Pendulum Wall Clock

Are you looking for an appropriate wall clock for your house? In that case you should definitely check the offers that are presented below. These photos depict various types, sizes, shapes and colours of pendulum wall clocks. But you can be sure that all of them work and look well, no question about that.

Alexis Milani Interior Design Expert
Pendulum wall clock 12
Joanna Lew

If you’re bored of all the wall clock designs, even modern and exotic ones, this one is bound to satisfy your needs. An amazing reinvented avant-garde grandfather’s clock. You’ve never seen anything like this before, I bet!

LightInTheBox 32" Retro Style Vintage Pastoral Wall Clock with Pendulum
Esther Bryant

It is a vintage pastoral wall clock that has got a pendulum, retro design and high quality. It is perfect for romantic style and decor in your living room, bedroom, family room and other.

Black Metal Wall Clock with Red Dot Pendulum, 25.5"
Mendes Natasha

Featuring sophisticated modernist design, this black metal wall clock with eye-catching red dot pendulum will jazz up the space's decor, wherever you decide to hang it. It features a high-quality quartz movement for maximum accuracy.

Howard Miller 625-279 Bergen Wall Clock
Craven Zoe

This elegant wall clock is going to improve your living room or hallway with functionality and timeless appearance. The clock features a round white dial with black bar hour markers, and a long pendulum covered in a brushed nickel finish.

Pendulum wall clock
Allen Cynthia

Pendulum Wall Clock - Pendulum clocks have seldom been redesigned and it’s probably because of our fixation with grandfather clocks. Nuno Teixeira brings out creative value to the proposition with his version of the Pendulum Wall Clock. It features led

Seiko Wall Pendulum Clock Dark Brown Solid Oak Case with Hand-Rubbed Finish
Lindsey Gonzalez

This magnificent wall clock in a hand-rubbed finish has a sturdy case, crafted from dark brown solid oak. Also includes a functional pendulum, round face with Arabic numerals, and a glass cover with decorative trim.

Peanuts "A Charlie Brown Christmas" Holiday Wall/Stand Pendulum Cuckoo Clock
Wilson Gabrielle

It is an adorable Christmas wall clock that has got a pendulum, cuckoo and red finish. Everyone will be impressed how pretty this product is. You need to have it.

Modern pendulum wall clock 1
Lauren Park

Blue Pendulum Wall Clock - Laser Cut Cardboard

Seiko Wall Pendulum Schoolhouse Clock Dark Brown Solid Oak Case
Ashley Roge

This type of equipment is a high quality, attractive and very reliable clock designed for use on a wall. It features a very durable frame and case made of oak wood. It has got large Roman numbers that are easy to read.

Seiko Wall Pendulum Schoolhouse Clock Dark Brown Solid Oak Case
Lisa Wilson

Beautiful pendulum wall clock featuring dark brown finish, classic design and case made of oak. The latter, ensures durability and sturdiness of the clock. It's design perfectly fits variety of interiors.

The Templeton Regulator Wall Clock
Krystal Johnson

Unique, artistically handmade metal clock that plays chimes on full hours. This clock literally adds movement to a decor, as the mechanism is weight driven, and the weight lowers as the pendulum swings.

Vintage Rose Pendulum Wall Clock
Monica Jame

Admirable beautifully adorned pendulum wall clock that has a lovely rose design surrounding the face that is hand-painted with soft pinks and greens. Real working pendulum swings from the botton to add even more style to the piece.

Ashton sutton bird pendulum wall clock wayfair

Ashton Sutton Bird Pendulum Wall Clock | Wayfair

River City Clocks Chiming Regulator Wall Clock with Swinging Pendulum and Oak Finish - 24 Inches Tall - Model # 6023O

Classic wall clock with gold tone swinging pendulum. The wood case sports elegant oak finish and clear glass front panel. The clock plays chimes at hours. It is equipped with volume control and night silence mode.

Pendulum wall clock 10
Patterson Alexandra

This can actually be quite a long time! It is hard just to pass through this project, it grabs the attention with its ingenuity. A combination of modern shape with classical pendulum clock.

Pendulum wall clock 18
Laetitia Zernike


Allen Designs COFFEE PLEASE Pendulum Wall Clock
Amber Pri

It's time for coffee! This witty wall clock is a nice gift for a coffee amateur. Its design was inspired by everyone of us who can't stand the morning without a cup of coffee. That's how you look when you don't drink it!

Seiko Wall Pendulum Clock Silver-Tone Case on Black Solid Wood Base

It is a wall pendulum clock that has got a silver-tone case, black solid wood base and contemporary design. It fits perfectly to modern style and décor and is a fantastic addition to living room.

Pendulum wall clock 16
Mendes Natasha

Maples Clock Silhouette Pendulum Wall Clock | Wayfair

Seiko Wall Pendulum Clock Dark Brown Solid Oak Case

Pendulum wall clock featuring dark brown finish and durable case made of solid oak. Additionally, the clock has golden-white dial, beautiful hands and Roman numbers. The clock is a great addition to all interiors furnished in classic style.

Howard Miller 625-296 Paulina Wall Clock
Holly Wat

It is a wall clock that has got an aged dial, Roman numerals, spade hands, convex acrylic crystal and elegant design. It adds style and beauty to any room in your home. You will be impressed how beautiful this wall clock is.

Cuckoo Clock: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Wall Clock by The Bradford Exchange
Kristen Tur

The fancy cuckoo clock-a spectacular sculpture and watchmaker.Hand-made,inspired by the world of Tim Burton.A little gloomy-it also has small lights Led. Characters from the movie of the famous madman-fill this extravagant pendulum wall clock in dark colors.

