Pet Bed Furniture

Everyone enjoys a certain degree of comfort. Now you can choose furniture for your pet so take a closer look at the solutions presented in this collection. If you have any doubts, we can assure you that many customers are satisfied with all the designs, sizes and colours shown below – and you can be one of them as well.

Alyssa Thompson Interior Design Expert
Pet bed furniture 1
Theresa How

An indoor dog house that will make your beloved puppy very happy. Made of sturdy wood and covered in a bit distressed white finish, the house stands almost flat on the ground, and has a spacious inside with built-in lighting system.

Diy wooden dog crate
Elizabeth Perry

This beautifully arranged bedroom is a combination loft bed with built-in dog crate at the base. The whole presents itself perfectly creating a functional whole. Simple design with stairs is incredibly stylish.

How to make a dog ramp
Evans Liliana

A very original and practical project for pet owners. This bed for dog or cat includes comfortable and solid steps that allow for sleeping on the same level just like human. This bed also includes a lower storage drawer.

Dog bed nightstand with steps
Jaclyn Hend

Owners of dogs are interested in providing comfort to their animals thanks to this dog house furniture with an upper bed and lower bowls. This construction includes solid stairs and the bed includes protective rails.

Dog furniture beds

Do not deserve our pets to live in small provence, tasteful shacks?This little bedroom for pets are also a nightstand. Pastel beige and blue shades are completed with plenteous designed cushions.Hexagonal tops of tables are also very well-designed.

Creative dog beds

Thanks to this bed for indoors, your beloved pup will be sleeping like a royal family member. The bed boasts of a sculpted silhouette, with turned posts, golden accents, stylish ball finials, a quality fabric canopy and decorative curtains.

Dog bed made from old tv

Interesting dog bed that looks like a chest with drawers, but its interior area includes a large space with dog bed. This element of furniture looks attractive in any house and it provides protection and comfort for animals.

Double decker dog bed
Mega Leahbrown

This lovely dog house constitutes a great proposition for your pet. Providing comfortable relax, it will become his new favorite bed. On the other hand, you will benefit from its lovely, ornamental design, with lot of subtle details.

Dog beds made from drawers
Chloe Hughesful

This gorgeous navy blue dog bed is actually a great example of a well done DIY project. Padded with a soft, white cushion, it offers your furry friend the best conditions to rest and relax.

Pet bed furniture
Adams Catherine

Charming pet bed furniture is a perfect combination of beautiful wooden construction, wheels, and comfortable pet bed for rest. The whole is kept in neutral gray colors and will appeal to our little pets.

Pet bed furniture
Brittany Peterson

An aesthetic contemporary dog bed for outdoor use. It looks like the Adirondack style chair with tiny feet and wide arms. It's of weatherproof white plastic. A gently sloped seat is longwise slatted while an arched back is built of vertical slats.

Dog bedroom furniture
Renee Murphy

Charming bed dedicated to cats and dogs. Wooden frame is fitted with 2 nightstands. Designed for medium sized pets. Includes removable pillow for easy cleaning. Suitable for all kinds of interiors according to taste.

Pet bed furniture
Sarah Lew

Made from an old chair and a drawer, this small pet bed is a perfect example of a DIY upcycling project. The size of its depends on the size of the drawer you want to use for it.

Pet bed furniture 9
Alexis Hallify

Do not suggest the sad face of this dog. It is not the fault of his wonderful pet bed furniture, an oasis of privacy made out of an old bedside table, where the wall has oriental blue patterns and the whole has a light beige shade, painted wood.

Pet bed furniture
Abbey Kowalski

If you are looking for a convenient solution for storage all your dog's needs and place for its bed in one place this is something you will like. Cute looking and very comfortable for your pet as well would match with your interior perfectly.

Pet bed furniture 12
Rachel Morgan

Cute pet bed. Handcrafted (<3!) from upcycled furniture, painted with chalk paint for a washed finish, it presents itself pretty amazing! Its owner surely wanted to introduce some shabby chic accents indoors.

Dog crate tv stand
Brittany Ree

Dogs as advocates of social life, sometimes however tired, need a moment of breath in their personal protection in the form of even our nightstand, retro or classic pet bed kennel furniture. Where in the middle there is a cushion and a dog bed.

Dog bed tv
Renee Thom

Beautiful composition of this impressive animal furniture is a combination of beautiful form and functional pet bed. A simple design with a countertop and a spacious interior perfect for the dog's cushion is superbly presented.

