Pendant Lamp Shade

What would you say about such pendant lamps? If you think this would be a nice addition to your house, feel free to get inspired by the designs, sizes and colours that are presented here. There is no need to rush with the choice so take all the time you need to pick the right model.

Pendant lamp shade

The beautiful spherical lamp from copper anodised aluminium an oversized LED bulb is suspended within the centre to make it the ultimate shadow play pendant. Enormous globe is lightweight (only 980 grams) with a correspondingly ethereal visual attitude.

Pendant lamp shade 1

Beautiful, handmade wooden pendant lamp shade will allow you to hide old bulbs and simply redecorate the room. It will be great addition to rustic or orient home decors with it's raw design. Very effective.

Pendant lamp shade 7

Pendant lamp shade 8

Lampshade pendant

A DIY lighting fixture is an inexpensive alternative for ready-made lamps that you would buy in a shop. You can prepare your own lamp shade with the use of a colander, a string globe, or wooden elements.

Pendant lamp shade 1

Pendant lamp shade 1

Charming contemporary hanging lanterns hand-crafted of quality paper in prevalent blue, white, silvery and coppery shades. They have mostly spherical or semi-oval bodies with intricate perforated patterns.

Paper mache lamp shades

This handmade lamp shade adds much warmth and liveliness to the interiors. The colorfulness of used planks will provide an eclectic light, which will delight all the visitors.



Pendant lamp shade 12

Paper mache lamp shade

No metal,no steel-braided lampshade- that's how we call modernity now.Combined with romanticism.It has the shape of a droplet, made of thick braided cord, surrounds a traditional light bulb, giving it a lot of freedom. Ideal for a bedroom or living room.

Pendant lamp shade 26

Pendant lamp shade 6

Unbelievable triangle shaped strips of vellum glued onto a chinese

Pendant lamp shade

Pendant lamp shade 18

Pendant lamp shade 9

Lightingsky Ceiling Pendant DIY IQ Jigsaw Puzzle Lamp Shade Kit with 40 Inch Hanging Cord (Yellow, Small-25cm)

Pendant lamp shade 5

A lovely example of a DIY pendant lamp shades. Differing in size and patterns, all made of natural materials, therefore attracting the enthusiasts of eco-friendly design.

Pendant lamp shade 24

Pendant lamp shade 16

6" Bell Lamp Shade

6" Bell Lamp Shade
It is a classic lamp shade that is available in two colors: beige and bronze. It adds style and beauty to your home. You will be impressed how amazing this lamp shade is. You need to have it.

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Pendant lamp shade 21

Pendant lamp shade 22

Pendant lamp shade 13

Pendant lamp shade 23

Pendant lamp shade 14

Pendant lampshade

Pendant lamp shade 2

Do you like to embellish your home with fresh ideas made by yourself? Best if it is also cheap? Old bottles and colored cords,wrapped and cut at the right time, bottle glass - will create a set of pendant lampshades.Put a light bulb on and hang it on the wall.

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Pendant lamp shade 27

Pendant lamp shade 2

For sure, you will be attracted to these simple, but beautiful lamp shades. They are made of material known as burlap, which features an awesome rustic look. The lamps give warm and delicate light. They will look great with wooden accessories.

Venise lace faux chandelier pendant lamp

Venise Lace Faux Chandelier Pendant Lamp
A truly exceptional lace chandelier that was hand made. You can simply attach it to your old pendant lamp to give your ceiling a new life. From top of the ribbon loop to the bottom the shade is 17 inches long.

Pendant lamp shade 3

A beautiful collection of lamp shades made of lace and doily. They are highly decorative and elegant, especially when they feature crystal accents. The shades are very delicate and unusual as each of them is one of a kind.

Plum abaca pendant light shade 8 woven string lamp shades

Corrugated cardboard lamp duurzaam hergebruik

Pendant lamp shade 3

This pedant lamp shade looks totally cool. You could easily turn a nondescript Ikea lamp into a stylish talking piece, all wth a bit of wooden veneer. Yellowish light inside the lampshade makes it look even more cool.

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Pendant lamp shade 4

Pendant lampshade in modern style. Stylish addition for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

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14" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade

14" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade
A beautiful shade for your lamp in traditional style and yellow finish to allow adding some warmth and coziness to your interior, while the material provides strength and reliability with the silk and shantung combination.

Varmluft pendant lamp shade ikea gives a soft glowing light

Diy wood pendant light tutorial at mallorie makes things

Cover up my lampshades like this this is clever tape

Christopher moulder shade pendant lamp

Calvin pendant light shade

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Ryssby 2014 pendant lamp shade ikea diffused light which provides

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