Patio Umbrella Pole Diameter

On a hot scorching day shaded patio is an idyllic place to relax. When choosing the umbrella and its base, make sure to match it with the patio umbrella pole diameter for security and stability. Check the products we've covered below.

Patio umbrella pole diameter 28

Tri-Lock insert to adjust patio umbrella pole diameter within a single click. Patio umbrellas pole diameters tend to vary in size, so here's a nice solution to keep an umbrella firmly secured. Outdoor umbrella accessory

Patio umbrella pole diameter 6

The heavy duty umbrella stand to keep your umbrella still on the patio, even if the wind is so strong. The cement filling is very heavy, but it is its secret. Available in four coloristic version to fully face your expectations.

Patio umbrella pole diameter

A gorgeous way to acquire some quality shade during hot summer days. This wonderful umbrella is supported by an adjustable pole, and it will protect your from the heat and UV rays, while spicing up your patio with exotic accents.

Patio umbrella pole diameter 7

Patio umbrella pole diameter 22

Patio umbrella pole diameter 1

Beautiful patio umbrella pole diameter is an excellent way to create a pleasant sun-sheltered space on the patio, in the garden or on the terrace. The whole made of solid materials is durable and stylish.

Patio umbrella pole diameter 12

Patio umbrella pole diameter

The straightforward and functional composition of this garden umbrella makes the décor of the patio or garden gain functionality. The aluminum base field diameter is robust and sturdy. Gives a perfect shadow on hot days.

Patio umbrella pole diameter 26

Patio umbrella pole repair welcome to the home owners online

Ace Patio Table Umbrella Cover Protector Plug 2" OD, Clear

9' Market Patio Umbrella

9' Market Patio Umbrella
It is very practical and very chic garden umbrella. Thanks to it the time spent in the garden can be very pleasant and kind, regardless of the sun. Even a very sunny day is not too hot to spend it on the air.

Patio umbrella pole diameter 16

Pole to the edge of the umbrella umbrella ribs are

Umbrella pole

Nice patio umbrella pole diameter in stylish coloring is an excellent way to create a pleasant sun-sheltered space on the patio, in the garden or on the terrace. The whole made of solid materials is durable and very functional.

Living patio umbrellas catalina market patio umbrella 9 octagon

10' Deluxe Patio Umbrella

10' Deluxe Patio Umbrella
This 10-Inch Patio Umbrella In Tan & Black Finish is waterproof and functional, allowing you to adjust angles according to your needs. The canopy is made of 180G polyester while the ribs and rest of the frame are designed of durable steel with black powder coating.

Patio umbrella pole

Round LED light for patio umbrella pole. It is mounted on wooden frame. It is compatible with standard patio umbrella. Functional design for any outdoor place as needed.

Patio umbrella pole diameter 5

An excellent addition to outdoor areas for hot summer days. This fine umbrella has an adjustable pole and sturdy ribs - all crafted of durable fiberglass in champagne bronze finish. The forest green canvas shade effectively blocks UV light and has 9' in diameter.

Patio umbrella pole diameter 8

Patio umbrella pole diameter 33

7.5 ft. Diameter Steel Commercial Grade Vinyl Patio Umbrella

7.5 ft. Diameter Steel Commercial Grade Vinyl Patio Umbrella

Patio poles

An aesthetic garden umbrella having a metal frame with an elegant bronze finish. It has a post with crank-adjustable tilt angle and a top ball finial. Its hexagonal canopy of resistant plain beige fabric has quite wide aprons.

Patio umbrella pole diameter 17

With the resin coated heavy iron structure this umbrella stand will make for a splendid choice for tour garden or patio, letting you finally be able to make excellent use of those long summer days without having to worry about sun shining directly on your head.

Patio umbrella pole diameter 21

Frankford Umbrella Frankford Umbrella 7.5 ft. Wind Resistant Commercial Grade Market Umbrella

Attractive and very practical umbrella that provides protection from the sun. It is resistant to negative outdoor conditions like UV. The whole element is finished in black and white color. It includes a round white base for good stability.

Patio umbrella pole diameter 9

Patio umbrella pole diameter

Sunbrella awning stripe outdoor pillow

Sunbrella Awning Stripe Outdoor Pillow
This kind of pillow is a product made of weather resistant materials, so it is ideal for an outdoor use. It is able to resist mildew, fading, chlorine and stains. Its pattern looks very interesting and it is available in different stylizations.