Available through bulldog bed company
Jennifer Hay
33 modern cat and dog beds creative pet furniture design
Anderson Marisa
Dog bed next to bed
Bryant Krystal

Looking for a pet bed that would spruce up your ambiance? Well you need to consider this covered dog bed with green color, wooden construction and funny design. It can be used as a side table too!

Pet bed furniture 13
Allison Wri

An amazing and original idea - this pet bed project offers a convenient and functional place for your friend to sleep in, while it comes with an utterly charming design packed with style and fun.

Pet bed furniture 14

Cats love to look at all others from a height, metaphorically and practically also. Hence, a wooden pet bed, mounted to the ceiling - on which a predatory cat must first climb - is a hit. Bright pine wood, a circular, deep space to sleep.

Dog bed out of old tv

Beautifully crafted wood furniture style beds are a great combination of functional furniture and space for our pets. Attractive design and excellent finish make the dog crates look perfect in the interiors.

Diy dog furniture
Anderson Marisa

A fantabulous side table that is integrated with a comfy house for your meowing critter. The basket-like base is made of neatly-woven wicker and has a hollow inside accommodated with a soft cushion. The top is round and sturdy, crafted of hardwood.

Old tv turned into dog bed

Some people said that the kitties don't need their own bed, because they could sleep everywhere. But creation of such masterpiece like this, could dispose them to choose their own bed rather than yours.

Dog house for inside

Are you a dog-lover? Then take a look at this astonishing, tiny dog bed! Such a cute, candy design, perfect for a small pug or a Chihuahua. Looks like a tiny, pink castle. Your dog will surely love it!

Cool dog bed ideas
Jasmine Tho
Cat furniture plans

This interestingly made climber bookcase for cats is a great combination of functionality and space to play. Attractive design and located in the cabinet cuvette give cats a lot of options, and the interior looks great.

Designer pet furniture clockwise from top left wood dolly bed
Pet bed furniture 10
Jillian Kel
Dog beds with steps
Susan Sim
How to make dog furniture
Susan Mur

Your lovely pet needs this dog bed. It's a small version of normal bed, with wooden frame and comfy mattress. Add the adorable bedding set, and enjoy the fantastic dog's place to sleep.

Pet bed furniture 4
Cintia Brook
Pet bed furniture 2
Mackenzie Milani

Love this idea! Might need a winter upcycling project, this would look great in the pet room. This fantastic pet furniture could be both your new cat/dog's house or just a nice place where you can store books and files.

Dog bed dresser with stairs
Lisa Rich

Dogs will be pleased with this bed made of dresser drawer. Wooden construction with horizontal slats is solid and comfortable for animals. Of course it includes metal drawer handles that play decorative roles in this case.

Ultra Plush Snuggle Pet Bed
Craven Rachel

Ultra Plush Snuggle Pet Bed

Pet bed furniture 6
Alexis Milani

This amazing piece will prove to be a sublime choice for every household with a cat, since it allows you pet to truly use the given space to the maximum, while not taking up too much of your floor space in the process.

Tv dog bed

This piece, shown above - used to be an awkward side table once. Yet it has been successfully transformed to a stylish pet bed, painted white, with cozy light green bedding inside. The doggie here must be delighted.

Cat bed on stand
Sarah Bro
Awesome cat furniture design ideas for crazy cat people indiana
Alexis Millerism
Cute dog houses
Stone Caroline
Pet Furniture Igloo Dog Dome
Crystal Pri

Pet Furniture Igloo Dog Dome
Fantastic furniture designed to provide your dog with a functional sleeping place. Made of durable and comfortable sherpa fabric, this convenient item is very portable and easy to move, and easy to clean thanks to removable inner cushion.

Pet bed from old tv recycled furniture
Jenna Daviesful
Handmade wooden dog beds
Bush Eliza

The dog bed can be a great piece of décor as an example of this model. The whole made of wood with a soft cushion on top looks great and will appeal to every pet. Simple design is universal for any interior.

How to turn old furniture into new pet beds
All pet furniture
Crystal Bar

Decorative and practical dog bed that features a solid wooden frame with some carved decorations finished in gold color. Interior space of this bed provides comfort, softness and safety to different dogs.

How to make a plywood pet bed and occasional table
Julia Lambertify
Diy industrial rustic dog bed
Mackenzie Poly
Luxury homes interior design trends
Veronica Butler