Pegasus Bathroom Furniture

If you are searching for bathroom furniture, this is your chance. We recommend to check out these colours, designs and different features of this bathroom furniture, after which you will be able to decide well. In the end, do you feel ready to do that or what else would you like to do?

Alyssa Thompson Interior Design Expert
Pegasus G-294CM-2410DW Palmetto 24-Inch Surface-Mount Corner Medicine Cabinet, Driftwood
Mackenzie Milani
Pegasus Pegasus Deco 20W x 26H in. Oil Rubbed Bronze Framed Medicine Cabinet SP4599
Julia Lambertify
Verdanza 24" x 3" Bathroom Shelf

Verdanza 24" x 3" Bathroom Shelf
Contemporary style wall-mount bathroom shelf creating a decent backstage for parfume bottles and stuff. The shelf is made of tempered glass which is supported by zinc brackets. It is able to hold up to 5 lbs.

Pegasus NACC2531 Naples Medicine Cabinet, Warm Cinnamon
Lewis Melissa

This beautiful and functional Medicine Cabinet in Warm Cinnamon Finish is going to enhance your home décor in no time. Designed of poplar solids and birch veneers, the cabinet includes 1 mirrored door, and 3 adjustable glass shelves.

Pegasus PEG-678CM-2410MA Richmond 24-Inch Surface-Mount Corner Medicine Cabinet, Mahogany
Rachel Massonable

Medical Corner cupboard with a mirror mounted on the door. The construction is made of wood. The door can be opened to the left and right side. The cabinet has a lot of positive ratings from customers.

Pegasus SP4608 Deco 15-Inch Framed Medicine Cabinet, Espresso
Liliana Gadjus

With this medicine cabinet in your bathroom your interior will finally be complete, allowing the maximum possible functionality. The mirror lets you take a good look at yourself, while behind the door you see the adjustable glass shelves to accommodate your every need.

Pegasus SP4589 31-Inch by 36-Inch Tri-View Beveled Mirror Medicine Cabinet, Clear
Sanchez Monica

Pretty modern medicine cabinet made of resistant aluminum with a clear white finish. It has 3 self-closing doors with beveled mirrors and inside adjustable glass shelves. A cabinet is designed both for mounting into recesses or on flat walls.

Tri-View Beveled Mirrored Medicine Cabinet
Cintia Brook

This intricate product will bring functionality to your home, while offering trusted, enduring qualities. This piece features high style and beautiful detailing, this item captures the essence of old-world elegance.

Pegasus Tri-View Beveled Mirror 48W x 26H in. Medicine Cabinet SP4588
Cintia Brook

Elegant large rectangular 3-door medicine cabinet. It is made of resistant aluminum finished in white. A cabinet has 3 beveled mirrors, adjustable glass shelves and self-closing doors. It can be fixed both in recesses and on flat walls.

Pegasus SP4596 Deco 30-Inch High by 24-Inch Wide Framed Medicine Cabinet, Brushed Nickel
Olivia Smithist

Elegant modern cabinet for storage medicines. Made of resistant aluminum with a nickel finish. It has 1 self-closing door with a decorative frame and adjustable glass shelves. Pretty and practical, intended for mounting into recesses or on walls.

Floating Glass Bathroom Shelf

Floating Glass Bathroom Shelf
Simple aesthetic shelf intended for bathroom accessories but it can serve for display other things in other rooms. It's made of clear tempered glass and can hold up to 55 pounds. It's wall-mounted thanks to included hardware and 2 shelf clips.

26" x 15.35" Bathroom Shelf
Mendes Natasha

26" x 15.35" Bathroom Shelf
It is a very elegant and extremely practical cabinet for the bathroom. It is made of wood. It is white. Included in it a special place for towels, as well as for the necessary bathroom trinkets. Can successfully serve a decorative function.

Bathroom Shelf

Bathroom Shelf
A transparent bathroom shelf made of glass that ensures excellent quality, a long-lasting performance and provides maximum storage in minimal space. A perfect blend of style and function. It is an excellent addition to most bathrooms.