Patio umbrella pole diameter 20

Black and white striped patio umbrella

The fifties style patio umbrellas on the high stand painted in black. They present the typical pattern - black and white stripes. It could be used in elegant hotel patio stylization, but also at home garden.

Black patio umbrellas

A swimming pool area that entrances with simple elegance. Charming table sets in a white color are protected from the sun or rain by large, striped umbrellas in a black and white color. One side of the swimming pool features pretty lanterns.

Transform your patio or deck into a shady retreat with

Effortlessly shade your patio or deck with this charming umbrella

Black and white striped umbrella patio

This garden umbrella has a solid metal construction. It is lightweight, so it's easy to change the place of its use. Black patio umbrella wonderfully displays its elegant set of colors - white and black, dressed in wide belts.

Better homes and gardens black tropical hibiscus 9 wood market

Better Homes And Gardens Black Tropical Hibiscus 9 Wood Market Umbrella
Tropical black patio umbrella, for tropical heat. Great on the patio, beach. It has a solid wood frame that fits most sets. The fabric in green tropical leaves and reds exotic flowers, protects against UV rays and it is made of polyester.


If you are fed up of mosquitos and other uninvited guests while enjoying your outdoor relax with friends, you should definitely consider a purchase of this umbrella screen. It is made of see-through mesh and has a convenient zipper entrance.

Blue Star Group OFF-THE-WALL BRELLA 7.5-ft. Sunbrella Half Umbrella, Chocolate, Aluminum, 7.5

Sunbrella featuring strong, powder coated aluminium frame with crank handle, as well as washable 7.5 ft wide canopy. It's perfect for backyard and doesn't have to be attached to wall or any vertical structure.

California Umbrella 9-Feet Olefin Fabric Aluminum Auto Tilt Market Umbrella with Bronze Pole, Black

A solid, functional and decorative umbrella designed for an outdoor use. It is made of an attractive and durable fabric and it is based on a solid aluminum pole. The whole construction is very reliable.

6 foot umbrella

An interesting piece of equipment that not only protects from the sun, but also decorates any outdoor area. The pole is made of solid material and the top is also durable, so the level of protection from the sun and other weather factors is high.

Rectangular patio umbrella with solar lights

Rectangular dining table for outdoor use. This piece of furniture features a durable metal frame finished in black color and a thick, solid top in white finish. It is available with cushioned chairs based on metal frames.

California Umbrella California Umbrella 11 ft. Rectangular Aluminum Market Umbrella, Brass, Aluminum, 11

Each Patio needs at least one umbrella. That's why is important to find an exstensive one. It is also very important that your umbrella is stable in the event of strong winds. This blue, rectangular umbrella will give all of that. Highly durable!

Yellow patio umbrellas

Patio umbrella for residential and commercial use. It is mounted on metal pole with height adjustment function. It is covered with fabric and finished with decorative frills.

9 cantilever crank lift patio umbrella olefin

A nice piece of decoration that can be very useful outdoors in a sunny day. This patio umbrella looks stylish and protects from the sun or rain, so it is ideal for the outdoor use. Its frame and hardware are made of damage resistant aluminum.

9 cantilever crank lift patio umbrella olefin 1

This kind of umbrella is responsible for providing a sun protection in the patio or garden. It has got a crank lift, so users are allowed to regulate this product according to their requirements. This umbrella measures 95.000H x 112.000W x 9.000Dia.

Treasure garden replacement bottom pole market wood umbrella

Orange patio furniture sets

Attractive patio furniture set that includes a chaise lounge, a daybed, an umbrella and three chairs. All these elements feature soft, comfortable seats covered with orange material. They are based on long lasting metal frames.

Umbrellas volleyball poles and tiki torches both our 7 25

9 ft Rotational Tilt Wood Patio / Market Umbrella ,Sunbrella Fabric by Galtech

Amazing piece to place by the swimming pool, in the garden, or on the patio during hot summer days. The 9-Feet Rotational Tilt Umbrella is equipped with sturdy center pole with round base for proper balance.

6 ft. Auto Tilt Umbrella in Sunbrella Spectrum Cayenne (Multiple Finishes Available)

The patio umbrella in a lash shade of orange. It really easy to use the crank lift with the special auto tilt feature. 6 rib aluminum frame is extremely durable. The fabric is fade, mold and mildew resistant