Perfume Vanity Tray Sets

A perfume vanity tray set is a smart idea to keep all perfume bottles together. It looks great and adds a decoration feature to the vanity table. Browse below to see the ideas and products I've found on the web.

Perfume vanity tray sets

A gorgeous adittion for indoors; this vanity tray set is consisted of 2 beautifully designed round trays, giving you a truly lovely decoration. Each tray has a mirrored center surrounded with silver-finished metal pearls.

Perfume vanity tray sets

Perfume vanity tray sets

Beautiful, decorative vanity trays are an incredible performance with mirror top. The ornamented borders embellish the details and make the décor unique. Beautiful shapes and functionality make it a very practical addition.

Matson gold roses round vanity tray 1950s vintage

Matson Gold Roses Round Vanity Tray 1950s Vintage
The delicious round vanity tray is a great combination of style and design. The whole combines a mirror base and a beautiful gilded base. Plate beautifully presents perfume or other cosmetics in female vanity.

Perfume vanity tray sets 1

Vanity Tray I

Vanity Tray I
An aesthetic decoration for homes, stores and offices. This Vanity Tray in Clear Finish features a beautifully bordered glass design, raised edges to keep items inside the tray, and stainless steel hardware to keep glass tubes firmly in place.

Perfume vanity tray sets

Perfume mirror vanity trays

Glass tray for perfume

A truly magnificent vanity tray set that will elevate your bedroom decor in a blink of an eye. The set consists of 1 exquisite tray with mirrored surface and golden accents, and 1 perfume vial decorated with sparkling crystals and golden base.

Glass perfume tray mirror

Glass perfume tray

Vintage accessories set is perfect not only for brides. Made with silver finish, mirror and brush with delicate ornaments will add more charm to every day routine. Wide tray contain every necessary object in one stylish place.

Perfume holder tray

This beautifully polished white vanity tray offers an amazingly looking surface for your perfumes. It fits well with gold or silver surroundings. Ideal example of minimal, stylish contemporary design.

Vintage art deco crystal vanity set

Vanity tray set

A charming traditional faux vanity tray set. A round tray has a mirrored surface and a low elevated edge. Shape and size-varied vials and bottles have pinkish shades and caps of pearly and golden beads.

Perfume vanity tray sets

Vanity tray set 2

This beautiful vanity tray set enchants with intricate design and mirrored finishing. All constituting a fairly luxurious, prestigious accent in one's bedroom. Recommended for all, who love elegance.

Perfume mirror tray

Vanity tray set 3

If you love sumptuousness, this vintage beauty-set is dedicated special for you. It is composed of big mirror, hairbrush, comb, jewel case and perfumes. Every element is sculptural and covered of gold.

Perfume vanity tray sets

Vanity tray set 5

These are goldtone vanity trays for makeup accessories - two of them, one rectangular & large and the second one square, half of the size. They stay on tiny feet and have see-through edges with intertwining circles design.

7 piece limoges france porcelain dresser

7 Piece Limoges France Porcelain Dresser
Why not truly complete your vanity table with this sublime vanity tray set that includes a perfume bottle, trinket box, ring dish and all in the stunning, French china structure of the highest quality and sublime looks.

Vanity tray set 4

Rustic and weathered – a perfect piece of furniture for austere furniture enthusiasts. This little vanity tray with a worn-off coat of paint and a pastel, green color is a great addition to a beach themed bathroom.

Mirror trays for perfume

Godinger Crystal Dublin Vanity Tray

Crystal stylish tray made of crystal glass. Crystal glass is used in the manufacture of decorative items and crystal lens, since it has a high refractive index and a high density. Beautifully presents on the table and in the bathroom, as a holder for luxury cosmetics.

Crystal vanity tray sets

1930s pink depression glass vanity set

1930s Pink Depression Glass Vanity Set
Set of pink glass vintage perfume phials in the style of 30s. Probably the dream of many women, beautiful unvarnished pink glass with gold metal details make this set a classy one. Must have for 30s lovers!

Vanity perfume

A sublime and utterly beautiful vanity tray that is small enough to easily fit in any interior and at the same time offers a one-of-a-kind look packed with utmost class and a sophisticated look thanks to the molded sides and glossy gold finish.

Mirrored tissue box cover 2

A beautiful addition for any room, this vanity tray set emanates with clean lines and flawless elegance. Characterized by mirrored construction and a matching tissue box cover, the square tray is perfect for displaying perfume.

Perfume vanity tray

Incredibly perfume vanity tray set is a perfect combination of attractive style and beautiful decor. The whole combines vintage style and lovely pink gems and golds. Every woman will be delighted.

Perfume vanity tray sets 5

Antique mirrored vanity tray 1

A beautiful, silver tray that may serve as a nice decoration of your vanity table. You can keep your jewellery, perfumes or other cosmetics on it. Display it together with a candle in soft colors and you will get a nice decorative corner.

Perfume trays

Small but functional vanity tray for perfumes. Its simple appearance perfectly matches different indoors and different kinds of vanity sets. It is also very solid and provides stability for all perfumes located on its surface.

Dresser trays perfumes

A chic traditional vanity tray crafted of quality material with a glossy white finish. It's composed of 2 size-varied round trays with scalloped edges and intricate perforated lacy floral patterns, a round elevated base and a tapered up stem.

Mirror tray for perfume

True princesses keep their cosmetics and perfume on silver vanity trays! Especially hand-decorated in antique tone. Put all your favorite makeup brushes which handels also have silver finishes.To add lightness, you can place the tray with a delicate lace.

Vintage mirrored vanity tray

Romantic vanity setting with a DIY vanity tray made of an old picture frame. Thanks to raised edge with unique carvings, it serves the purpose with style. The bottom was painted hot pink to match the vanity table skirt.

Vanity tray set for dresser 8

Vanity tray decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. It is made of metal with gold finish. Great for storing perfumes, cosmetics and others needed stuff.

Two tier vanity tray

Organizing you parfume shelf is not an easy idea. The crystal parfume bottles on the incrusted wooden tray perfectly catches the light. This action could lighten your bathroom and add it some exclusive view.

Mirror Vanity Tray

Mirror Vanity Tray
This mirror vanity tray is made of glass and is hand wash only. It is perfect for dresser, bathroom shelves and more. It adds style and glamorous look to any room in home. You need to have it.

Antique mirrored vanity tray

Calypso Basics Tidbit Decorative Tray

Calypso Basics Tidbit Decorative Tray
If you are looking for aesthetic and durable tray for your snacks and drinks, this Tidbit Decorative Tray in Turquoise Finish is going to efficiently help you with that. The tray presents a beautiful, streamlined design consisted of lightweight melamine.

Perfume vanity tray sets 4

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Reminds me of set my mom had when i was

Athena Tray

Athena Tray

Neu home 2 tier mirror vanity tray oil rubbed bronze

Perfume vanity tray sets

Amber Vanity Tray 8" X 8" x 1.75H - DT54

Antique perfume bottles set in basket pink from the collection

Purple & Green Dragonfly With Jewels/Flowers Vanity Tray 6" x 8" - DT45

Ballina mirrored vanity tray vanity accessories bath touch of