Pet End Table

What to say about these? Well, your pet will probably like them and they are appealing to people, too. These collection presents a variety of pet end tables in varying designs, sizes and shapes. They also have details and ornaments so you and your pet might be surprised in a positive way.

Pet end table

Let's give new life to old furniture - for example, transforming night tables by adding additional functions in the form of animal seats. Folded in an alcove under the table, an interesting fluffy fabric - they are table and pet den at the same time.

Pet end table 35

End table dog bed

Side table dog bed

End table for pet owners. This piece of furniture features a rectangular top and small storage drawer. Its lower area includes a compartment with soft sleeping space for dogs or cats. The whole table-bed is based on wooden construction.

Pet end table

This incredible table is made of old-fashioned worn-out water trough. It has desktop made of old wood. It is very inventive and original. This recycled piece of furniture is must-have in vintage rural house.

Pet end table 17

Wow, that's what I call a multifunctional piece of furnishing. A side table in lovable pink has a cat litter box hidden under its top. Additionally, the litter box is hidden behind a patterned pink curtain.

Just the picture something like this would be quite do

Repurposed end tables

Pet end table 8

Pet end table 22

Table pet

Pet end table 5

Cat end table

Pet end table 29

Pet end table 4

If your cat is not satisfied with her current pet bed, this fancy & cute four post design could meet the picky expectations. The posts are fluted and topped of with decorative finials. Purple finish was variegated with grass green and crystal accents.

Pet end table

Dog bed out of end table

Pet bed, dedicated especially for little dogs and cats. This cute bed's bedstead is recycled of old vintage night table. Pink decorations give this bed more glamour, pink and black bedding makes it more comfortable.

Dog end table

A creative idea for a luxurious dog bed made of an end table, which is simply put upside down. The top of the table serves as a comfortable, cushioned seat. The legs look like decorative pillars. You can even hang a canopy there.

Dog end table 8

This lovely dog bed end table constitutes a great example of repurposing. Upcycled and turned into an adorable house for puppy, it will delight both the dog and its onwer, being a lovely addition to the house decor.

Pet end table 1

Pet bed table

A truly beautiful, very modern looking floor lamp made from exquisite, cherry wood. Its tall design gives it a very unique, unusual look. Perfect for a contemporary living room, this lamp is bound to spice up your home.

Pet end table 28

Dog beds made out of end tables

Create a piece that doubles its functionality and makes your home stand out, while taking as little floor space as possible with this side table that easily doubles as a pet bed. It sports the octagonal shape to make it convenient to fit and a neutral, white finish.

Pet end table 3

Dog bed out of end table 1

Octagonal side table with removed doors serves now as pet bed (and still its surface can support some small items). Notice the cute little chandelier hanged inside. There are patterned blue curtains tied with ribbons.

Dog end table 3

This lovely dog bed enchants with its precise imitation of a real, full-size bed. A wonderful handmade project, which brings much warmth and liveliness to the interior. A must-have for all dog onwers.

Pet end table 1

End table dog bed

Dog crate made of wood. Includes additional drawer for storing needed stuff. It consists of vertically arranged strips. Designed for medium sized dogs. It can be used as end table.

Dog end table 1

A pretty wooden end table and dog crate in one with a nice finish in warm browns. It has a rectangular top with bevelled edges and a full base. A back wall is full, upper parts of side walls are of vertical rods, a catched door is entirely of rods.

Pet end table 6

Pet end table 7

Elegant end table. Traditional end table with beautiful scrolled metal legs and inlaid top design. With this table your decor will look much more classic and elegant. The table has attractive carved edges and cherry finish.

Castle Hill End Table

Castle Hill End Table
It is an end table that has got a one drawer for storing your favorite items. It has got a mission oak finish and wood with metal construction. It is a very good choice for your bedroom and living room.

Pet end table 2

An amazing transformation of an old TV set into a dog bed and a piece of furniture. The inside of the TV set was filled with a comfy cushion for a furry friend. The whole piece was painted in a dark color and serves as an end table.

End Table

End Table
Simple and elegant - this piece is a stunning addition to almost any part of your household, letting you get a boost of style and visual appeal, while providing you with the boost of surface space for your home.

Pet end table 11

Pet end table 13

Pet end table 18

Pet end table 20

Pet end table 21

Pet end table 23

Pet end table 24

Pet end table 25

Pet end table 26

Pet end table 27

End table reptile cage great for small species

Lovely coastal shabby chic pet bed end table by fanciedupfinds

Pet end table 30

Slick End Table

Slick End Table
Add style to your home with this modern slick end table. It can be used as a side table and nightstand. It is available in many amazing colors to choose. It looks cool in contemporary room.

Pet end table 31