Pedestal Cake Stand

A pedestal cake stand is a great idea if you want to impress the guests. It makes a really nice appearance on the table together with the cake on it. Check out the collection below. I've gathered various designs for various occasions.

Pedestal cake stand

Stylish pedestal cake stands with an elegant metallic finish decorated in golden shades delights. Beautiful glass round patera and stunning details of decorations enchant. The whole phenomenon will be presented on the table.

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The slender, pedestal base of this pastel pink cake stand with a circular tray delights and beautifies the desserts. The whole thing is interestingly decorated with details and is very solid due to the construction of the jadeite.

Pedestal cake stand

A truly magnificent pedestal cake stand that will steal all the spotlights during weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. The stand features 4 round tiers - each beautifully adorned with a gold finish and elegant pattern.

Decor Bon Bon Hue Tall Pedestal Cake Stand

Decor Bon Bon Hue Tall Pedestal Cake Stand

Pearl wedding cake stand

Beautiful, lovely, sophisticated and elegant pearl wedding cake stand. It looks beautiful and adorable and so it is. It is an ideal solution for couples who want their wedding cake to look as lovely as any other cake.

Cream wedding cake stand

Vintage pedestal cake stand, will be the decorative accent to every birthday parties or any other great occasions. Solid leg and large tray can contain almost every size of cake and underline the importance of the moment.

Pedestal cake stand 3

Cake stands wholesale

Improve your wedding day using this fabulous cake stand that will display your beautiful cake just the way it should be. The stand is consisted of a round, mirrored serving tray that rests on a gorgeous pedestal made of 7 glasses - each filled with two pink roses.

Pedestal cake stand

Gold Round Pedestal Cake Stand Set/3

Pedestal cake stand 1

Pedestal cake stand 1

Byzantine Pedestal Cake Stand

Byzantine Pedestal Cake Stand
This cake stand will focus the attention of your guest on the cake you've been working hard on. It has been made of marble and looks very elegant. A must-have for every person who values the display of their sweets on the table.

Cake stands compotes white decor bon bon footed square pedestal

Metal pedestal cake stand

The ivory scalloped metal cake stand. The variety of sizes allows to construct a multi-storey layer cakes. Even it is very useful is also looks really beautiful and could present your cake very well when guests visit you.

Pedestal cake stand 3

Pedestal cake stand 2

Wedding cake plateaus wholesale

Decorative cake stand with gold and bronze accents. It also includes beautiful crystals, so it is suitable for wedding cakes and for other applications. Pedestal stand of this type provides good support and stability for a cake.

Square pedestal cake plate

Cake stand square pedestal

This pedestal cake stand constitutes a great proposition for banquets or weddings. It's gentle and neat design enchants the guests. Levels multiplicity offers versatile filling configurations.

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A captivating form of the blue pedestal cake stand makes the sweetness presented on it extremely appetizing. Lovely coloring and rectangular top shape delight and creates a unique whole.

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White cake pedestal 4

This large, white square pedestal cake stand will work for parties, gatherings and even for everyday use with its versatile design. It sports the most adorable bead detail around the rim and the pedestal.

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White cake pedestal 5

Cake stand mounted on pedestal base. It is made of wood with antique finish. Suitable for serving cake, cookies, cupcakes and more. Handy gadget for each home.

Pedestal cake stand 5

Westmoreland milk glass cake stand

Westmoreland Milk Glass Cake Stand
Square base - under the wedding cake can be very decorative, often even more glamorous than the cake itself! Stylized for light snowflakes is a sophisticated ceramic decorative and functional cake pedestal on one stable leg slightly rounded, also decorated.

Square pedestal cake stand

Milk glass cake stand by fostoria in the

Milk Glass Cake Stand By Fostoria In The
No showy pedestal to serve home-made cake? Perhaps an elaborate white stand with ornamental lace design could fill the most sophisticated expectations... Two tiers are just enough to serve delicious cake.

Silver pedestal cake stand

Milk glass cake stand vintage cake stand

Milk Glass Cake Stand Vintage Cake Stand
Traditional design for a decorative cake pedestal stand made out of white ceramic which gives it a sophisticated touch. Perfect addition to any home party or a family gathering, great to put op on any table.

Pearl wedding cake stand 1

White cake pedestal

An adorable classy cake stand with a base of white coated metal. It has a round foot with ornate beading, a thin stem and a round plate with a wonderful edge adorned with roses. A dome-style cover with a cylindrical handle is of clear glass.

How to make a pedestal cake stand

A gorgeous accessory that will make your birthday parties and other family gatherings tasteful and elegant. The cake stand is made of durable white porcelain and adorned with a stylish valance, while standing on balanced pedestal. Includes a glass dome with floral ball finial.

Tall pedestal cake stand

Cake stand mounted on pedestal base. It is made of glass with gold finish. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Handy gadget for each home. Great for serving cakes, muffins, snacks and more.

Vintage cake stands wholesale

A glamorous contemporary ceramic cake stand featuring a beautiful glittery finish in golden tones. It has a round base, a not very tall stem with widenings and narrowings, a round top with a bevelled edge.

Gold cake pedestal

This simple pedestal stand will be a nice decoration of your space. It is made of high quality wood and it can be used for displaying cakes. It looks good when it's accompanied by other wooden elements.

Gold pedestal cake stand

This 11" diameter, 5" height rose-shaped cake stand distinguishes itself with its embossed details. Get enchanted with its intricate design and impress your guests while serving birthday cakes on this small piece of art.

Pedestal cake stand 1

4 tier cake stand covered with mirror and finished with decorative crystals. Perfect for serving cake, cookies, muffins and more. Great addition to the wedding.

Square Pedestal Cake Stand

Square Pedestal Cake Stand
Made of aluminum pedestal cake stand is the perfect solution for your kitchen and dining room. Beautifully constructed has a high and shapely leg and a large surface area on the lining of delicious cakes and cookies.

White pedestal cake stands

Forum Pedestal Cake Stand

Forum Pedestal Cake Stand
Round cake stand made of durable stoneware. Can be safely washed in the dishwasher and microwave use. It has been highly rated for quality.

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Wholesale cake stand