconce made to resemble a candle holder. This wall lantern is bound to give your patio a nice, homely feeling and the pewter gives it a unique, antique detail.

Pewter candle wall sconces 4

Pewter candle wall sconces 14

Virginian 1 Light Wall Sconce

Virginian 1 Light Wall Sconce

Pewter candle wall sconces 9

Vintage pewter wall sconce candle holder

Double candle wall sconce

A little mystical - and very vintage pewter candle wall sconces, whose most important role is to support the candle and its warm light. Round shape made of copper, with an interesting gloss and gold finish - supports a narrow candle, on a small stand.

Pewter candle wall sconces 16

Wall light sconce queen anne style engraved pewter candle holder

Vintage colonial hammered pewter wall sconce candelabra candle stick holder


Pewter candle wall sconces 2

Pewter sconces

A pair of Art Deco candle wall sconces. They are made of beveled glass with a nicely curved image and a mirror finish. Each of them features a single candle arm. They can be easily mounted to a wall and they can be electrified.

Pewter candle wall sconces 21

Teak pewter 5 candle holder wall sconce danish modern midcentury

Teak Pewter 5 Candle Holder Wall Sconce Danish Modern Midcentury Rotating Arms
A beautiful, wooden modern candle holder with rotating arms and metal finish. A great blend of modern design and vintage feeling, bound to light and spice up any room.

Pewter candle sconces

Laurel 1 Light Wall Bracket

Laurel 1 Light Wall Bracket
Cool traditional wall sconce having a rectangular base, a scroll arm and a round shade holder of bronze-finished metal. A cylindrical shade is made of clear glass and surrounds a glass candle-like socket for 1 up to 60W bulb.

Wall pillar candle sconce set modern abstract contemporary design metal

Wall Pillar Candle Sconce Set Modern Abstract Contemporary Design Metal Romantic
Cast iron is a refined material for the creation of abstract, geometric forms of wall candle sconces in contemporary style. They have the form of long glass tubes, combined with elegant wood frames and circle accents.

Candelabra 1 Light Wall Sconce

Candelabra 1 Light Wall Sconce
Pretty traditional wall sconce for 1 up to 60W incandescent bulb. Its brass-finished metal fixture has a decorative round grooved base, a short S-like carved arm with a bowl and a white candle-like bulb socket. A bell shade is of white fabric.

Limestone candle sconce contemporary candles and candle holders 1

Limestone Candle Sconce Contemporary Candles And Candle Holders
An extraordinary candle sconce in a modern design. It's an irregular piece made of limestone with small glass panels. Plenty of metal candle sconces are attached to it and the panels magically twinkle in the light of the candles.

Pewter candle wall sconces 22

Modern candle sconce 16

Candle sconces for modern indoors. These elements of design provide small level of light and they also play decorative roles in the house. Their black frames for wall mounting are durable and neutral, so they match any home design.

Pewter candle wall sconces 2

Modern candle sconce 5

Something different to ordinary candle sconces; accessories if this kind are usually conflated with traditional style. These candle sconces are contemporary, almost industrial, as their appearance is rather rough. Silver brushed metal is their whole charm.

Candle sconces home depot

Candle sconces for modern indoors. Their sleek design includes metal wall fixture and metal candle dish for a glass vessel. These decorative elements are also resistant to different forms of damage and wear.

Brass & Silver Traditions Double Arm Oval Sconce, Pewter

Vintage cast iron wall sconces danish

Vintage Cast Iron Wall Sconces Danish
Modern candle sconces made of durable cast iron. These black wall sconces are designed for wall mounting. Their durable construction allows for holding elements that feature large weight. They also play decorative roles.

Pewter candle wall sconces 24

IMAX Forte Sconces, Set of 2

Set of two candle wall sconces. Made of black wrought iron and glass. Very nice modern design. Enjoy the warm light of candles every time you enter the room. Perfect addition for any home decor.

Pewter candle wall sconces 10

Pewter bedroom furniture 62

Phenomenal console table mounted on richly decorated base and reinforced with crossed supports. Elegant accent for all kinds of interiors. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Brushed nickel candle wall sconces

A curved, pewter wall sconce with a LED candle attached. A great way to light up your garden in the evening and preserve that gorgeous, antique feeling. The LED candle makes sure no wind blows up your light!

Home decor lighting sconce traditional pewter wall sconce

Bow and tassel sconce

Woodbury pewter wall sconce

Woodbury Pewter Wall Sconce
This pewter candle wall scone with real candle looks super oldish. It has silver plate behind the candle that looks like a shield. You can hand it on your dorrway, or on walls indoor. Super classic effect guaranteed.

Pewter wall sconces

A sophisticated wall sconce for candles. It's a beautiful, highly decorative unit made of steel with a silver finish and curved ornaments. Created for the outdoor and indoor use, it will be a nice accent of the space.

Pewter wall sconces for candles

Primitive colonial style pewter wwing candlestick. It looks like from the middle ages. Beautiful design that goes along with its multi usage purpose. It can be either put on a table in your dining room or hang on the wall.

Pewter wall sconces for candles

Candle holder in elegant style. It is completely made of metal and fitted with screw holes for easy mounting on the wall. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Pewter sconce

An outstanding, classic indoor pewet wall sconce resembling a candle holder. A perfect solution for that renaissance look, combining the simple beauty of a candle and the utility and safety of an electric light.

Ambiance Rectangular Concave 1 Light Wall Sconce

Ambiance Rectangular Concave 1 Light Wall Sconce
It is a very interesting illumination of the wall. It has the shape of the final column. It is a white sconce. His task is not to give intense light, but only a delicate scattering of darkness. It is perfect for the hall.

Nostalgic Vintage 1 Light Wall Sconce with Industrial Cage

Nostalgic Vintage 1 Light Wall Sconce with Industrial Cage
This item is very attractive and functional in the house. It is a wall sconce with industrial cage. The product assures the appropriate light level in the room. It also looks very stylish and its light bulb is protected from damage caused by different factors.

Alita 1 Light Naturals Champagne Wall Sconce

Alita 1 Light Naturals Champagne Wall Sconce
This item is a wall sconce that will iluminate indoors with its warm light. The whole construction of this item is based on premium materials, so it is very reliable. Overall size of this sconce is 9" H x 7" W x 5" D.