Pegasus SP4580 26-Inch by 15-Inch Surface or Recessed Mount Beveled Mirror Medicine Cabinet, Clear
Thomson Marisa

It is a medical cabinet hidden behind the mirror. Ideal for the bathroom because it combines several functions. Mirror and medical supplies are needed in the bathroom and everything can be found in the cabinet. At the same time, these two elements occupy only one position.

Pegasus SP4584 26-Inch by 30-Inch Bi-View Beveled Mirror Medicine Cabinet, Clear
Melanie Baker

This medicine cabinet sports a clear finish and offers the extra convenience with the beveled mirror that will give you a nice and sharp image, while the piece itself holds your belongings without any trouble.

Pegasus SP4581 26-Inch by 20-Inch Surface or Recessed Mount Beveled Mirror Medicine Cabinet, Clear
Jennifer Cox

Elegant rectangular modern cabinet for medicines. Made of resistant aluminum. A cabinet has a self-closing door with a beveled mirror and adjustable glass shelves. It is designed for mounting into recesses or on flat walls.

Pegasus SP4586 30-Inch by 30-Inch Bi-View Beveled Mirror Medicine Cabinet, Clear
Isabella Martinable

Elegant modern cabinet for storage medicines. Made of resistant aluminum. It has 2 self-closing doors with beveled mirrors and adjustable glass shelves. One door is narrower, the second is wider. Designed for mounting into recesses or on flat walls.

Pegasus SP4583 36-Inch by 24-Inch Surface or Recessed Mount Oval Beveled Mirror Medicine Cabinet, Clear

This oval mirror medicine cabinet features adjustable shelves and has a rust-free aluminum case with a beveled mirror. You will positively change the quality of these "necessary" pieces that you must have at your place with this choice.

Pegasus SP4585 26-Inch by 36-Inch Bi-View Beveled Mirror Medicine Cabinet, Clear
Patricia Riv

This piece here presented to you features a rust free aluminum case with beveled mirror and self-closing hinges that open up to a 110 degree angle. This piece also features adjustable glass shelves and a recess or surface mount.

Pegasus SP4592 Deco 16-Inch Recessed Medicine Cabinet, Stainless Steel
Tara Gosselin

This aesthetic and functional 16-Inch Recessed Medicine Cabinet in Stainless Steel Finish is going to enhance your bathroom within seconds. The cabinet is equipped with a piano hinge system that allows to mount it on left or right.

Pegasus SP4593 Deco 29-Inch High by 24-Inch Wide Oval Framed Medicine Cabinet, Brushed Nickel
Jessica Zernike

This piece will surely look stunning and chic in your decor, especially with the brushed nickel finish, while the oval shape of the cabinet allows a more unique and stylish addition to your household needs.

Pegasus SP4587 30-Inch by 36-Inch Bi-View Beveled Mirror Medicine Cabinet, Clear
Alexis Hallify

This medicine cabinet offers a mirror for extra convenience and spacious compartment to accommodate your medicine and accessories, making your bathroom free of clutter, while the construction of the piece is durable and strong.

Pegasus SP4609 Deco 20-Inch Framed Medicine Cabinet, Espresso
Alyssa Wilsonify

Create a classy and elegant decor with a little help from this medicine cabinet in an amazing espresso finish and convenient features, such as the slow and soft close door mechanism and the 6-way adjustable hinge system.

Pegasus SP4595 Brushed Nickel Universal Deco Framed 20" x 26" Medicine Cabinet
Mackenzie Milani
Pegasus Beveled Mirror 20W x 26H in. Medicine Cabinet SP4581
Catherine Bry

Mirror bathroom cabinet. The cabinet has been designed with simplicity and neutrality in mind. It has a rust free aluminum frame and mirrored interior. You can store multiple beauty products inside on the adjustable glass shelf.

Pegasus Richmond PEG-678CM-2410PR 24-Inch Surface-Mount Corner Medicine Cabinet, Parchment
Lily Cravenable

This attractive medicine cabinet is a great choice for bathrooms with limited space, as it can be mounted in a corner. The cabinet includes dual-wall mounting cleats that allow this cabinet to be hung upside down. The interior can store many medicines, bottles and beauty products.