Howard Miller Malia Wall Clock with Westminster Chime, Cherry Finish, Quartz Movement
Jacqueline Cole

It is a traditional wall clock that has got a beautiful cherry finish and solid wood construction. It adds elegance, style and beauty to any room in your home. You will be impressed how fantastic this product is.

Copper wall clocks 4

A modern wall clock that shines with flawless form and timless design. It's handmade and hand-painted, featuring a rectangular wooden background, and a round pendulum of hand-colored copper along with a matching oval face.

Beautiful Kassel 15 Day Wood Wall Pendulum Clock with Glass Front
Julie Jenk

This elegant wall clock is beautifully crafted from sturdy wood, offering a functional, swinging pendulum. The clock chimes every hour and every half an hour, and includes a white face with Roman numerals, covered by a glass front panel.

River City Clocks Chiming Regulator Wall Clock with Swinging Pendulum and Cherry Finish - 24 Inches Tall - Model # 6023C
Michelle Long

Beautiful pendulum wall clock with cabinet finished in classic cherry color, German quartz movement, night mode, volume control and a chime. It's a great addition to all interiors furnished in classic style.

Bond Street Oversized 30" Wall Clock
Theresa Hall

Bond Street Oversized 30" Wall Clock
This type of device is a high quality clock designed for wall mounting. It has got a round shape and a black decorative face with gold Roman numbers for hours and Arabic numbers for minutes and seconds.

Southwestern Rattlesnake Wall Clock with Snake Rattler Pendulum for Desert Southwest Home Decor and Gifts for Arizona Diamondbacks Fans
Natalie Edwards

This kind of wall clock is a very interesting product that has got a snake stylization. It measures 7 1/8" x 3 1/4" x 12 1/8" and its weight is not large. This clock features Arabic numbers that are easy to read.

Erika Nel

It is a beautiful wall clock that has got a round shape, Roman numerals and antique brown finish. You will be impressed how amazing it looks on your wall. This product is perfect as a gift.

Ashton Sutton Cat Clock with Pendulum
Coleman Natasha

Pendulum wall clock featuring cat theme, large and easy to read Arabic numbers. Additionally, the clock is made of high quality materials and provides originality. It's a perfect idea for a gift for cats lover.

Oversized 32" Romanian Styled Antique Wall Clock
Lambert Abbey

Oversized 32" Romanian Styled Antique Wall Clock
This device is a very functional and attractive wall clock that has got a round shape. It introduces a retro style into the house. Its black hands and black Roman numbers (for hours) with black Arabic numbers (for minutes) are readable.

Maple's Traditional Plastic Wall Clock with Pendulum
Taylor Courtney

It is a traditional wall clock that is made of plastic and has got a pendulum. It is perfect for your home and for commercial use. Everyone will tell you how perfect it looks on your wall.

Seiko Wall Clock With Pendulum Dark Brown Case Westminster/Whittington Chime
Stacey Hughes

This wall clock has got a pendulum, dark brown case, batteries and traditional design. It is a fantastic addition to any living room, bedroom, library and other. You will be impressed how beautiful this clock is.

Howard Miller 625-326 Carmen Wall Clock
Martinez Marisa

Pendulum wall clock featuring classic design , columns finished in Windsor cherry color, quartz movement and antique dial with large Roman numerals. Additionally, the clock requires a battery for operation.

Seiko Wall Pendulum Clock Mahogany Finish Solid Wood Case
Hilton Emily

Pendulum wall clock featuring Roman numerals, beautiful black hands, mahogany finish and sturdy case made of solid wood. Additionally, it's classic design fits majority of interiors furnished in classic style.

Felix the Cat Animated Wall Clock

It is a Felix the cat 3-D motion wall clock that has got a beautiful and funny design and is great for your bedroom, living room and kids room. It adds beauty to any home. It is a fantastic choice.

Fantastic antique german pendulum wall clock approx 1890
Ward Jenna

Fantastic Antique German Pendulum Wall Clock Approx 1890

Vendome pendulum wall clock
Kathleen Camp

Vendome Pendulum Wall Clock

Seiko QXM489BLH Wall Musical Collection Pendulum Clock
Yulia Thompson

Pendulum wall clock featuring appealing classic design, brown finish and construction made of strong and durable materials. It's a great addition to all interiors requiring addition of class and style.

Howard Miller 625-340 Gwyneth Wall Clock
Williams Rachel

The design of this clock incorporates modern elegance as its finest. Combination of black and brushed nickel finish excellently highlights the updated form, composed of bold straight lines and softening curves.

Pendulum wall clock sherlock
Diana Washington

Pendulum wall clock Sherlock

Pendulum wall clock concept
Rebecca Ros


Ashton Sutton Birds and BirdHouse Wall Clock with Pendulum
Alexis Millerism

This wall clock is characterized by a birdhouse design covered in a pitch black finish. The clock is laser cut, and features a round white face with Arabic numerals (marking only 3, 6, 9 and 12 hour), and a black hands with a black second hand.

Humpty dumpty pendulum wall clock

Humpty Dumpty pendulum wall clock

Allen Designs "Sunny Skies" Smiling Sun Pendulum Wall Clock

This wall clock is an easy option to give any indoor area a touch of artistry! Its colorful smiling sun design appeals to kids and adults, and it has bird hands and a pendulum with a blue cloud motif!

Description old pendulum clock jpg

Description Old Pendulum clock.jpg

Pendulum wall clock by nuno teixeira wall clock decor
Cynthia Phil

Pendulum - Wall Clock by Nuno Teixeira #wall #clock #decor

Pendulum wall clock
Reed Jamie

Pendulum Wall Clock

Metalwerks pendulum wall clock
Wilson Gabrielle

Metalwerks Pendulum Wall Clock

Pendulum wall clock 19
Kristina Tho

unique pendulum clock | Ivory Iridescent Pendulum Wall Clock