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Are you one of those who enjoy relax in their garden or patio? Then it might be worth to discover this incredibly rich variety of sizes, shapes and designs that have been collected here. Many customers have already decided to buy all of them and you can become one of them, as well.

Weathermax™ Bench/Glider Cover

Weathermax™ Bench/Glider Cover
This bench fabric cover is available in few sizes and many bright, saturated colors. It featured an attachment system to keep this cover in place. It was made of durable fabric, resistant and easy to clean.

KoverRoos Weathermax 12450 3-Seat Glider/Lounge Cover, 78-Inch Width by 38-Inch Diameter by 30-Inch Height, White

An amazing seat glider / lounge cover that is just stunning when it comes to durability and strength of the material, making it the best way to protect the furniture from the elements, whether its water or wind.

Miles Kimball Patio Glider Cover - 78" L x 33" H x 37" W

Protective patio glider cover. The cover has been made of reinforced polyethylene and will protect your furniture for many seasons. The cover helps you to save money by preserving the furniture through rough water.

KoverRoos® III Bench / Glider Cover

KoverRoos® III Bench / Glider Cover
This durable bench cover was made of solid fabric and can be secure in place with four hooks. It will protect bench from dust and small damage. It require low maintenance and can be easy clean with soap and water.

Budge P3A03GP1 Glider Cover GP

Nice to the eye, useful cover designed for gliders. Durable, made of green weather resistant polyester fabric with decorative white stitching. It is secured with a system of strong straps and buckles. Practical, easy to clean and storage.

Bench/Glider Cover - Improvements

Budge P3A03MB2 Glider Cover

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KoverRoos Weathermax 02450 3-Seat Glider/Lounge Cover, 78-Inch Width by 38-Inch Diameter by 30-Inch Height, Pacific Blue

Offering some great functionality, this seat glider / lounge cover is the ideal way of ensuring your furniture stay nice and cozy under any circumstances and are not touched by the problems of the bad weather.

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SupraRoos™ Bench / Glider Cover

SupraRoos™ Bench / Glider Cover
This solid bench or glider cover is available in few sizes and made of durable and resistant fabric. It can be secure at place thanks to four hooks. This cover will protect your bench from dust and small damages.

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KoverRoos Weathermax 72450 3-Seat Glider/Lounge Cover, 78-Inch Width by 38-Inch Diameter by 30-Inch Height, Black

With the black color of the material and the extremely durable, strong structure, this seat glider / lounge cover is the perfect choice for protecting your furniture from the wear and elements, making sure you can enjoy them for longer.

2 seater glider bench

Protective Covers Weatherproof 2 Seat Glider Cover, Gray

This gray glider cover guarantees a weatherproof protection from undesired effects of bad weather. It features a Velcro drawstring for firm hold even in wind. 7-millimeter vinyl shell with fleece backing ensures durability and scratch resistance.

Protective Covers Weatherproof 3 Seat Wicker/Rattan Sofa Cover, X Large, Tan

This 3-Seat X-Large Wicker/Rattan Sofa Cover in Tan color can be a very practical purchase. Weatherproof cover includes Velcro drawstring, 7 millimeter vinyl shell with fleece backing, and resistance to the heat.

Outdoor Patio Glider Cover

KoverRoos Weathermax 67351 Highback Loveseat/Sofa Cover, 49-Inch Width by 34-Inch Diameter by 40-Inch Height, Forest Green

Cover for love seat or sofa. The cover is made of weathermax material, which i s woven protective fabric that is water repellent and mildew-resistant. Additionally, the material is provides natural breathability.

KoverRoos Weathermax 42450 3-Seat Glider/Lounge Cover, 78-Inch Width by 38-Inch Diameter by 30-Inch Height, Toast

With the toast finish and the amazing durability of the material, this seat glider / lounge cover is the most stunning option for protecting your furniture from the elements, making sure they stay in the best possible condition for a long time.

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2 seater glider garden seat

Outdoor 3 Triple Seater Hammock Swing Glider Canopy Cover All Weather Protection

2-Seat Glider Cover - Improvements

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3 seat glider swing

Glider outdoor wooden glider made by quality patio furniture

Outdoor bench glider cover

Bosmere C501 Waterproof Swing Seat Cover, 68 by 49 by 67-Inch

Does your porch-swing need a proper cover for proper longevity? With this Waterproof Swing Seat Cover you cannot go wrong. Thanks to brass coated eyelets & heavy duty ties. The cover offers protection against rain, sun, and wind.

Budge All-Seasons Wicker Patio Love Seat Cover P3W06BG1, Blue (35 H x 58 W x 38 D)

Practical & Large Loveseat Cover in Blue for outdoor furniture. Designed from 3-layer tech spun-bond polypropylene with ultrasonically welded seams together, the cover is lightweight, and durable.

Seat lounge glider cover green 3 seat lounge glider cover

Bosmere Products Ltd B400 Armchair Cover Single Seat

Cover for 2 seater swing hammock

3 seat glider

KoverRoos DuPont Tyvek 26450 Deep 3-Seat Glider/Lounge Cover, 89-Inch Width by 36-Inch Diameter by 33-Inch Height, White

Useful cover for 3-seat gliders and lounges. Durable, made of white waterproof fabric with microspores enabling evaporation. Practical, with a hook and bungee system to secure against wind. Easy cleaning and storage in an attached pouch.

Protective Covers Weatherproof 3 Seat Glider Cover, Gray

Bosmere C605 2-Seat Bench Cover 53-Inch Long x 26-Inch Deep x 35-Inch High Back x 25-Inch Front

Pretty and useful large cover for benches with even tall backs. Heavy-duty, made of quality black all-weatherproof polyester fabric. Practical, with eyelets and cord locks for security. Easy to wipe clean and storage.

Essential Patio Chair Cover

Essential Patio Chair Cover
It is a patio chair cover that keeps your chair dry and clean and protects from dust, dirt, sun, rain and mild snow. It is a very high quality product and everyone need to have it in home.

CoverMates Outdoor Faucet Cover : 9L x 8H Elite Polyester

This Functional Outdoor Faucet Covers Set is designed from quality 300D stock-dyed polyester, making the set as durable as should be. The set features long ties to secure the faucet, and thick insulation.

Pci protective covers inc patio furniture cover 1166 two seat

Telescope casual furniture momentum collection swivel glider

2 seater glider

Patio glider covers brown p3a03mb2 outdoor patio furniture covers

Patio glider cover 78 l x 33 h x 37

Luxe basics cover me glider chair cover new variations look

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Forever patio wicker chair single glider cover

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Patio bench glider cover heavy duty durable fabric mold mildew