Pegasus CTAW2429 Cottage Wall Cabinet, Premium Antique White

Traditionally designed wall cabinet. This attractive furniture will be a rustic addition to your decor. It may be used as a regular cabinet or as a medicine one. It features 2 louvered doors and 2 spacious shelves. The cabinet can be very easily mounted.

Pegasus 20735 4504 Verdanza Collection Mirror, Brushed Nickel

It is a glass mirror that has got a brushed nickel finish. It is a bath accessory that you need. This mirror is easy to install. It measures 24.5 inches high, 3.50 inches wide and 24.30 inches long.

Pegasus SP4603 30-Inch Deco High Oval Framed Medicine Cabinet, Oil Rubbed Bronze

With the oil rubbed bronze finish, this oval framed medicine cabinet is the amazing choice for anyone in need of some space to put their medicine or cosmetics at hand's reach in the bathroom, while still ensuring no clutter in the setting.

Pegasus Arch Beveled Mirror 15W x 30H in. Medicine Cabinet SP4579

Combine beauty and functionality with this amazing piece. This cabinet may function like a regular mirror and help you with your grooming needs. The interior however, offers plenty of storage space for beauty products and medicines.

Pegasus SP4591 Deco 20-Inch Mirrored Medicine Cabinet, Stainless Steel
Colleen Gree

This rectangular shaped wall mirror features a stainless steal cabinet behind a mirrored door. It features a slow open/close mechanism. This is a high quality mirror and a cabinet has a matte, silver finish.

Pegasus SP4579 30-Inch Arch Beveled Mirror Medicine Cabinet, Clear
Jacqueline Davis

This medicine cabinet comes in a clear finish, which allows your room to stay secure from clutter and mess and gives an impression of more space, while the rust-free aluminum case comes with a beveled mirror.

Deco 20" x 26" Medicine Cabinet Frame Finish: Brushed Nickel

Traditional bathroom cabinet. The cabinet will look amazing in your decor thanks to its unique brushed nickel frame, which makes this piece look very luxurious. The interior is a secure place to keep your medicines and beauty products.

Pegasus 24 in. W x 29 in. H x 1in. D Mirror in Dark Cherry
Stacey Hall

Rectangular mirror with storage cabinet. This stylish piece is the ultimate choice for any bathroom. The mirror is attractive and has amazing dark cherry frame. The storage interior can accommodate plenty of products of all shapes and sizes. Arrives fully assembled.

Pegasus Oval Beveled Mirror 24W x 36H in. Medicine Cabinet SP4583
Alexis Milani

Make your bathroom more charming and practical with this interesting piece. The mirror features beveled edges and rust free, aluminum base. The interior of the mirror is perfect for storing medicines and beauty products. The furniture can be very easily mounted to a wall.

24" x 36" Beveled Edge Medicine Cabinet
Kathleen Camp
Pegasus bathroom furniture 5
Pegasus bathroom furniture
Thomson Marisa
Pegasus bathroom furniture 6
Pegasus bathroom mirrors
Alexis Millerism
Pegasus bathroom furniture 8
Andrea Bennett
Pegasus bathroom furniture 9
Heather Robi
Pegasus bathroom furniture 10
Mackenzie Milani
Pegasus bathroom furniture 11
Peterson Michelle
Storage furniture bathroom storage vanities bathroom vanities 46
Julie Cook
Vanity we purchased for the third bath pegasus estates 31
Jaclyn Woo
Pegasus bathroom furniture 12

This kind of product is a medicine cabinet designed for wall mounting. It includes a side mirror and plenty of storage space for home medicines. It is a rectangular item that measures 26" H x 48" W x 5" D.

Pegasus bathroom furniture 1
Turner Catherine
Pegasus bathroom furniture 13
Baker Jacqueline
Pegasus bathroom furniture 14
Johnson Holly

A very stylish and functional piece of equipment. It is a high quality medicine cabinet that has got a solid, decorative frame. Its construction includes glass, mirrored glass and solid rust-free aluminum.